Delaware Must Do its Fair Share! Send Refugees to Joe Biden’s Neighborhood!

As I have reported often over the years, then Senator Joe Biden was one of the chief sponsors*** of Senator Ted Kennedy’s Refugee Act of 1980 that among other things created a tax-payer funded gravy train for federal refugee contractors masquerading as charities.

Hypocrisy alert!

Delaware Governor John Carney (left) with good ol’ Joe Biden and Senator Chris Coons—hypocrites all!

However, old Uncle Joe has never put his money where his mouth is and Delaware has received only a tiny fraction of the impoverished refugees in need of support from local taxpayers over the last nearly 4 decades.

All that could change now as Delaware governor John Carney is begging the feds for (more!) refugees and the states largest and most populous county, New Castle County, said YES weeks before the governor did.

Here is what Carney told the US State Department in a letter dated December 10, 2019:

Our country has historically been a refuge of safe harbor for those fleeing war~torn countries, violence, and political persecution. We should continue to stand as a beacon of hope and freedom for people around the world. In that spirit, as Delawareans, we are proud to do our part, and continue to accept the resettlement of refugees.

They have no shame!  Do their part?

Heck, they can have Texas share this year!

According to the US State Department data base at the Refugee Processing Center, Delaware has only ‘welcomed’ 171 refugees since the beginning of fiscal year 2003. (Data before 2003 is not easy to access.)

Well it is a small state you say!

It is twice the size of Rhode Island which took in 3,122 poor third worlders in the same time period.

Now it’s time for Delaware to put up or shut up!

Presidential candidate Joe Biden says he will up the number of refugees to be admitted to the US to 125,000 in his first year in office—that is a number way above anything the Obama Administration admitted.  He announced his immigration goals here in December:

Biden wants to stop the Trump administration’s separation of migrant children from parents, end extended detention and reverse restrictions on travel from several predominantly Muslim countries, according to his campaign. At the same time, Biden wants to create a pathway to citizenship for about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., expand access to work visas in areas of economic need and boost the annual U.S. refugee admissions cap to 125,000 from the current 18,000, among other provisions in the plan.

It should be clear to all America Firsters that Trump must get four more years.


*** These were the Senate co-sponsors in 1979 that deserve the blame for creating this dysfunctional UN-driven refugee program.

Sen. Javits, Jacob K. [R-NY]
Sen. McGovern, George [D-SD]
Sen. Randolph, Jennings [D-WV]
Sen. Pell, Claiborne [D-RI]
Sen. Ribicoff, Abraham A. [D-CT]
Sen. Moynihan, Daniel Patrick [D-NY]
Sen. Williams, Harrison A., Jr. [D-NJ]
Sen. Riegle, Donald W., Jr. [D-MI]
Sen. Sarbanes, Paul S. [D-MD]
Sen. Hatfield, Mark O. [R-OR]
Sen. Tsongas, Paul E. [D-MA]
Sen. Biden, Joseph R., Jr. [D-DE]

Democrat Presidential Candidates Eager to Invite over 100,000 Refugees Annually to US

In a story about Indiana’s Pete Buttigieg, Vox News reports that he has released his immigration plan which includes a huge jump in refugee numbers that consequently will make the nine refugee resettlement contractors*** wealthier than they have been in their entire history.

Buttigieg’s refugee welcome numbers will put the old man’s (Obama’s) to shame!

Contrary to popular opinion, Obama admitted no where near the numbers the Dems are proposing.

He averaged just under 70,000 for his entire 8 years in office. See here.

A couple of those years were in the 50,000s!

These numbers being proposed by leading Democrat candidates will put Obama to shame.

And, as I have said repeatedly Open Borders Inc. will claim they need to be this high or higher to ‘MAKE UP FOR WHAT THEY WILL DUB THE LOST TRUMP YEARS.’

It is imperative that President Trump is re-elected and then in his second term he must work to dump the entire UN/US Refugee Admissions Program as originally crafted by Senators Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and President Jimmy Carter.

Here is Vox:

Pete Buttigieg’s immigration plan rebukes Trump and calls for an overhaul of the system

Buttigieg’s plan aims to reverse various Trump policies: his travel ban on individuals from seven countries deemed to be security threats, the practice of family separations, and his cap on annual refugee admissions (to a historic low of 18,000), as well as the practice of keeping migrants trapped in Mexican border towns while they wait for decisions on their asylum applications.

Warren wants 175,000 needy third worlders (future Democrat voters!) admitted to the US as refugees by the end of her first term in office.

He proposes to raise the cap on annual refugee admissions to 125,000 during his first year in office, and says he supports legislation that would set an annual floor of 95,000 admissions.That’s on par with what Biden and Warren have proposed (though Warren has pledged to raise the cap to 175,000 by the end of her first term.) Sanders, by contrast, has vowed to increase the cap, but hasn’t specified a number.

By the way, the reason they are pushing the idea of legislatively setting an annual floor is to make the contractors happy because it will assure them job security from year to year (their income depends on numbers) in the event the country elects another President like Donald Trump.

And just so you don’t forget:  ol’ Uncle Joe worked with Teddy to craft this original flawed program back in 1979.  Jimmy Carter signed the Refugee Act into law in 1980. And, to show what a hypocrite Biden is, his home state of Delaware takes only a handful of refugees annually.  Some years it has taken a big fat zero!

