USCRI: Hiring a refugee (instead of an American) is good for a business’s bottom line!

Geeez!  I had no idea that they had the audacity to spell out on their website how hiring a refugee trumps hiring an American, and the employment service this refugee contractor offers is FREE!

First, a little background.  USCRI stands for US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. It is one of nine major federal refugee contractors.  It’s head honcho is Lavinia Limon who coincidentally headed Bill Clinton’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) when Clinton brought Bosnians to Iowa for laborers for the meatpackers (just mentioned it here yesterday when I told you about Columbus Junction, Iowa.)  Type ‘Lavinia Limon’ into our search function for more.

As Limon revolved out the ORR door to her job as a federal contractor, USCRI’s Veep, Eskinder Negash, revolved in and now heads the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Resources which gives out grants to USCRI.  Handy huh!

And USCRI sure does get the federal grants!

According to the most recent Form 990 (p.9) available for Ms. Limon’s USCRI they received 94% of their $35 million plus income from you—the taxpayer. So much for that public-private partnership mumbo-jumbo!

So, their services might be FREE to businesses, but not FREE to you!

Here is their website page entitled:

‘Information for Employers on Hiring Refugees’

Refugee workers improve your bottom line.  Strengthened by adversity, refugees make capable, resilient, and loyal employees [Read desperate and can’t go home—ed].  USCRI’s partner agencies all over the United States can match your business with the perfect refugee employee(s)!  Our partner agencies offer comprehensive services that ensure employer satisfaction and high employee retention rates.  Best of all, services are FREE.

Find a local agency in your area

USCRI resettlement agencies help employers by:

Pre-screening applicants to find the most qualified workers
Matching employers with dependable employees
Providing a consistent source of reliable workers
Increasing productivity by reducing turnover
Managing external factors so that employees can focus on work at work
Ensuring that refugees have access to English classes
Facilitating communication between the employee and employer
Following up to ensure satisfaction

Why hire refugees?

Skills: Refugees showcase a variety of employable skills.  Refugees are doctors, nurses, small business owners, farmers, construction workers, graphic designers, tailors, cooks, and more.  Most refugees speak several languages.  Some refugees hold Master’s Degrees; others are expert farmers and artisans.  If you’re looking for a skilled employee, USCRI can match you with a qualified refugee.

Strong work ethic, high retention rates: Refugees who come to the United States want to regain self-sufficiency and economic stability for their families.  Strengthened by their experiences, they make capable, resilient, and loyal employees.

Built-in retention support: Local resettlement agencies manage external factors so that employees can focus on work at work.  Agencies provide holistic services to refugees so that child care, transportation, and other barriers to employment are addressed before the job begins.  [That’s right and exactly what I said yesterday—refugee families are additionally supported by you, the taxpayer, through welfare while the business gets away with cheap laborers!—ed]

Positive economic and community impact: Refugees are new Americans and they contribute to the economy by spending locally, living locally, and paying taxes.  Hiring refugees promotes self-sufficiency by strengthening families and communities.  They are hard-working, loyal employees who will improve your bottom line, while improving their own lives.

Tax incentives: Some businesses qualify for tax incentives when they hire resettled refugees.  For more information, visit the Department of Labor website or talk to your local DOL representative.

Tax incentives to hire refugees before Americans?  You betcha!   Not that long ago a foreman on a factory production line told me that her company rotated immigrants through the business while turning Americans away at the door every day!

Related!  See the Center for Immigration Studies latest report-–it is not true that there are jobs Americans won’t do!  Americans will do any job!

Also related!  USCRI supports the Gang of Eight bill in the US Senate which will add another 11 million immigrant workers to compete with Americans and with refugees for scarce jobs, go figure!

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