Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services is looking for a Washington lobbyist

This is nothing new, refugee agencies hiring lobbyists.  They need to keep advocating in DC for more refugees, more taxpayer funding for their programs and to promote amnesty for illegal aliens.   That’s all well and good, but they are likely using your taxpayer money to pay for their lobbyist!  Is it stimulous money?   I sure hope the US State Department that funds their Washington office ostensibly because they resettle refugees is keeping an eye on how they use your money!  They can’t lobby with your money!

Here is LIRS job announcement for their “advocate.”   It is  full time with excellent benefits!

The Director for Advocacy contributes to the mission of LIRS and serves by: Educating and mobilizing established immigrant and refugee communities and Lutheran and non-affiliated individuals, who are interested in our mission of welcome, to act, with us, in solidarity with newly-arrived immigrants and refugees; Influencing U.S. policy makers to facilitate policies that promote greater justice and mercy for those we serve. The Director for Advocacy is responsible for developing a capacity for educating and mobilizing action on LIRS-related policy and legislative work. The Director for Advocacy helps shape LIRS advocacy goals and leads the process of developing an annual cross-departmental, cross-unit advocacy plan.

You can bet whoever is filling this role now is busy “mobilizing” for the big march on DC scheduled for March 21st (the day after the Marxists and Muslims march).

LIRS supports amnesty for illegals, here, and what a coincidence they plan to be in DC for the marches.  They will be in town to demonstrate with the Communists on Saturday and the immigrants on Sunday!

Their lobbyist is listed here at the White House in August getting orders on Amnesty along with the big businesses that need cheap labor.

By the way, I see these sneaky little boogers don’t file an IRS Form 990.  They probably use the “church” exemption.

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