Diversity is strength alert! Muslim refugees riot, burn cars in Sweden

Immigrant “youths” torch cars in Stockholm. Getty Images

Update May 24th:  Police call in reinforcements as rioting continues into 5th night, here.

Ho hum!  Are we surprised?  Nope!  (Type ‘Sweden’ into our search function and you will find years of evidence that this next phase of the Jihad against the West was inevitable.)

Update:  I’m reminded of this 2009 post in which I said Muslim immigration is killing Sweden.  It is one of our most widely read posts here at RRW.

This story is from the Financial Times but has been republished just a few minutes ago at the Washington Post (so now they are paying attention!).

Do the imbeciles in the Senate Judiciary Committee who just yesterday made it easier for more Muslim immigration to America and MORE welfare for those immigrants make any connection?  Hello!  Is anyone home?

Washington Post:

The sight of burning cars in a dozen suburbs of Stockholm on Tuesday night has shocked Sweden and shaken its image of tolerance and equality. But the rioting is also raising a simple, devastating question: Is Sweden facing its own Paris or London moment when it is forced to confront long-simmering questions about the integration of immigrants?

“This is a wake-up call for decision makers and Swedish society as a whole,” says Awad Hersi, a Stockholm city councillor from near where the riots started. But Hersi, of Somali origin, argues that the situation is not yet as serious as it was in London in 2011 or Paris in 2005. “There are differences with Stockholm: the scale, the methods are different. Stockholm still has a chance but it is a matter of time.”  [LOL! Not so bad yet!—ed]

Police on Wednesday were drafting in reinforcements to prepare for a potential fourth night of unrest. What started in the northwestern suburb of Husby had by Tuesday night spread to about a dozen different suburbs north and south of Stockholm. The rioters were reported to be mostly young immigrants of African and Middle Eastern origin.

There is a lot of boo-hooing in here about jobs and poverty and such, but that is how the Leftists running Sweden cover their foolish and tragic decision to open their borders to Muslims from Africa and the Middle East.

Chechen Asylee connected to the Tsarnaevs killed (in self defense) by FBI in Florida

Another one of the “few” Chechens in the US is now dead after attacking an FBI agent with a knife.  For new readers, we have been told that the US Chechen asylum ‘community’ is small, but they sure are busy pleasing Allah.

Muslim mugshot: Another charming Chechen.

To get some key details of the breaking news, one has to read a couple of reports on what happened in Florida earlier today when a friend of the Tsarnaevs, Ibragim Todashev, was killed in the process of being questioned in the gruesome deaths of three Boston Jewish young men on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.  We reported on the ritualistic murder here just a few days ago.  The men had their throats slit.

The New York Times confirms he was being investigated for the murder of the Jewish men.

“The investigators were working on the theory that he and Tamerlan,” had played a role in the murder, said the official, referring to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the deceased marathon bombing suspect. One of the victims was a friend of Mr. Tsarnaev.

But, of course the NYT cannot bring itself to utter the ‘R’ word or the ‘A’ word, so we learn from CNN that Todashev was a political refugee—we gave him asylum just as we had given the Tsarnaevs protection and their friend in Manchester, NH as well!

CNN confirms here that Ibragim Todashev was granted asylum in the US in 2008 AFTER BEING HERE FOR SOME TIME ALREADY!

Todashev was from the Chechnya region, as were the Tsarnaev brothers, the source said.

Todashev was granted political asylum in 2008 but that he came to the US some time before that, a federal law enforcement official told CNN. Todashev has living in the US as a legal resident because of that aslyum claim, the official said.

Readers, Todashev, like most other “asylum seekers” was first an ILLEGAL ALIEN.  Under present law he had one year to apply for asylum after getting his feet on American soil, but if S. 744, as passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, becomes law he will have two years to hang around before applying for asylum, while living off the good will of the American people!

Hey, here is an idea!  Maybe Mark Hetfield of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society should invite these Chechens to his neighborhood!

And, one more thing!  Everyone is focused on the three other major scandals facing the Obama Administration but the failure of the Department of Homeland Security to identify Muslim terrorists in our midst, is to me the most damning of the FOUR scandals (or five if you count Fast & Furious).  Here is one more bit from the NYT:

The F.B.I. has also focused on Chechens who may have ties to extremists in Russia. Before the attacks, the bureau had not thought that they were a significant threat in the United States.

About the photo, both CNN and the NYT used this mugshot of the now dead Muslim, but the NYT only uses his name as the caption while CNN tells us this: “Ibragim Todashev, shown in a mug shot after his arrest on an aggravated battery charge this month.”

Addendum: No time to say more now, but please visit Blue Ridge Forum today about the mega-mosque being built in Maryland with Turkish government money (and the approval of Gov. Martin O’Malley).

They chanted “si,se puede!”(yes we can) as the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send amnesty bill to the Senate floor

Here is one story at The Hill.  Few changes were made that would make the bill more acceptable to most Americans.  (I’m working on a magazine article today and have little time to post unfortunately, but you will see lots of coverage elsewhere of the not-unexpected setback for America).

Five Republicans voted against S.744 (The Gang of Eight plus Grover bill).   Those heroes are Senators Chuck Grassley, Jeff Sessions, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

Kristol: Walk away Marco Rubio!

Voting with the Democrats were Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake and Orrin Hatch.  Here is the list of all committee members. Final vote was 13-5.

As the bill was voted on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (one of nine major federal refugee contractors) tweeted:

And the bill moves to Senate floor – room erupts with “yes we can!” and “si, se puede”! We just live-tweeted history

Yesterday I was surprised to see that Bill Kristol, usually a supporter of supposed immigration reform, urged Senator Marco Rubio to abandon this monstrosity and “walk away.”    Frankly, if Rubio sticks with this bill on the Senate floor his political future as a Presidential candidate will be over, especially as the Tea Party re-emerges as a political counterweight to the “ruling class” Republicans.  Watch out for ‘ruling class’ extraordinaire Speaker John Boehner in the House going forward!  He is showing signs of squishing out!

Here is Kristol:

The Weekly Standard editor told Ingraham that Rubio — who Kristol said he considers “a friend” — should step away from the “big government bill.” Instead, immigration reform should be dealt with issue-by-issue rather than by one comprehensive piece of “bad legislation,” Kristol said.

Our view too!  S.744 expands refugee and asylum law without increasing the security issues that the Boston Bombers exposed.

We are among a distinguished group!

Go here and see the letter (opposing S. 744 as it goes to the Senate floor) to which we, Refugee Resettlement Watch, are a proud signator.  Be sure to scroll down to see all the Tea Party groups which have signed.  So, the next time you see mention of Tea Partiers supporting so-called “immigration reform” consider that Grover (Norquist) and gang are putting out that misinformation.

Photo is from the Politico story.