New Mexico: Food stamp fraud bust story will make you laugh

The alleged scammers in this story from New Mexico probably aren’t “refugees” or “asylum seekers,” just ordinary run-of-the-mill Hispanics who, if they aren’t legal Americans at this time, they soon will be thanks to Amnesty Rubio and the gang.

The EBT Nation!

Longtime readers know that immigrant food stamp fraud is a side interest of mine.  I’ve never counted them, but I bet if you type ‘food stamp fraud‘ into our search function you will get a hundred posts on the topic spanning 5 years.  And, we aren’t talking about petty scamming—this is the big stuff, food stamp trafficking.  Each and every case has a new and amusing twist to it.

In this story from New Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Solis (who speak Spanish) were arrested for allegedly scamming the state and federal government of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Upon his arrest a reporter asked Miguel what was going on.  He said he didn’t know, but his wife was the one paying the bills.

By the way, I searched for a mugshot for Miguel Solis, but there were just too many mugshots for perps with the same name.

This Eyewitness News 4 investigative team did a great job!  Be sure to watch the news story linked here.  The video has a very good explanation about how the scam is done.

In an unassuming little mom and pop shop on a side road in Farmington [replace Farmington with anytown, USA—ed], investigators say hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food stamps were being siphoned from a program to feed needy families and turned into cash.

Uniformed officers arrested the owners of the shop, Miguel Solis and his wife Ana Montano-Solis, on a federal indictment for food stamp fraud.


According to the indictment, the couple used their EBT card reader at the store to swipe EBT cards, also know as food stamp cards, to access money meant to be used to buy food.

The indictment also shows the couple was conducting transactions that paid 50 cents for every government dollar provided for food stamp benefits.

Miguel Solis said he didn’t know what was going on as he was taken to the police car.

When asked about the allegations of food stamp fraud, Solis said he didn’t know what his wife was doing and claimed that the money had gone to pay bills.

Anna Montano-Solis declined to comment.

Go watch the news clip!

“Stateless” Rohingya Muslim women in New Hampshire, move along nothing to see….

….we are harmless, we smile, we just make jewelry and hope to get a business loan via the federal taxpayer so we might help our people.

Rohingya women weaving a new life in New Hampshire. Photo SHAWNE WICKHAM/SUNDAY NEWS

Here is how the gushy story from Nashua, NH begins (hat tip: Jeannine):

NASHUA — They are stateless: persecuted in their own country, shunned in others. Most Americans have never heard of them.

But a small circle of refugee women has been quietly weaving a new life here for their families and, perhaps, their people.

“Stateless” is the buzzword these days for an easy ticket to refugee status.  Stories like this one (about women refugees) are meant to soften you up—after all, how threatening can a bunch of women be who weave jewelry in New Hampshire?

But, where are the men and when are they coming?  Surely these young women won’t be marrying into the local New Hampshire population.

Right now, their men are busy waging immigration Jihad in Australia and Indonesia.  PR articles like this one are meant to soften you up for the next wave.

To its credit, the US State Department resisted for years taking Rohingya Muslims from camps in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar and elsewhere in the region, but as we have reported here now on several occasions, we are resettling Rohingya.

Indeed, at last year’s State Department meeting, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops cited the Rohingya as a potential new source of “refugee” bodies to resettle (they are paid by the head for the refugees they bring to your towns).

For new and ambitious readers, we have 143 previous posts on Rohingya here.

Norwegian towns saying “NO!” to more refugees

The changing face of Norway—Asylum child waiting in line.
Photo : Julien Harneis

Norway’s Refugee Dilemma!

Holy cow!  It’s not just stunning that many towns are saying NO!, it is stunning that they are even given a choice in Norway of whether they want any refugees at all!    Even with our Constitutional tradition of “States Rights,” American cities and states are not given an opportunity to say to the US State Department—sorry we can’t afford more refugees!

Here is the news from The Nordic Page:

Aftenposten writes that only 64 of the 368 municipalities agreed to accept as many refugees as the government wants. 27 municipalities simply reject, while 204 municipalities receive less than the government has requested. 73 municipalities have not even responded to the request of Integration and Diversity Directorate, IMDI.

Later in the article we learn this about who is going to Norway—mostly Muslim young men.

The refugee and asylum seeker definitions are similar to the ones used by the US.

