Gates of Vienna: We are witnessing “Demonic Convergence”

Baron Bodissey writing at Gates of Vienna yesterday discusses how Marxists and Muslims are working to collapse western governments by collapsing welfare states. (We’ve discussed this concept many times on these pages in our discussions of Alinsky and Cloward-Piven, see our “community destablization” category). 

He makes a provacative statement, something I wouldn’t have thought of.  He says, let them collapse it sooner than later so that we can move in quickly to salvage western civilization.  The implication being that in a generation there will be no one left who remembers the glories of western civilization.

This is what I have called the “Demonic Convergence”: the confluence of the Frankfurt School,* traditional Socialists, and Islam. It will bear evil fruit in the West within the next five to ten years, at the latest.

Inexorable economic forces would have brought the system crashing down eventually, within another generation or so. But the Marxists and the Muslims acting together are hastening the collapse, which is a good thing — the sooner it all falls down, the better chance we will have to preserve a substantial remnant of Western Civilization, and to craft something worthwhile out of the wreckage of the old order.

Coincidentally I was at a local meeting of hundreds yesterday who know intuitively that a crisis is coming.  I’m optimistic we are going to be ready.  I don’t know about Europe, but Americans are a different breed altogether.

Please read back through Judy’s posts and mine over the last couple of days—it really does seem that there is a convergence on-going—a convergence of understanding— that we didn’t plan.

* If you don’t know what the Frankfurt School is, see this post I wrote last year about it in our ‘community destabilization’ category.

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