Maryland Mega-Mosque marks Islamic territory

Artists drawing of Turkish Islamic Center in a suburban Maryland community, but the construction is well underway as we learned from a fellow Marylander who has been to the site to film it.

Update June 7th:  MD mosque to be Ottoman embassy says Walid Shoebat, here.

Others have written about the story from my home state.  Here Richard Falknor of Blue Ridge Forum discusses the tragic news from Lanham (with updates).   And, here is Brenda Walker writing at VDARE:

The Maryland mega-mosque is meant to be a territorial marker, showing Islam’s increasing power over America, just like the proposed Ground Zero Mosque in Manhattan.

Every Muslim immigrant is a potential warrior for jihad, like the Tsarnaev Boston bombers, who appeared assimilated, but only superficially. America should learn from the European disaster and stop diverse Muslim immigration before it’s too late.

Governor Martin O’Malley “welcomed” the Turkish government’s project.

Where will the Muslims who will use this facility be coming from?—immigration (Pew says 100,000 a year are entering the US) and high birthrates among Muslims.  Be sure to learn about al-Hijra-–the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, here.

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