Somali man indicted for attempting to smuggle Somalis into Texas

Just one more in a growing list of stories about Somalis with possible ties to terrorism getting into the US through Mexico.  Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane was indicted last Wednesday.   From the San Antonio Express-News:

A Somali man who allegedly has ties to terrorist groups is accused of smuggling, or trying to smuggle, through Texas several East Africans with similar affiliations.

A federal grand jury in San Antonio indicted Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane on Wednesday on two counts of making false statements to federal authorities.

Dhakane, 24, has been in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement since entering the U.S. through Brownsville in March 2008 and saying he wanted to seek asylum. He applied for asylum while in custody in October 2008.

The multiagency Joint Terrorism Task Force alleges he failed to disclose on his application that from before Sept. 11, 2001, through January 2003, he had been a member of the wire-transfer network Al-Barakat and an Islamic militant group in Somalia, Al-Ittihad Al-Islami (AIAI), both on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Terrorist entities.

The indictment, made public Friday, also alleges he’s known by 10 aliases, mischaracterized how he came into the United States and left out key details about his life in Brazil. It also alleges he failed to say he was part of and later ran a large-scale human-smuggling ring that smuggled, or tried to smuggle, hundreds of people from Brazil into the United States, among them “several AIAI-affiliated Somalis.”   [Which is it, smuggled or tried to smuggle-ed]

Doesn’t Mr. West read the newspapers? (or RRW?)

But West (Ben West, a tactical analyst with Austin-based Stratfor, a global intelligence company) said most of the militant factions or terrorist groups in Somalia are concentrated in the south and are concerned with regional or local interests.

“We haven’t seen any indication from any of these groups that they want to go transnational,” he said.

Mr. West, here is just our most recent report about Somalis with terror ties going “transnational.”

You can bet that Dhakane has a whole bunch of do-gooder asylum lawyers working on his case probably affiliated with this outfit quoted in the story—Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

National War College Report: NGO’s told Clinton Administration to jump, Gore said how high?

Ahhhh!!!!  I just came across this report from the National War College about how the volags (supposedly voluntary agencies but really federal contractors*) were basically in need of warm bodies to resettle (for $$$) in the US in 1999 so they pushed Gore and the National Security Council to go against professionals in the State Department and even against the wishes of the UN and airlifted tens of thousands of Kosovar “refugees” to the US during Bill Clinton’s phony baloney Bosnian War.

And, then airlifted them back as I reported in this post about the return airlift—at taxpayer expense.  Even the Kosovars didn’t want to come to the US!  I had heard about that return trip but had never heard about the first part of the story, how they happened to be “resettled” originally, until I discovered this declassified report by David M. Robinson (which I have printed out in case it disappears!).

Albanians were brought to Ft. Dix in NJ and only NJ Senator Robert Toricelli complained (otherwise Congress was silent!) about the financial impact that the refugees might have on central NJ communities.  When he was assured the feds would pick up the tab, he dropped his complaints.  Readers will recall there would have been a potentially huge impact on the community if the Ft. Dix Six had carried out their terror plot. One of those Muslims involved in the plot was a former refugee from Albania who had been housed at Ft. Dix as a child.

The NGO’s lead the government around by the nose! 

I had heard that assertion before but never, until today, have I seen the proof as clearly as it is spelled out in this report which everyone must read (before it disappears!).

What did I tell you earlier today about refugee pawns!  How can all of you in refugee resettlement leadership positions sleep at night?

*Addendum:  I realized that there may be readers arriving at this post who are unfamiliar with the refugee program, and who don’t know who the Volags—the big contractors are.   Besides the International Rescue Committee mentioned in the report they include the following:

World Relief

US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Episcopal Migration Ministries

Church World Service

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

Ethiopian Community Development Council

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

State of Iowa (has withdrawn from the program but was one of the Top Ten in 1999)

Don’t you just wonder who among them (in addition to IRC) was lobbying to get some more “refugees” because their funds were dwindling!

Gates of Vienna: We are witnessing “Demonic Convergence”

Baron Bodissey writing at Gates of Vienna yesterday discusses how Marxists and Muslims are working to collapse western governments by collapsing welfare states. (We’ve discussed this concept many times on these pages in our discussions of Alinsky and Cloward-Piven, see our “community destablization” category). 

He makes a provacative statement, something I wouldn’t have thought of.  He says, let them collapse it sooner than later so that we can move in quickly to salvage western civilization.  The implication being that in a generation there will be no one left who remembers the glories of western civilization.

This is what I have called the “Demonic Convergence”: the confluence of the Frankfurt School,* traditional Socialists, and Islam. It will bear evil fruit in the West within the next five to ten years, at the latest.

Inexorable economic forces would have brought the system crashing down eventually, within another generation or so. But the Marxists and the Muslims acting together are hastening the collapse, which is a good thing — the sooner it all falls down, the better chance we will have to preserve a substantial remnant of Western Civilization, and to craft something worthwhile out of the wreckage of the old order.

Coincidentally I was at a local meeting of hundreds yesterday who know intuitively that a crisis is coming.  I’m optimistic we are going to be ready.  I don’t know about Europe, but Americans are a different breed altogether.

Please read back through Judy’s posts and mine over the last couple of days—it really does seem that there is a convergence on-going—a convergence of understanding— that we didn’t plan.

* If you don’t know what the Frankfurt School is, see this post I wrote last year about it in our ‘community destabilization’ category.

Comments worth noting: Leftists don’t uniformly support radical Islam

 We got a thoughtful comment from gds this morning on a post I wrote in January, The left and radical Islam: more than a convenient partnership?

