Catholic Church, labor unions and Open Borders groups organizing March for America

Update March 22nd:  SEIU thugs run the show—shame on organizers, here.

Update March 20th:  Far Left who’s who list for march organizers tomorrow, here.

Update March 19th:  Confirmed! It is a twofer—demonstrators are participating in the radical anti-war march Saturday and the open-borders march Sunday, here.

Update March 11th:  What a coincidence, another of the federal contractors, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, will be in DC for the marches too (here)!

And, can you believe it!  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops which got over $40 million in your tax dollars last year is bringing its gang to Washington the whole weekend beginning March 19th as well (here)!  All those folks will be around to march with the Marxists and Muslims on the 20th.  How convenient is that!

Update:  Another of the refugee contractors, Church World Service will be joining the parade, here.   They say they will be lobbying too.  I sure hope they aren’t using any taxpayer money or government supplied office space for their lobbying project.



Later this month there will be two Far Left rallies in Washington, DC.  The first on March 20th is being organized by the experienced protesters at International ANSWER (Communists, Muslim groups, labor unions and immigrant groups).  The very next day March 21st will be the open borders March for America.   What do you think?  Have we got a twofer here?  Do you think any mainstream media outlet will make a connection when it’s the same cast of characters both days, Nah! 

Some enterprising Tea Partier ought to go to DC both days with a camera and I’ll bet you a buck, the same people in the same goofy costumes and carrying the same signs are marching both days, but the numbers will be counted separately!

From New America Media:

Amidst lofty rhetoric and ambitious logistics, immigration reform activists are planning a mass demonstration next month at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

The major forces behind the “March for America” are labor groups, immigrant advocacy organizations, and the Catholic Church.

[The Catholic Church!  I wonder do all the conservative Catholics know the Catholic Church is an organizer?-ed]

The march will be a test of immigrant advocates’ organizing capacity and their increasing use of technology to stoke a popular groundswell on immigration.

In a recent Spanish-language op-ed penned for America’s Voice the organization’s Hispanic media outreach director Rafael Prieto Zartha traced a kind of family tree for the origins of the planned march. These include the farm workers’ movement, the mass immigration demonstrations of 2006, and the world’s most famous civil rights speech, also delivered at the National Mall.


The “March for America” sponsors all agree on a path to earned citizenship for the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants, speedier family reunification, humane enforcement and workplace protections.

The March 21 action aims to pressure Capitol Hill and the White House, which have shown an unwillingness to take on immigration legislation.

Obama probably put out the word that he needed some “grassroots” cover to get ready for a new Amnesty push, here.

A final thought:  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is probably the largest of the federal refugee resettlement contractors responsible for finding work for thousands of legal refugees every year, so how can they justify promoting the legalization of 11 million people who have come here by breaking the law and who are in direct competition (and will be even more so if they become legal overnight) with refugees who are presently not finding work, and are desperate to do so.  I don’t get it.

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