Ethiopian on expired visa storms US Capitol steps, scares a bunch of Congressmen

What is this, Ethiopians gone wild week?   We have the Ethiopian Boston Bomber pal released on bail today, the Takoma Park ‘Death to America’ graffiti artist arrested and now this.

Greta Van Sustern has the story, here.

Ethiopian nabbed by Capitol Police today after storming Capitol steps, demanding amnesty NOW!
(just kidding on that last bit!)

Bit of a scary scene here at the Capitol as dozens upon dozens of members exit the Capitol at the end of votes.

Middle Eastern appearing man runs past police at the base of the steps….and toward the House entrance as members were coming down. Has a backpack. Starts yelling “I am Ethiopian” and “Salaam, Saalaam.” He unfurls a small Ethiopan flag….before Capitol Police tackle him. He ran right past me as I was talking with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Gets very close to the door as there were literally 40 or so members on the steps. Came close to getting inside.

Members were told to divert from the door as they left after the votes.

It appears the suspect had nothing but books in his backpack and has a visa that expired in 2006.


Oh, now I know, he thinks the Gang of Eight is taking too much time with his amnesty.  Remember readers, it will be people like this visa over-stayer who will be eligible for legalization if Rubio and the Gang get their way.

State Department Refugee testimony submitted from Montana

Thanks so much to all of our readers who have responded and sent testimony to the US State Department for their consideration as they prepare for the FY2014 Presidential Determination that will be sent to Congress in September.  The State Department is seeking your input on the size and scope of the program for the new fiscal year—-how many and which refugees will be admitted.

If you haven’t submitted testimony and wish to, here (again) are the instructions.  You have until the Close of Business Wednesday, May 8th, but don’t cut it too close!  And, please note you are requested to fax or e-mail your comments.  If you only send a paragraph or two that will help those in a decision-making position better understand the public’s sentiment on the issue.  Up until last year, the State Department heard primarily from refugee contractors with a vested financial interest in a larger refugee population.

And, don’t forget, again go to these instructions and see the list of those you should copy on your testimony (you can mail those snail-mail after tomorrow if you wish).

Below is another testimony, this time shared by our reader Paul Nachman of Montana.  (Others we have received and published so far are archived here).  Emphasis below is RRW’s.

Federal Register Notice

To Delicia Spruell:

I’m writing, as prescribed in the link above, to comment on the FY2014 U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

What I say here is heavily informed by an encounter I had in early 2003. At a conference on immigration and assimilation hosted by the Claremont Institute and held at Chapman College in Orange, CA, I met Professor Jan Ting, then and now a law professor at Temple University and formerly the Assistant Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service under President George H. W.. Bush. Learning of his pedigree, I asked Professor Ting, “Is it true what I’ve heard, that 90% of refugee and asylum cases are fraudulent?”  He instantly replied, “95%.”

In other words, most “refugees” and “asylees” weren’t endangered in their home countries. They simply want to live in the U.S., because it’s a better deal for them economically.

This basic fact—that asylees and refugees frequently take cynical advantage of the American public’s goodwill—has finally received widespread and much needed public exposure via the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  The two young men responsible were present in the U.S. only because their parents had received LPR status as asylees.  Notably, and consistent with what Professor Ting had said, the parents have, in the meantime, returned to whence they came, strongly implying that their request for asylum had been fraudulent.

This is not an isolated case nor a new phenomenon: For example, in 1995, former State Department (U.S.I.A.) employee Don Barnett wrote in The Social Contract quarterly, “At any given time about 20,000 of the all-expenses-paid refugee visas have been awarded to former Soviets who have decided they don’t want to leave just now. The visas remain in effect indefinitely allowing the holder to leave at his or her convenience.”  People who choose to leave their domiciles ‘at their convenience’ are clearly not being persecuted and are at no hazard to life or limb!

Following are two specific comments spurred by reading and comparing several documents found online: the DoS/HHS(ORR)/DHS Proposed Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2013 [henceforth, “the three-agencies report”], the DHS Yearbook of Immigration Statistics: 2012 (Tables 6 and 7), and the DoS Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration’s [PRM] Summary of Refugee Admissions as of 30 April, 2013.  (I assume that the proposed-admissions document for FY2014 will be similar in scope and content to that FY2013 document.)

— Refugee numbers are grossly inconsistent among these documents.  Take FY2011 as an example.  According to both the three-agencies report (Table II) and the PRM summary, the total count was 56,224.  But the DHS yearbook gives the refugee total as 113,045 (Table 6) and 105,528 (Table 7).  Yet the DHS has also signed onto the three-agencies report!  Nor is this gross discrepancy unique to FY2011.

Therefore, Question #1: Why are the numbers of humanitarian admissions tabulated by the different departments so disparate?

— The footnote on page “i” of the three-agencies report says “Detailed discussion of the anticipated social and economic impact, including secondary migration, of the admission of refugees to the United States is being provided in the Report to the Congress of the Refugee Resettlement Program, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Department of Health and Human Services.”  [Emphasis added.]  But my careful online search failed to turn up such a document.

