National War College Report: NGO’s told Clinton Administration to jump, Gore said how high?

Ahhhh!!!!  I just came across this report from the National War College about how the volags (supposedly voluntary agencies but really federal contractors*) were basically in need of warm bodies to resettle (for $$$) in the US in 1999 so they pushed Gore and the National Security Council to go against professionals in the State Department and even against the wishes of the UN and airlifted tens of thousands of Kosovar “refugees” to the US during Bill Clinton’s phony baloney Bosnian War.

And, then airlifted them back as I reported in this post about the return airlift—at taxpayer expense.  Even the Kosovars didn’t want to come to the US!  I had heard about that return trip but had never heard about the first part of the story, how they happened to be “resettled” originally, until I discovered this declassified report by David M. Robinson (which I have printed out in case it disappears!).

Albanians were brought to Ft. Dix in NJ and only NJ Senator Robert Toricelli complained (otherwise Congress was silent!) about the financial impact that the refugees might have on central NJ communities.  When he was assured the feds would pick up the tab, he dropped his complaints.  Readers will recall there would have been a potentially huge impact on the community if the Ft. Dix Six had carried out their terror plot. One of those Muslims involved in the plot was a former refugee from Albania who had been housed at Ft. Dix as a child.

The NGO’s lead the government around by the nose! 

I had heard that assertion before but never, until today, have I seen the proof as clearly as it is spelled out in this report which everyone must read (before it disappears!).

What did I tell you earlier today about refugee pawns!  How can all of you in refugee resettlement leadership positions sleep at night?

*Addendum:  I realized that there may be readers arriving at this post who are unfamiliar with the refugee program, and who don’t know who the Volags—the big contractors are.   Besides the International Rescue Committee mentioned in the report they include the following:

World Relief

US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Episcopal Migration Ministries

Church World Service

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

Ethiopian Community Development Council

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

State of Iowa (has withdrawn from the program but was one of the Top Ten in 1999)

Don’t you just wonder who among them (in addition to IRC) was lobbying to get some more “refugees” because their funds were dwindling!

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