Diversity is strength alert! Muslim refugees riot, burn cars in Sweden

Immigrant “youths” torch cars in Stockholm. Getty Images

Update May 24th:  Police call in reinforcements as rioting continues into 5th night, here.

Ho hum!  Are we surprised?  Nope!  (Type ‘Sweden’ into our search function and you will find years of evidence that this next phase of the Jihad against the West was inevitable.)

Update:  I’m reminded of this 2009 post in which I said Muslim immigration is killing Sweden.  It is one of our most widely read posts here at RRW.

This story is from the Financial Times but has been republished just a few minutes ago at the Washington Post (so now they are paying attention!).

Do the imbeciles in the Senate Judiciary Committee who just yesterday made it easier for more Muslim immigration to America and MORE welfare for those immigrants make any connection?  Hello!  Is anyone home?

Washington Post:

The sight of burning cars in a dozen suburbs of Stockholm on Tuesday night has shocked Sweden and shaken its image of tolerance and equality. But the rioting is also raising a simple, devastating question: Is Sweden facing its own Paris or London moment when it is forced to confront long-simmering questions about the integration of immigrants?

“This is a wake-up call for decision makers and Swedish society as a whole,” says Awad Hersi, a Stockholm city councillor from near where the riots started. But Hersi, of Somali origin, argues that the situation is not yet as serious as it was in London in 2011 or Paris in 2005. “There are differences with Stockholm: the scale, the methods are different. Stockholm still has a chance but it is a matter of time.”  [LOL! Not so bad yet!—ed]

Police on Wednesday were drafting in reinforcements to prepare for a potential fourth night of unrest. What started in the northwestern suburb of Husby had by Tuesday night spread to about a dozen different suburbs north and south of Stockholm. The rioters were reported to be mostly young immigrants of African and Middle Eastern origin.

There is a lot of boo-hooing in here about jobs and poverty and such, but that is how the Leftists running Sweden cover their foolish and tragic decision to open their borders to Muslims from Africa and the Middle East.

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