Ethiopian on expired visa storms US Capitol steps, scares a bunch of Congressmen

What is this, Ethiopians gone wild week?   We have the Ethiopian Boston Bomber pal released on bail today, the Takoma Park ‘Death to America’ graffiti artist arrested and now this.

Greta Van Sustern has the story, here.

Ethiopian nabbed by Capitol Police today after storming Capitol steps, demanding amnesty NOW!
(just kidding on that last bit!)

Bit of a scary scene here at the Capitol as dozens upon dozens of members exit the Capitol at the end of votes.

Middle Eastern appearing man runs past police at the base of the steps….and toward the House entrance as members were coming down. Has a backpack. Starts yelling “I am Ethiopian” and “Salaam, Saalaam.” He unfurls a small Ethiopan flag….before Capitol Police tackle him. He ran right past me as I was talking with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Gets very close to the door as there were literally 40 or so members on the steps. Came close to getting inside.

Members were told to divert from the door as they left after the votes.

It appears the suspect had nothing but books in his backpack and has a visa that expired in 2006.


Oh, now I know, he thinks the Gang of Eight is taking too much time with his amnesty.  Remember readers, it will be people like this visa over-stayer who will be eligible for legalization if Rubio and the Gang get their way.

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