Ethiopian/Somali immigrants involved in driver’s license scam; two fatal accidents resulted

Here is the whole story from the Denver Post yesterday (hat tip: Michael).   This is a common practice in the ‘refugee’ community and a topic we have previously mentioned.  Here is one post we wrote about Burmese refugees traveling to Colorado to get a drivers license.

You gotta laugh! No photos of the real perps?

I thought I could quickly get a mugshot of the chief scammer, but no luck.  There are lots of stories on this case going back a couple of years, but no photos I could find quickly.  I have to laugh, food stamp fraud stories are often illustrated with EBT cards and the only illustration I could fine for this story was this one with a driver’s license for a blond woman.

Denver Post (emphasis mine):

Two drivers who took driving tests from the operator of a Denver driving school who faces 20 years in prison for administering examinations under false pretense were later involved in fatal crashes, according to a document in U.S. District Court in Denver.

Both Tidenekiyalesh Ashenhafi W. Hawariyat, an RTD bus driver who ran a red light and struck a vehicle killing two in 2010, and Ali Aden, who ran head on into a car when he was driving the wrong way on Interstate 76 in 2009, were tested by Sikiru Fadeyi.

Fadeyi, who is scheduled to be sentenced on June 11, ran Ola’s Driving School on East Colfax Avenue. The state authorized the school to administer the written and driving-skills tests needed to get a license.  [Gee, maybe the State of Colorado needs to revisit this practice.—ed]

Under questioning, Aden “revealed that he did not read, write or speak any English, it was clear that he would have been unable to pass a written examination that is only offered in English or Spanish,” according to the document.

Hawariyat passed all required examinations with Fadeyi in 2006 and later upgraded to a commercial license.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Christine M. Arguello sentenced two others in the scheme, Djibrill Sana, and Omar Masakira, with three and two years probation respectively. “These are just minions,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Mackey said.

Sana and Masakira acted as “brokers” to introduce people who wanted driver’s licenses to Fadeyi. Many were from Somalia and Ethiopia.

Prosecutors say Fadeyi charged applicants from $100 to $1,000 and then falsified the written and driving examination results.

Fadeyi has agreed to plead guilty to mail fraud and asked for a sentence less than federal guidelines call for, saying his behavior was a “misguided attempt to aid those in the local African community, according a document filed by prosecutors objecting to his motion.

“Defendant Fadeyi was misguided by putting on the streets and highways of Colorado, and other states, drivers who were unqualified. The defendant was misguided by not assisting disadvantaged African immigrants legitimately to pass written and driving tests. Defendant Fadeyi was misguided by putting the safety and well-being of legitimate Colorado and United States citizens and their family members in jeopardy,” according to the document.

One more thing, we learned this in the same AP article where we got the photo:

Federal prosecutor say 1,458 driver’s licenses tied to Fadeyi have been revoked.

Doesn’t it make you wonder how many of those phony driver’s licenses were used for Voter Registration?

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CAIR wants Justice’s Civil Rights Division to investigate Todashev shooting

This is an update of the strange story out of Florida where the “friend” of Boston Bombing suspect, and a fellow asylee, Ibragim Todashev, was shot during an investigation involving the FBI which was looking into the unsolved murder of three Jewish young men in Boston.  Our original reporting on the phony Chechen political “refugee” is here (two previous posts).

Here is the Washington Post update.  The Council on American Islamic Relations is looking to the notoriously biased Civil Rights Division, that would be CAIR’s friend’s shop (Thomas Perez) to do a separate investigation.  Perez loves the Muslim Brotherhood too!

Can we also have a Justice Department investigation on how Todashev, and others like him! were granted asylum?

This is going to get interesting….

Maryland Mega-Mosque marks Islamic territory

Artists drawing of Turkish Islamic Center in a suburban Maryland community, but the construction is well underway as we learned from a fellow Marylander who has been to the site to film it.

Update June 7th:  MD mosque to be Ottoman embassy says Walid Shoebat, here.

Others have written about the story from my home state.  Here Richard Falknor of Blue Ridge Forum discusses the tragic news from Lanham (with updates).   And, here is Brenda Walker writing at VDARE:

The Maryland mega-mosque is meant to be a territorial marker, showing Islam’s increasing power over America, just like the proposed Ground Zero Mosque in Manhattan.

Every Muslim immigrant is a potential warrior for jihad, like the Tsarnaev Boston bombers, who appeared assimilated, but only superficially. America should learn from the European disaster and stop diverse Muslim immigration before it’s too late.