The Left is not one set of values, anymore than is the Right. Many “Leftists” are equally troubled by the willingness of alleged progressive thinkers to acquiesce to Islamic theocratic dogma, mostly it comes down to gaining easy votes. As a secular agnostic Socialist, I feel no affinity what-so-ever for the anti-humanist nonsense inherent in Islam. In Britain, for example, gay rights campaigners are labeled “pink imperialists” by the parts of the Left that have embraced self-appointed community leaders as sharing a common cause. Leftists who speak out against the dangers of getting into bed with Islam are often accused of covert Zionism. Christopher Hitchen’s is a Lefty, he does not like Islam or the Left’s excuses for it. Nick Cohen is another one. There are a lot more. The point I’m trying to make is that as a Left-winger please feel free to disagree with my economic and social views, but do not fall into the trap of thinking that all Leftists support Islam. There is also a strain of “right-wing” social philosophy that sees value in Islamic notions of “piety” and social order. The English conservative philosopher Roger Scruton has often praised Islam. Me I think Islam is pile of festering 7Th century nastiness.

It’s certainly true that there are many leftists who understand the threat of radical Islam or are just turned off by its “anti-humanist nonsense.” Yet many of the organized movements of the left have embraced it — not the religion itself, or Sharia law, but its anti-American, anti-Israeli, anti-western ideology and agitation. Look on the campuses for leftist groups teaming up with the Muslim Student Association. The Muslims want to destroy Israel and western civilization; the leftists — who knows? In keeping with gds’s point that the left is diverse, some want to destroy Israel right away and others only want it to adopt policies that will end in its destruction in a while.  Some just want to destroy Israel and others want to destroy America as well. Look at the anti-war demonstrations during the Bush years. Ann and I attended a counter-rally a few years ago, and were struck by the leftist groups marching alongside radical Muslim ones with signs supporting Hamas.

So the point isn’t that all leftists want to team up with radical Muslims, and neither I nor Jim Simpson said that. Many are fellow travelers who aren’t aware of the alliance, or think they are just supporting human rights when they support radical Muslim groups and demands. Leftists like the commenter are not all that common, or if they are they are not speaking up very much. Christopher Hitchens is a rare bird as one who makes a lot of noise about it, and I appreciate him very much. And doesn’t the commenter reinforce my argument when he points out that Hitchens is demonized as a “Zionist” for speaking out against radical Islam? That is, for those who demonize him, a true leftist wants to destroy Israel.

And yes, there are some conservatives who stand up for Islam. But not for radical Islam. In addition to Roger Scruton, Dinesh D’Souza’s book from a few years ago claimed that the reason there are radical Muslims is that they are so offended by our degenerate culture.  His book had little influence; his thesis may have some truth when it comes to traditionally moderate Muslims who become easier prey to anti-American propaganda. But it is not central to the issue of the threat we face from militant Islamists whose minds will not be changed by anything we do or don’t do.

So this is an odd comparison to make, if the commenter wants to show the diversity of the left. The right is not very diverse on this issue, as Scruton and d’Souza are outliers. And in reality the left is not very diverse either, as those who condemn radical Islam (out loud) are outliers. Perhaps they are due a parenthetical phrase in a discussion of the left and Islam, and if so, I give it here: Not all leftists support radical Islam or even non-radical Islam. But most do.

It’s time for the IRS to investigate the money-laundering Tides Foundation

Of course they won’t, not while Obama is President anyway—the IRS works for him.  This article that Judy just sent from American Thinker reminded me that I needed to tell you that Eric P. Schwartz, Assistant Secretary of State for Populations, Refugees and Migration is part of the Tides network having been director of Connect US Fund a spinoff of the Tides Foundation which receives staff support from the Tides Center.

Here we have the Tides Center announcing Schwartz’s appointment to the Asst. Secretary job.

Quoting liberally from, American Thinker author Clarice Feldman reports on the Tides Foundation and how it operates differently then other Far Left foundations (Rockefeller, Pew and so forth).  It pulls together secret sources of funds and distributes them to groups they basically incubate.  Feldman concludes:

It’s way past time that the IRS thoroughly investigates this sham operation and Congress end the practice of allowing such money laundering.

Consider this then Part II of my initial report on one-worlder Eric P. Schwartz. 

Connect US Fund which Schwartz directed before coming to the State Department is a Tides Foundation creation, that itself funds projects using this money first laundered by Tides.  Consider it kind of a second wash.  Before Obama’s election, Connect US Fund was busy influencing Obama’s foreign policy positions and they probably still are!

By the way, I wrote about the Tides Foundation here last June.  I noted that the International Rescue Committee (one of nine federal refugee contractors) has received some of the freshly washed money flowing out of Tides.

Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here.

Now check out Muckety and the connections between Drummond Pike (Tides Foundation head honcho), George Soros, the Center for American Progress (here the CAP wants to airlift 100,000 Iraqis to the US), the International Crisis Group and the rest of the extensive tangled web of advocates of a borderless world and one-world government.

Pushing for more refugees and immigrants to come to America is all about politics for this gang and that is why we see little interest in complaints from us and others around the country that their pawns (the refugees) are living in deplorable conditions.  It is not about the individual human beings—the refugees are expendable afterall.  It is about the war of the “have-nots” against the “haves” (see bring us your poor and angry, here).  They need to keep their pawns poor and angry and that is why we are seeing no reduction in the  numbers of refugees resettled in the US this year when there are no jobs and no hope for them.