FAIR has a good legal analysis of S.744 as it relates to refugees/asylum seekers

More refugees, a potentially greater variety (whole classes of people would be eligible at the discretion of Homeland Security), easier asylum rules, etc. —all with no hearings.  As we said before, Congress should strip out all of the refugee/asylum sections from the monster Gang bill.

Federation for American Immigration Reform:

Title III Subtitle D of S. 744 undermines current asylum and refugee law by eliminating preexisting requirements aliens apply for asylum within a certain time frame of entering the U.S., allowing asylum officers to bypass immigration judges before granting asylum to unlawful aliens, and giving broad authority to the Administration to create new categories of refugees and stateless persons to be admitted into the country.

Click here and then follow link to their full report.

Boston Bombing blowback: Senator Graham has an amendment or two to S.744

Who said politicians can’t learn?  Here we apparently have Senator Lindsey ‘Amnesty’ Graham attempting to fix S.744 (the Gang of Eight plus Grover bill) which as we reported addresses our refugee and asylum program right along with the kitchen sink, in response to the Tsarnaev family’s asylum fraud.

What do ya’ think, Chuckie? AP Photo

Everyone is asking, how persecuted were the Chechens if they were traveling back and forth to Russia?  Indeed!

Remember there is absolutely no need to make changes to the Refugee Resettlement Program within this “comprehensive” bill.  Don’t misunderstand what I am saying, the program needs a complete Congressional review, but it should be a review SEPARATE FROM the Gang’s bill.

Since the Gang (which includes Graham) does make it easier for more refugees to enter the US for flimsier reasons (if they belong to a particular ‘special’ group or are a certain nationality), Graham’s proposed amendments are of interest.  Thanks so much to reader John for wading into this and alerting us.

Go here for a list of amendments to S.744.

Graham’s Amendment #1

The purpose is:   To provide for termination of asylum or refugee status in cases of country return.

Then below are the guts of it.  Refugee industry advocates will go nuts!  It basically says, if you go ‘home’ (with certain exceptions), you will have your refugee status TERMINATED!  Which means that right now a very large group of “refugees” and “asylees” would presumably get the heave-ho!  (Of course, assuming we had an administration with any guts to do it!).

… any alien who is granted asylum or refugee status under this Act or the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq.), who, without good cause as determined by the Secretary, subsequently returns to the country of such alien’s nationality or, in the case of an alien having no nationality, returns to any country in which such alien last habitually resided, and who applied for such status because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution in that country on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion, shall have his or her status terminated.

Of course there are exceptions.  They can seek a waiver from the Secretary of State (big potential loophole there).  And, now I am rolling on the floor laughing—it does not apply to Cubans!   We don’t want to p*** off Rubio—NO! NO! NO!

I’ll tell you about another of Graham’s amendments tomorrow.

Minnesota will be heard at the State Department refugee hearing next Wednesday

Minnesota resident:  “Why in the world would you import this very dangerous ideology called Islam?”

Readers!  You have a little more than two hours (it is just about 2:40 Eastern time) to take your one opportunity to tell the US State Department what you think they should do in fiscal year 2014—how many refugees will be coming to your town and from where?

We have heard from Texas, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Montana, Maryland, North Carolina and now Minnesota.  See our archives for the hearing here.    (Arizona!  Are you out there? I think I got one from Arizona too, please resend!)

Here then is Debbie Anderson writing from Minneapolis (emphasis mine):

Anne C. Richard
Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration
US State Department
Washington, DC.

May 8, 2013

Re: Federal Register Public Notice 8241

Dear Ms Richard,

I am writing to comment on the President’s FY 2014 U. S. Refugee Admissions Program as part of the upcoming May 15 public hearing to be held in Washington, DC.

‘Refugee Resettlement’ that was once promoted by politicians as an honorable humanitarian effort has degenerated into a very expensive, corrupt industry that seems to serve only those who are enriched by it – politically and/or financially.  Plus, this program is destroying the fabric of American society, helping to bankrupt the country, and is endangering our citizens and our national security.

MN has received so many Somali ‘refugees’ that Minneapolis is aka ‘Little Mogadishu’.  Hardly a compliment considering their decades of civil war and their Islamic hatred for America.  Who can forget the pictures of the rabid, cheering crowds dragging our dead sons through their dusty streets?!

The large influx of Muslim ‘refugees’ has greatly empowered notorious groups such as CAIR-MN, MAS-MN, ISNA-MN – groups with well-documented links to terrorism – that are working hard to change MN into another sharia compliant state.  Because of the aggressive efforts by these Muslim groups I am increasingly seeing Minnesota called Minnesotastan.

These ‘refugees’ and their criminal leaders and radical Imams are a direct threat to America’s national security.  I stood on top of the South Tower only four months before Muslims felled them.  How many Americans have to be savagely maimed or killed before this madness is stopped?

Are you not aware of Islam’s 1400 year history of jihad against the ‘infidels’?  Are you not aware of the savage global jihad that is occurring throughout the world today?  Are you not aware of the plight of Western Europe with the aggressive Islamization of their countries?  Why in the world would you import this very dangerous ideology called Islam?

