Somalis channel Obama mentor Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Update:  Thousands of members of the English Defense League took to the streets of Newcastle today to protest Muslim immigration and the murder of Lee Rigby, watch it here.

“Your chickens are coming home to roost!” say Somali al-Shabaabers about London slaughter.  This is Islam, dummies!

Wright gave his ‘America’s chickens are coming home to roost’ sermon in the aftermath of 9/11

From the UK Telegraph:

Al Shabaab, which is thought to have links with one of the suspected Woolwich terrorists, launched a tirade on Twitter accusing Britain of carrying out countless abuses against innocent Muslims.

In one message posted on its official Twitter account, an al-Shabaab spokesman described the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby as the “death of the wretched Kafir” and said it was “insignificant compared to the deaths of hundreds of innocent Muslims at the hands of British soldiers”.  [Kafirs are you, the unbelievers, all of you! Not just soldiers! Leftwingers too!—ed]

Referring to the Boston bombing, another posting warned: “Where next? You just have to grin and bear it, it’s inevitable. A case of the chickens coming home to roost.”

Speculation was mounting that the postings, peppered with English phrases, were being written by a Briton.

Al-Shabaab: No betrayal of Islam, this is Islam!

Seizing on comments by David Cameron that the attack was a “betrayal of Islam”, al-Shabaab said that in fact it was a “portrayal of Islam”.

Update!  Great Mark Steyn piece on the subject of the Brits becoming the chickens themselves, here, and going to slaughter.  Steyn wraps-up with this:

One in ten Britons under 25 is now Muslim. That number will increase, through immigration, disparate birth rates, and conversions like those of the Woolwich killers, British-born and -bred. Metternich liked to say the Balkans began in the Landstrasse, in southeast Vienna. Today, the Dar al-Islam begins in Wellington Street, in southeast London. That’s a “betrayal” all right, but not of Islam.

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