There are two main groups of refugees who come to Norway. The first group consists of asylum seekers who come to Norway on their own initiative, and the second group consists of resettlement refugees. Resettlement refugees are refugees who cannot return to their home country and cannot be granted residence in the country in which they are staying. Resettlement refugees’ cases are processed by and, they are recognised by, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) before they arrive in Norway. The Norwegian parliament, the Storting, stipulates a quota for the number of resettlement refugees Norway accepts each year.  In 2010, Norway accepted 1,300 resettlement refugees. Most of the 2010 quota was reserved for Eritrean, Afghan, Palestinian, Burmese and Iranian refugees. Minimum 55 per cent were to be women and girls, while 15 per cent of the places were for vulnerable female refugees.

Also, there are asylum seekers who come to Norway on their own initiative and apply for protection from the Norwegian authorities. In the end of September, the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) had received 7,299 asylum applications. Many of these applicants come from countries badly affected by war or previous conflicts. The biggest groups of asylum seekers come from Eritrea, Somalia and Afghanistan. Not everyone who applies for asylum in Norway is entitled to protection or a residence permit.


A total of 163 500 persons with a refugee background were living in Norway on 1 January 2012. These persons accounted for 3.3 per cent of the Norwegian population, and 30 per cent of all immigrants in Norway. The two largest groups were persons with a refugee background from Iraq and Somalia.


Male refugees were overrepresented, with around 10 200 more men than women as at 1 January 2012.

There is a lot more, read it all!

Mayor Bloomberg, super rich, pushing the meme that immigrants are responsible for large percentage of new American businesses

When you read a story like this one in the New Pittsburgh Courier (Hat tip from Tennessee), you know that something stinks.

It makes absolutely no sense that poor refugees and other immigrants are the driving force for the small business community.  The truth is that this is just political spin and new “entrepreneurial” immigrant businesses are heavily supported and funded with special loans and grants that are available to them (and not to Americans!) gratis the US taxpayer.

Diversity is strength, right? Togolese will bring ‘culturally appropriate’ day care facility to Pittsburgh. Well, at least they obviously aren’t Muslims! From Fotopedia

LOL! As my informant from Tennessee says, if the resettlement contractors and immigrant advocacy groups are so good at getting immigrants employed, why don’t they give Americans a little help?

Here is the story which of course in a back-handed way says Americans are just plain lazy, while immigrants work their butts off.   My first thought on reading this was, how many of those Mom & Pop convenience stores being busted for food stamp fraud are in the glowing stats?

The topic of immigration reform has been in the forefront of President Barack Obama’s agenda for several years. His goal is to fix what he calls the broken immigration system so that it can be “fairer for and help grow the middle class by ensuring everyone plays by the same rules.”  The President is requesting approval by the Senate and House of a comprehensive immigration overhaul measure for him to sign into law by years end.  To Rufus Idris, a native of Kogi State, Nigeria and executive director of the Christian Evangelistic Economic Development organization, the Immigration Bill is a wise move. [More immigrants=more government grants!—ed]

For the past nine years CEED has built a reputation for assisting and developing small businesses in the region. A large portion of those businesses have been established by the immigrant and refugee population. “Creating more businesses that strengthens our economy and create jobs for Americans is inevitable.

Idris indicated that businesses under five years old are responsible for all net job creation over the past three decades in America, and a critical driver of new business creation in America has been entrepreneurial immigrants. “Immigrants start small businesses in their quest to become economically self-sufficient and serve the consumer needs of the local and global community,” he said.

In his strong support of the Immigrant Bill he cited that the Partnership for a New American Economy found that immigrants are now more than twice as likely as the native-born to start a business and were responsible for more than one in every four (28 percent) U.S. businesses founded in 2011, significantly outpacing their share of the population (12.9 percent).

If these stats are even true (given their source!), could it be the government grants and government micro-loans are behind the “entrepreneurs?”  You betcha!  And, do we know the failure rate?

It’s for the women, don’t you know!

Partnership for a New Economy is made up of leftwing big city mayors and BIG business leaders with “Nanny” Bloomberg topping the list, thus tainting this whole story!  Marriott hotels (Bill Marriott Jr is a co-chair) wants to be sure their cheap laborers have daycare for the kids (funded by you, not them)—what is wrong with that?

I kid you not!  To give an example of the “entrepreneurial” spirit, the article goes on to discuss all the fabulous work the Pittsburgh area welfare agencies  and quasi non-profits are doing to develop a program to teach refugee and immigrant women how to set up their own CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE DAY CARE facilities—I told you about this Office of Refugee Resettlement federal grant program here in March in a post entitled,  “Come and get it—free government money…!”

So, how many of you think any assimilation is going on when Allegheny County, PA is encouraging separate day care businesses for its Somali, Liberian, Togolese, South Sudanese, Burmese and Bhutanese immigrant populations (at your expense!)?