Governor Martin O’Malley “welcomed” the Turkish government’s project.

Where will the Muslims who will use this facility be coming from?—immigration (Pew says 100,000 a year are entering the US) and high birthrates among Muslims.  Be sure to learn about al-Hijra-–the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, here.

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More on Sweden: NYT can’t figure out why the “youths” are so angry

After yesterday, one of the best days ever at RRW with over 6,000 visitors (nearly 10,000 in three days) from around the world to our post about Swedes fighting back against the immigrant gangs in Stockholm, here, I thought I should look around to see if the mainstream media was mentioning any of this.

There isn’t much in the American press.  Has anyone seen any mention of Swedish immigrant riots on Fox News?

However, a couple of days ago the New York Times was scratching its proverbial head to try to figure out why the immigrants to the “welcoming” social welfare capital of the world were so “unhappy.”  The article was laughable as it wondered about how “welcoming” Sweden could have gone wrong—must be racism, must be the recent cut in welfare, must be a shortage of jobs, racism of course—but one word was completely missing from the piece (two actually).  The ‘I’ word and ‘M’ word could not be found.  Like “Voldemort” in Harry Potter, “Islam” and “Muslim” are words never to be spoken in stories like this one.

Like the evil character in Harry Potter (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) aka Lord Voldemort, Islam Must-Not-Be-Named!


STOCKHOLM — Eva Bromster, an elementary school principal, was jolted awake by a telephone call late Thursday night. “Your school is burning,” her boss, the director of the local education department, told her.

Ms. Bromster rushed to the school, in the mostly immigrant district of Tensta, north of Stockholm, and found one room gutted by fire and another filled with ankle-deep water after firefighters had doused the flames. It was the second fire at the school in three days.

In Stockholm and other towns and cities last week, bands made up mostly of young immigrants set buildings and cars ablaze in a spasm of destructive rage rarely seen in a country proud of its normally tranquil, law-abiding ways.

Ms. Bromster went on to speculate for the NYT that those immigrants burning schools must be “unhappy.”

Perhaps readers of the NYT are expected to know their world history and geography and know without being told that if the immigrants are from Somalia, Iraq and Syria, most will be Muslims!

The riots, now subsiding, have produced less damage than the earlier ones in Paris and London, which also involved mostly immigrants. But the unrest has shaken Sweden, which has a reputation for welcoming immigrants and asylum seekers, including those fleeing violence in countries like Iraq, Somalia and Syria, and regularly ranks in surveys as one of the world’s happiest places.

Gee, it can’t all be about poverty, they have a world-famous welfare system in Sweden.  The Left cannot let go of the idea they have pushed for decades that Islamic Jihad is related to poverty.  If not poverty it must be racism.

While the violence was concentrated in relatively poor districts, most of their residents have been shielded from dire poverty by a welfare system that is one of the world’s most expansive, despite recent cutbacks.


The left, which dominated Swedish politics for decades and devised the cradle-to-grave welfare system, has blamed reduced state benefits and a modest shift toward the privatization of public services for the unrest, pointing to an erosion of the country’s tolerant, egalitarian ethos.

Racism 24/7 in Sweden says Iraqi who has been given much:

Husby, Mr. Khamisi said, “looks nice on the outside, but inside it is not nice.” A first-year law student at Stockholm University who did not join in the rioting, Mr. Khamisi acknowledged that “Sweden has given me opportunities I didn’t have in Iraq,” but “I’m not treated the same as a white guy.”

“I feel discrimination all the time,” he said.   [Maybe there is some connection to years of immigrant crime and Muslim-perpetrated violence in cities such as Malmo?—ed]

What a shock! Sweden’s “anti-immigrant” party gaining strength:

The recent violence has been a boon to the Swedish Democrats, the anti-immigration party. Opinion polls suggest the party is gaining in popularity, partly because of the indignation many Swedes feel about being called racists after accepting so many refugees. Immigrants and the Swedish-born children of immigrants make up about 15 percent of the population, and last year Sweden nearly doubled the number of asylum seekers it took in and became Europe’s primary destination for refugees from Syria.

And, one more thing, the NYT had the audacity to suggest it was older immigrants, no mention of the Swedes, who went out on the streets to try to get the “youths” to go home.

We have seen all this coming for the past five years, see our Sweden archives here.  One story from last fall, still makes me laugh.  The Swedish government purchased a rural mansion in which to house Muslim refugees and they protested against living there saying it was full of ghosts—see Tundra Tabloids for the story on the ungrateful “youths.”

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