USCCB lobbyist tells New Mexico audience about their leadership of DC Amnesty march

It seems that earlier in the month, Open Borders advocates converged on New Mexico State University to talk about “immigration reform.”  One of the speakers leading the discussion was the Washington, DC representative of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops who outlined the USCCB role in the upcoming DC protest I told you about here.

From Mexidata.Info:

Johnny Young, executive director of migration and refugee services for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington. D.C., joined other speakers in Las Cruces in calling for reform. The ordeal of Newby’s [an earlier speaker at the event] family, Young said, is a “vivid example” of a “broken” immigration system.

A former US ambassador to Sierra Leone, Togo, Bahrain and Slovenia, Young said the Roman Catholic leadership organization has an 80-year history of involvement in immigration issues, and has helped settle about one million new immigrants to the US since 1975.

“This is part of our religion, the Judeo-Christian tradition, welcoming the stranger,” Young said.

Currently, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is mounting a campaign to send three million postcards to Congress in support of immigration law reforms that include a pathway to legalization for undocumented residents, a new guest worker program and the elimination of detention centers. The bishops also support a March 21 pro-immigrant rally in Washington that will include calls to pass an immigration reform bill sponsored by Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois.

I wonder if the US Taxpayer paid for Mr. Young’s trip to New Mexico?

Now they are invoking the Tea Party boogeyman!  They must think this will resonate!

Although Young voiced confidence that momentum was building on the side of reform advocates, opponents of legalizing undocumented residents are also gearing up for action. For instance, members of the Tea Party movement and their allies plan numerous rallies across the United States on April 15.

“Despite the fake polls, bought and paid for by the Open Borders Lobby groups, the truth remains that 80 percent of Americans oppose Amnesty for illegal aliens and turning millions of illegals into voters would have a catastrophic effect on America,” said William Green of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC in a statement this week.

“We will be sending tens of thousands of people out to support Tea Party events on April 15 to properly present public opposition to illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals,” Green said. To help organize opposition to the Gutierrez bill and related proposals, the Tea Party Against Amnesty has set up a website at

Broadening their reach, anti-amnesty groups are also utilizing Twitter and Facebook to mobilize.

Unfortunately I am out of time tonight to do more research on this, but I did just find this testimony by USCCB lobbyist Young to the State Department adovcating the controversial resettlement to the US of Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh.

 State Department links Rohingya to terrorist group here.