A footnote on page 58 of that report says “[The ‘refugee resettlement’] category … does not include costs associated with the … Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Medicaid, or Supplemental Security Income programs,” thus reinforcing the point that major costs of refugee resettlement—indeed, probably the dominant costs—aren’t being revealed to the public.

Getting the refugee numbers correct (see my Question #1) has an obvious bearing on the costs burden.  I see from that same footnote on page 58 that the Office of Refugee Resettlement [ORR] also serves  “asylees, Cuban and Haitian entrants.”  Thus even if those DHS refugee numbers are grossly high, the PRM and the three-agencies-report numbers may actually be lowball, since the combined numbers of refugees and asylees are in the same numerical territory as DHS’s refugee-only numbers.

Putting these points together leads to Question #2: Why is the taxpaying American public systematically denied  information revealing the true cost to us of the humanitarian-admissions programs?


Paul Nachman

Copies by U.S. mail to:

– Senator Max Baucus

– Senator Jon Tester

– Representative Steve Daines

– US Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security

– US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security

Readers:  Everything relating to this year’s hearing on May 15th (testimony due May 8th) is located in this special category here at RRW.

It is time to speak up!  Send even a couple of paragraphs by Wednesday and be heard!  It doesn’t need to be long or detailed, just polite!

Send your testimony to me if you would like to see it in print!  Tomorrow…North Carolina speaks up!

Montgomery Co. MD man arrested for racist graffiti

The 32-year old “student” Dawit Bezuneh was arrested for scrawling “Death to America” and “Cracker is inferior race” on the walls of his school—Montgomery College/Takoma Park. 

This is hilarious!  Takoma Park is the hometown of Thomas Perez soon to be Obama’s Labor Secretary, the birthplace of CASA de Maryland (scroll down to second half of this post), and it’s a town that allows non-citizens to vote—hardly a town whose residents could be called ” white crackers.”   They “welcome” immigrants there, just like Cambridge, Mass does!

Dawit Bezuneh arrested for writing “Death to America” and racist slurs in Takoma Park, MD

I’m guessing Bezuneh is an Ethiopian refugee or asylee (DC area is loaded with them), but of course no media accounts (I read several) mention his immigration status or his nationality.

Here is the story from Scott McCabe at the Washington Examiner (last Friday):

A 32-year-old District of Columbia man has been accused of vandalizing Montgomery College’s Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus with racist graffiti.

Takoma Park police said 32-year-old Dawit Bezuneh used spray paint to tag “Death to America” and green and red markers to write “Cracker is inferior race,” “white crackers” throughout the school.

Cracker, sometimes “white cracker,” is sometimes a pejorative expression for white people, police said.

The vandalism occurred between October and April and appeared to be racially motivated, [duh!–ed] police said. Graffiti was written inside classrooms, bathrooms, in the library and on computer equipment.

Bezuneh was charged with malicious destruction of property, malicious destruction of property scheme, and race, religion ethnic property damage. More charges are pending, police said.

Readers, assuming he is Ethiopian (but even if he isn’t, this is interesting anyway!), check out this post about an Imam in Northern Virginia stirring up Ethiopian Muslims with “jihad talk.”  We have many more posts on Ethiopian refugees so just type “Ethiopians” into our search function for more.

Fort Wayne: Too much debris, code violations close Burmese community garden

If you haven’t heard my rant about how your federal tax dollars are being spent on “community” gardens for refugees see my most recent post on the topic here.

W.O.W! World on Wheels, diversity wheelbarrows on display in Ft. Wayne to represent the 21 diverse immigrant groups in the area. Let’s hope federal tax dollars are not invested in wheelbarrows.

It is one thing if some truly charitable organization wants to help refugees grow fresh food, it is another for the US taxpayer to be supporting such efforts.

Here is the latest news from Burmese over-loaded Ft. Wayne, Indiana, headline (hat tip to an Indiana informant): ‘No more gardens for Burmese at Fort Wayne apartment complex’  in the News-Sentinel:

Burmese residents living in Autumn Woods, 1004 Fayette Drive, will no longer be able to grow their own vegetables behind their apartments.

Due to a large number of citations from the city in 2012 to the management company, residents were told no more gardens were allowed and their plots were removed last fall.

Current management at Autumn Woods was asked to comment but said it was not at liberty to do so at this time.

According to Cindy Joyner, of Fort Wayne Neighborhood Code, a large portion of the gardens were built in ditches, which is against city code, because it can block water flow. The department also found pieces of indoor furniture, which had been re-purposed for use in the gardens, which also is against city code. There was a lot of debris including animal cages that were also found in the ditch, another code violation.

“It was the amount of debris that really drove the citations,” said John Urbahns, director of Fort Wayne’s Community Development department.

Urbahns said the city has these codes in place to protect the values of the adjoining property.

John Perlich, city spokesman, said the city took a closer look at Autumn Woods after some concerns about the condition of the property had been raised in the community.

