Muslim immigration fraud: Let me count the ways!

Update May 30th:  The Blaze has much more on this case, thanks to Vlad Tepes blog (via twitter) for alerting us.

Although this story isn’t about political refugee fraud as we recently witnessed in the Boston Bomber case, it’s about an alleged Lebanese terrorist getting into the US by marrying an American.

Remember last week I told you that the legal Muslim population of the US is growing by 100,000 a year mostly through the refugee program, grants of asylum, family reunification and the diversity visa lottery, but there are other ways as demonstrated by this alleged member of Hezbollah caught in Texas.

Here is the story from My San Antonio thanks to Joanne:

The FBI has arrested a San Antonio man on charges he lied to get into the United States and tried to get a sensitive Defense Department position.

Wissam Allouche, 44, appeared for an initial hearing Friday afternoon, and shook his head when U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry Bemporad read the charges leveled in a federal indictment. The judge ordered him held pending a bail hearing and his arraignment Tuesday.

“He allegedly tried to cover up his affiliation with Hezbollah,” said special agent Erik Vasys, spokesman for the FBI in San Antonio. “It is believed he was looking to secure a sensitive position with the U.S. government at some point.”

The indictment said Allouche had married a U.S. citizen and was going through the naturalization process. During that process, he reportedly lied when asked if he’d ever been a member of or associated with a terror organization, the indictment said.

There is more.  Read it all!  I looked for a photo of Allouche but couldn’t find one, if you see one send it my way.  Lacking the photo, I’ve illustrated this post with Hezbollah’s flag. The logo reads:  “Then surely the party of Allah are they that shall be triumphant.”

Since we are on the subject of Texas, the other day one of my alerts sent me to this very helpful write-up for an immigration lawfirm in the Lone Star State.  They have three offices scattered around the state with lawyers ready and eager to guide clients through the refugee/asylum process.  Actually their write-up is a pretty useful one for us as it summarizes what one must do to be considered a refugee or to be granted asylum.  I’ll bet those lawyers have their ears to the grapevine about border apprehensions and are right there to offer their services.

Minnesota Evangelicals want to cash-in on amnesty bill; already making plans to spend your money

Your tax dollars!

It is Sunday morning, is your church taking taxpayer money?

S.744, the so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” bill (Gang of Eight plus Grover bill) that was passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee with cheers of “si,se puede!”, contains a slush-fund for open borders groups and churches.

So, today, if you attend an ‘Evangelical’ church you might ask your pastor, are we involved with World Relief?

In Minnesota, World Relief of Minnesota, one of several refugee contractors in the state, is getting excited about the new flow of federal money (your money!) into their till should S.744 become law.   Thanks to Debbie for sending the following action item.  But, before reading below, note that according to World Relief Minnesota’s most recent Form 990, they ‘earned’ $1,364,202 and they received 80% from government grants (from you!) $1,094,793.  

Without tax dollars they would fold!

Their parent organization, World Relief Corporation of National Association of Evangelicals, one of the top nine federal refugee contractors had an income stream last year of $51,828,435 and $34,109,484 (65%) came from you, here.

Also, note that World Relief (MN) will be joining others on Tuesday evening (May 28th) to hear from Rep. Keith Ellison about what goodies the new immigration law would bring to the refugee program, here.

World Relief:  Yippee! more money coming our way! (thanks to help from Keith Ellison!)

If immigration reform passes, World Relief Minnesota sees an opportunity for churches to serve more than 85,000 immigrants in Minnesota who will be needing accurate, low-cost legal services to comply with the new provisions.

On Wednesday, June 5 (9-11am), World Relief Minnesota invites church leaders and immigrant advocates to a preview meeting to learn about specific ways that congregations can provide low-cost legal services and information to these thousands of immigrants in Minnesota.

The preview meeting is being hosted by the Immigrant Hope Coalition, a collaborative effort of Transform MinnesotaImmigrant Hope NetworkWorld Relief Minnesota, CCDA and denominational leaders from Assemblies of God,Christian & Missionary AllianceEvangelical Free Church of America, and theMinnesota Iowa Baptist Conference.

Wednesday, June 5, 9 – 11 am
Christ’s Church International
13th & Lake Street (3015 – 13th Ave So)
Minneapolis, MN 55407
About Immigrant Legal Service Centers (ILSC)

Across the country, churches and faith-based organizations, have set up accredited, low-cost legal service centers to provide basic services and vital information to help immigrants understand processes and to file their applications with the US Customs & Immigration Services.

Immigrants in your community need these services.

When navigating immigration laws and forms, oftentimes immigrants are taken advantage of, or do not have the money to pay attorney’s fees. These ILSC do not replace the role of attorneys, rather they help give immigrants correct information and assistance to file certain types of applications, from someone who has been accredited to do so.

It is very feasible for a church – or ideally a coalition of churches – to get trained, become accredited and set up an immigrant legal service center. The US Department of Justice has created a process whereby individuals can complete 40 hours of training, gain experience at an existing service center, and then apply to become accredited to provide basic immigration legal services under the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), the US DOJ branch responsible for overseeing immigration law.

What to Expect June 5

The preview meeting on June 5 will explain the steps in this process, including information about formal training being offered in the Twin Cities in November 2013, information about operating an ILSC with proper accreditation and technical support, and a description of the kinds of services typically provided to immigrants by an ILSC.

The meeting is free, and no registration is required – but we would appreciate to know in advance who is coming. If you plan to attend click here to fill in this simple “sign up” list so that we can plan accordingly.


Contact either:
Alex Mandes – Immigrant Hope |
Carl Nelson – Transform Minnesota | | 612-243-2941