Here are some of the documented consequences of this harmful program called ‘Refugee Resettlement’:

Minnesota Sheriff Reports to Congress on Growing Somalia Muslim Gang Threat Another Indictment Brought to MN Al-Shabaab

Now Muslims have set up child prostitution rings in the U.S.

Feds assist terror-linked CAIR to force mosque on Minn. town

Man from Coon Rapids, MN found guilty of honor-killing his daughter

Suspicion about Flying Imams grows as terror links pile up

The mosqueing of our neighborhoods – Bloomington, MN

Plus, the 36+ mosques in MN have hosted radical Imams such as Siraj Wahhj, Dr Jamal Badawi and Omar Shahin.

As a citizen I am fed up with the staggering costs of this program and I am fed up with overwhelming influx of those who are hostile to Americans and our way of life.  And I am fed up with politicians and kumbaya ‘church’ leaders who are fulfilling their own agendas rather than looking out for the welfare of the American people.

Please stop the immigration of all Muslims.  Islamic ideology is not compatible with the American Constitution.

I ask that all refugee admissions be dramatically cut back to less than 5000 annually.  And, finally, I ask for a citizen review board to oversee this mammoth corrupt industry.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Debbie Anderson
Minneapolis, MN

cc: Congressman Keith Ellison
2244 Rayburn Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-2305

cc: Senator Amy Klobuchar
302 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

cc: Senator Al Franken
309 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

cc: Attention: Senator Amy Klobuchar
US Senate Judiciary Committee
Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

cc: House of Representatives Judiciary Committee
Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security
2138 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515

Go here for instructions on faxing or e-mailing your testimony today!  If you send me testimonies to publish, I’ll post them in the days ahead.

Ft Wayne health commissioner: greatest fear is increasing generational poverty

This is a story from the week the Boston terrorist attack happened and like so many it became lost in my stack as all of my attention became fixated on the fact that “refugees” were responsible for the marathon bombing.

The US State Department Director of Admissions, Lawrence Bartlett, visited Ft. Wayne, the Burmese capital of America (where they produce diversity wheelbarrows), along with a UN Representative to assess the damage there.  LOL!  that last part is my assertion!   However, I have noticed that the State Dept. does send out people when cities have problems, it must be to smooth feathers.

Lawrence Bartlett, State Department Director of Refugee Admissions visited Ft. Wayne, Indiana last month.

In this case, I felt sorry for the mayor who has blinders on to what this refugee overload has done to his “welcoming” city.

Here is the story from the Journal Gazette (emphasis mine):

Burmese refugees will continue to resettle in Fort Wayne, although in smaller numbers, an official for the U.S. State Department predicted Thursday.

The decline might be offset by an increase in refugees from Congo and Iraq, according to Larry Bartlett, director of refugee admissions for the State Department.

About 60 Congolese refugees have arrived in Fort Wayne in recent years.

“I would expect the program in Fort Wayne to remain strong,” Bartlett told a gathering of local, state and federal government officials at Citizens Square. “We certainly do not want to overwhelm a community.”

Mayor Tom Henry said that “for a while, we were being overloaded. … We just did not have the resources.”

Henry was referring to 2007-08, when Catholic Charities of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese resettled more than 1,400 Burmese refugees in Fort Wayne.

This year’s local cap for refugees is 170.

Bartlett acknowledged that the 2007-08 influx “probably is not the right model for how we manage a program.”   [Excuse me!  The State Department could easily have reined this in, there was plenty of controversy in the newspapers in Ft. Wayne at that time.—ed]


More than 2,700 Burmese refugees have come to Allen County since 1993 to escape military rule in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Democratic reforms taking shape in the Southeast Asian country are expected to slow and perhaps reverse the exodus.

Fort Wayne is home to at least 5,000 Burmese, Henry said.

“To me, it’s a good problem to have,” the mayor said about challenges to both the city and its refugee population. “They wouldn’t come here if we didn’t have something to offer them.”

Henry said Fort Wayne adheres to a “welcome mat” philosophy. In addition to Burmese and Congolese, the city is home to refugees from Bosnia, Darfur and Somalia.


The new arrivals tend to lack the education, job skills and English-language proficiency needed for quick assimilation and advancement, service providers said. Some have to travel out of state to find work. There are Burmese mothers who are raising children while their husbands remain in overseas refugee camps.

I think they call this “burying the lead!”

“My greatest fear is that we are increasing the generational poverty,” said Dr. Deborah McMahan, city-county health commissioner.

Read it all.

Don’t forget!  You have until 5 p.m. today to tell Lawrence Bartlett what you think about refugee admissions for fiscal year 2014 because he will likely be presiding over the hearing on May 15th.  Go here for instructions.

Testimony already submitted by others is archived here.

Almost forgot, former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar is responsible for getting this critical GAO report done on the Refugee Resettlement Program because he saw what is happening in Indiana.