Muslim sets Buddhist woman on fire in Burma; ignites new wave of violence

Before I get to today’s news, please please pay attention!    I’ve been writing about the Rohingya Muslims of Burma for more than five years.  We have (to date) 145 posts in a special category we set up just to chronicle the recent history of the Rohingya in Burma (Myanmar), Bangladesh and elsewhere because we could see that one day there would be a push to bring them to America.

***Update and an afterthought!*** If you are from somewhere other than the US and think this story doesn’t apply to you, think again!  Just search “Rohingya and your _____country” and see if they are already arriving where you live.  We know Rohingya have gone to Ireland, Canada, Australia and India among others.

It is your classic case of the media  in cahoots with NGOs developing a false victim’s status for the troublesome Islamists as a drumbeat is built to demand that the West take them as “refugees” to your towns and cities.

USCCB:  Bring them to America!

Below is what the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) spokeswoman told the US State Department at the hearings we attended on May 15th.  The USCCB is the largest of the nine major federal refugee contractors. This is directly from the official testimony of the USCCB as presented by Anastasia Brown:

The most important hope for the Rohingya in Bangladesh and other places is that they achieve a status that will allow them to live normal lives.  Given the limited options for this population, we strongly believe that the Rohingya in Bangladesh should receive a Priority Two designation from the U.S. government, allowing them to be resettled as members of a persecuted group.  [Meaning that someone need only say, I am Rohingya so therefore I am persecuted.—ed]  While the Rohingya have not received this designation, other refugee minorities of Burma have….[Here she is referring to Christian Burmese we have been resettling by the thousands.  Brown is essentially saying, we Catholics gotta be fair to the Muslims!—ed]

We applaud the U.S. government’s resettlement of a small number of Rohingyas out of Malaysia and Bangladesh. However, the need is much greater than this. We encourage the US government to continue to work for a solution with the government of Bangladesh which would allow resettlement to start, and we believe that a P-2 designation for those in the camps would facilitate this.  We also encourage the U.S. government to look at expansion of resettlement for Rohingya and other refugees that have reached Indonesia, to avoid onward movements by boat towards Australia.

Why is Burma’s ethnic violence a problem that the US must attempt to solve by bringing refugees to America?  Indeed, as much as we feel sorry for Australia, why is Australia’s boat people problem ours to solve?

If Brown and others get their way, the next huge Muslim wave (after Somalis) to America will be Rohingya!  And, remember that the contractors are paid by the head to resettle refugees—the more they bring, the more they get of your tax dollars.

Readers must contact your elected officials in Washington and tell them Burma’s ethnic conflicts are not our problem and do not allow Rohingya migration to the US!

The Muslim Issue has this photo, but I can’t find it anywhere else at the moment. I’m wondering if it appeared in early versions of the story and has since been removed and replaced with photos of burning mosques!

So here is the latest from Burma.  Hat tip: The Muslim Issue via twitter.

From Agence France Presse:

YANGON—Houses and mosques were set ablaze by mobs in a town in eastern Myanmar after a Buddhist woman was allegedly “torched” by a Muslim man, authorities said Tuesday, in a fresh bout of religious violence.

An ethnic Shan-Muslim man was arrested after he “torched” a woman selling petrol, a police officer in the Shan State capital of Lashio told AFP under the condition of anonymity.

A town official confirmed the arrest of the Muslim man who he said had “torched a woman with petrol,”

A curfew was imposed late Tuesday to disperse angry mobs of local people—including Buddhist monks—who had “destroyed some houses and mosques,” the official added, also declining to be named.

“Fires have been put out at some places in the town… the situation is under control now,” the official said, adding soldiers have been deployed to enforce the curfew.

The woman, an ethnic Shan-Buddhist, was taken to hospital, but neither official could give details of her condition.

The article goes on to list the Rohingya grievances as is the usual case in any media story coming out of this ethnic conflict.

Human Rights Watch has accused Myanmar’s authorities of being a party to ethnic cleansing over the violence, which killed some 200 people and saw mobs set fire to whole villages.

Myanmar’s reformist President Thein Sein this month vowed to uphold Rohingya rights, while opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Monday made a rare intervention in the incendiary issue to condemn a ban on Rohingya having more than two children in strife-torn Rakhine.

On this last point, we have written many times that Aung San Suu Kyi has previously remained silent angering the pro-Rohingya ‘rights’ agitators.   There are many stories in the last few days that she has spoken out on the two-child policy for Burmese Muslims.  But, truth be told, just as anywhere in the West, Muslim Rohingya are producing more children then Westerners and everyone knows it’s just a matter of numbers and time.

By the way, China’s one-child policy is a reason Chinese migrants (even men!) use to ask for a grant of asylum in the US.

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Immigrant food stamp fraud alert: Niagara, NY this time

Citizens’ complaints prompted authorities to investigate!  That is often times what it takes—watchful community members blowing the whistle!

The EBT Nation!

For new readers, food stamp fraud is a side interest of mine and I’ll keep posting these stories and asking the question—how are all these immigrants getting into the US, buying up convenience stores and then running these scams on the food stamp program?  And, why is no real investigative reporter trying to answer the question?

From Niagara Gazette:

Niagara County Sheriff Jim Voutour says it was citizen outrage that sparked his office to launch an undercover probe of welfare fraud at Falls food stores.

“You know, we’d get the complaints from people who’d be in the these stores and they’d call us and say, ‘You can’t believe what these people are buying (with food stamps),'” Voutour said.

Or in some cases, what they were not buying.

“We looked at some of these stores and at the amount they were processing in food stamps,” Voutour said. “We had stores that were processing enormous amounts of food stamps, but they didn’t have the inventory of (food stuffs) to support (the food stamp redemptions).”

On Monday, Voutour and Niagara County District Attorney Michael Violante dropped the hammer and arrested the owners of two Falls mini-marts, charging them with a raft of fraud related crimes.

The charges followed a four-month, undercover investigation. Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office posed as food stamp recipients were able to make a series of fraudulent transactions at both the Indian General Store, 1611 Pine Ave., and Merry Mart, 336 19th St., between September and January.

Voutour said it was shocking how easily the fraud took place.   [LOL! If Voutour read RRW regularly he wouldn’t be so shocked—ed]


Charged and arraigned in Falls City Court on Monday were Jasbir Kaur and Shamsher Singh, the owners of Indian General Store.  [Obviously of Indian origin. We had another sour Kaur in Pottstown, PA here in March—ed]

Kaur, 52, was charged with second-degree grand larceny, misuse of food stamps, first-degree falsifying business records, first-degree tampering with public records, third-degree welfare fraud and three counts of first-degree offering a false instrument.

Singh, 59, was charged with second-degree grand larceny, misuse of food stamps, first-degree falsifying business records, first-degree tampering with public records, third-degree welfare fraud and first-degree offering a false instrument.

Investigators said during the course of the food stamp investigation they also linked Kaur and Singh to a Medicaid fraud scheme and charged them with that as well.

Also charged and arraigned on Monday was Merry Mart owner Wael Rizek. Rizek, 42, was charged with third-degree grand larceny, misuse of food stamps, six counts of first-degree falsifying business records and six counts of first-degree tampering with public records.  [Couldn’t figure out Rizek’s nationality, maybe Palestinian?—ed]


The savings to Niagara County taxpayers as a result of those deals is estimated at over $100,000.

For dozens more cases like this one, go to our food stamp archive here.  And, btw, food stamp use by refugees is up sharply since Obama took office, here.

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