Some of the items that were removed from the complex were small swimming pools that had been donated to the residents through a program at the Catherine Kasper Place to be used as container gardens.

“Some of these were removed because they were not being used as functioning garden spaces; they had been left to deteriorate,” Joyner said.

It is not clear to me whether this Autumn Woods failed project received federal grants, but other Burmese gardens did as we see here at the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program (be sure to see quote from Michelle Obama–a model for the Nation, for the World!)  Go there and note that Holly Chaille, quoted in this News-Sentinel story, did get $75,000 of your tax dollars for her project(s).

Of course it would never be mentioned in a mainstream media piece but there has been some information leak out that the failed gardeners might be from a certain religious persuasion.   Ft. Wayne has “welcomed” both Burmese Christians and Burmese Muslims, a sure-fire way to build tension in a community.

Related:  I had been meaning to post on the State Department visit to Ft. Wayne, here, last month but didn’t get to it.  Clearly everything is not copacetic in Ft. Wayne or the head guy for admissions, Lawrence Bartlett, wouldn’t be visiting in an obvious effort to smooth feathers and repair damage.  The State Department needs to hang on to every “welcoming” city they can get.

Here is our entire archive on problems in Ft. Wayne going back to our earliest posts in the summer of 2007 when we discovered the problem that the Allen County health department was having treating all the TB cases.  The Ft. Wayne garden controversy is explained in a guest post here in 2010.

USCRI: Hiring a refugee (instead of an American) is good for a business’s bottom line!

Geeez!  I had no idea that they had the audacity to spell out on their website how hiring a refugee trumps hiring an American, and the employment service this refugee contractor offers is FREE!

First, a little background.  USCRI stands for US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. It is one of nine major federal refugee contractors.  It’s head honcho is Lavinia Limon who coincidentally headed Bill Clinton’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) when Clinton brought Bosnians to Iowa for laborers for the meatpackers (just mentioned it here yesterday when I told you about Columbus Junction, Iowa.)  Type ‘Lavinia Limon’ into our search function for more.

As Limon revolved out the ORR door to her job as a federal contractor, USCRI’s Veep, Eskinder Negash, revolved in and now heads the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Resources which gives out grants to USCRI.  Handy huh!

And USCRI sure does get the federal grants!

According to the most recent Form 990 (p.9) available for Ms. Limon’s USCRI they received 94% of their $35 million plus income from you—the taxpayer. So much for that public-private partnership mumbo-jumbo!

So, their services might be FREE to businesses, but not FREE to you!

Here is their website page entitled:

‘Information for Employers on Hiring Refugees’

Refugee workers improve your bottom line.  Strengthened by adversity, refugees make capable, resilient, and loyal employees [Read desperate and can’t go home—ed].  USCRI’s partner agencies all over the United States can match your business with the perfect refugee employee(s)!  Our partner agencies offer comprehensive services that ensure employer satisfaction and high employee retention rates.  Best of all, services are FREE.

Find a local agency in your area

USCRI resettlement agencies help employers by:

Pre-screening applicants to find the most qualified workers
Matching employers with dependable employees
Providing a consistent source of reliable workers
Increasing productivity by reducing turnover
Managing external factors so that employees can focus on work at work
Ensuring that refugees have access to English classes
Facilitating communication between the employee and employer
Following up to ensure satisfaction

Why hire refugees?

Skills: Refugees showcase a variety of employable skills.  Refugees are doctors, nurses, small business owners, farmers, construction workers, graphic designers, tailors, cooks, and more.  Most refugees speak several languages.  Some refugees hold Master’s Degrees; others are expert farmers and artisans.  If you’re looking for a skilled employee, USCRI can match you with a qualified refugee.

Strong work ethic, high retention rates: Refugees who come to the United States want to regain self-sufficiency and economic stability for their families.  Strengthened by their experiences, they make capable, resilient, and loyal employees.

Built-in retention support: Local resettlement agencies manage external factors so that employees can focus on work at work.  Agencies provide holistic services to refugees so that child care, transportation, and other barriers to employment are addressed before the job begins.  [That’s right and exactly what I said yesterday—refugee families are additionally supported by you, the taxpayer, through welfare while the business gets away with cheap laborers!—ed]

Positive economic and community impact: Refugees are new Americans and they contribute to the economy by spending locally, living locally, and paying taxes.  Hiring refugees promotes self-sufficiency by strengthening families and communities.  They are hard-working, loyal employees who will improve your bottom line, while improving their own lives.

Tax incentives: Some businesses qualify for tax incentives when they hire resettled refugees.  For more information, visit the Department of Labor website or talk to your local DOL representative.

Tax incentives to hire refugees before Americans?  You betcha!   Not that long ago a foreman on a factory production line told me that her company rotated immigrants through the business while turning Americans away at the door every day!

Related!  See the Center for Immigration Studies latest report-–it is not true that there are jobs Americans won’t do!  Americans will do any job!

Also related!  USCRI supports the Gang of Eight bill in the US Senate which will add another 11 million immigrant workers to compete with Americans and with refugees for scarce jobs, go figure!