Were London killers Somali refugees?

Update May 25th:  Not Somalis, but Somalis happy about slaughter—say this is Islam!  Here.

Update:  Fox News is reporting that the man filmed with the bloody meat cleaver is a Nigerian convert to Islam. Here is some detail on the meat cleaver African, but still not much on the second killer.  Meat cleaver had been to Somalia.

The Islamist killers, wherever they are from, might get their wish—war in London?

English Defence League was out in force in London last night.

I don’t have time this morning to search around, so when someone sees an account of the nationality of the two Africans who slaughtered a British soldier yesterday in London, please send a link my way (the media is loathe to tell readers that bit of information).

I’m off to a trial today for a man wrongly SWATTED by Maryland State Police and the FBI last year.  He is the kind of man, a conservative gun owner, who the FBI is targeting in America rather than going after Muslim Jihadists like the Boston Bomber brothers!

More later on the FBI and its focus these days—teaching tolerance!

Here is a story at the NY Daily News which contains this line:

One of the attackers was stopped or arrested last year while on his way to join terrorist group al-Shabaab in Somalia, the BBC reported.

Also, last evening Allen West tweeted that the killers are Somalis.

I just typed ‘UK Somalis’ into our search function and you will see its a topic we have often visited over the years.

Again, let me know when the killers are fully identified.