I laughed when I saw that ‘Creeping Sharia’ recently tweeted out this video I did a few years back and made a slight change!



***For new readers these (below) are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors that monopolize all refugee placement in America.  For decades they have decided in secrecy where to place refugees and they don’t want to lose that power because even as they pontificate about their religious convictions and humanitarian zeal, they are Leftwing political activist groups working to change America by changing the people and using your money to do it!

And, they do not limit their advocacy toward only legal immigration programs, but are heavily involved in supporting the lawlessness at our borders.

The question isn’t as much about refugees per se, but about who is running federal immigration policy now and into the future?  

I continue to argue that these nine contractors are the heart of America’s Open Borders movement and thus there can never be long-lasting reform of US immigration policy when these nine un-elected phony non-profits are paid by the taxpayers to work as community organizers pushing an open borders agenda.





Republican Governors All Talk No Action (Memory Lane!)

Do you remember this headline only four short years ago?  Probably not.  I hadn’t, although I surely wrote about it at the time.  It was right after one of those horrible Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe and it woke from slumber some Republican governors for a few minutes.

30 Governors Call For Halt To U.S. Resettlement Of Syrian Refugees

My how things have changed.

They talked tough then (mostly because Obama was in office and they knew they had no voice), but now when the President has actually presented them with an opportunity to put up or shut up and go on record saying NO to more refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere, well now they are worried about their “workforce” and they tuck their tails and run fearing they will be perceived as mean and unwelcoming by the Dems.

Here is a very cool graphic from NPR at the time.


Nothing has changed by the way!  We bring fewer Syrians these days, but the vast majority of Syrians who do come are Muslims.

And, not just Syrians, but Iraqis, Somalis, Burmese Rohingya and literally tens of thousands of Afghans.

The vetting can’t really be improved because as Senator Marco Rubio said at the time:

“There is no background-check system in the world that allows us to find that out, because who do you call in Syria to background-check them?”

That same common sense applies to most places in the Middle East, Asia and Africa—who you gonna call?

Although I should be writing on all sorts of things on this subject, not to mention that my other blogFrauds and Crooks’ is suffering from lack of attention, I found myself rummaging around Wrapsnet (the Refugee Processing Center) and holy cow!

Four years: 19,514 Syrians!

In the 4 years since NPR posted their story (from November 17, 2015 to today December 11, 2019) we admitted 19,514 Syrians—19,514!  19,195 of those are Muslims!

Although most of those came as Obama was leaving town, 6,413 of the Syrian Muslims came in Trump’s first (partial) year with 602 since.

Here is where the nearly 20,000 Syrians were placed:

Amazing how we forget!  

Don’t miss Daniel Horowitz today at Conservative Review:

GOP governors betraying constituents by pushing refugee resettlement

He linked a list of today’s Republican Governors and so far that we know of (some might be hiding!), Republican governors of Utah, New Hampshire, Arizona and North Dakota are opposing the President (and America Firsters) on the issue of Refugee Resettlement.


In Fiscal Year 2020 Texas Continues as the Number One Refugee Resettlement State in Nation

Have you taken 15 minutes to make your calls?

Just so you know—most of the country ‘welcomed’ some refugees in the first group of arrivals for FY2020.

Resettlement will continue as it always has until June 2020 when supposedly the Trump EO will be in effect.

As Open Borders Inc. continues on its quest to turn Texas blue, Texas is again numero uno in ‘welcoming’ Africans, Asians and Middle Eastern impoverished refugees to its towns and cities.

If (when!) the contractors convince Texas Governor Abbott to send a permission letter to the US State Department, the contractors will achieve a great victory.  So, I sure hope you Texans are working hard!

Have you taken 15 minutes to make your calls?

(See previous post  Kansas has thrown in the towel! Taxpayers will pay the price just so some meatpackers will get cheap labor!).

Below is where the US State Department and its nine contractors*** placed 1,488 refugees in the last month.

Nothing I can do about the tiny type. I told you all here how to use the Refugee Processing Center data.

The top ten ‘welcoming’ states have a few additions.  I haven’t seen Indiana or Minnesota in the top ten in recent times, and Kentucky is climbing up the ladder.

Texas, California, New York, Kentucky, Arizona, Washington, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota and Florida are the top ten in that order.

Here is the map where 1,488 refugees were placed between November 1 and December 1, 2019:


Below are the top sending countries (in parenthesis after each is the number of Muslims in the group).   Take note of the fact that we are only bringing in a tiny number of Middle Eastern Christians from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

There is no Muslim ban.

DR Congo 509 (M: 17)  It is maddening when you consider that Obama said more than six years ago that we would limit our intake of DR Congolese to 50,000  and we are now at or near 60,000!

Burma 337 (M:37)

Moldova 94 (M: 0)

Afghanistan 91 (M:82)

Ukraine 78 (M: 0)

Iraq 50 (M: 35)

Syria 37 (M:32)  So much for saving the Syrian Christians!

Somalia 31 (M: 31)  Sixteen of these went to Minnesota over the last 4 weeks.


*** These are the nine federally funded contractors, all political Leftwing organizations, that at present are deciding where the UN-chosen refugees are being placed in America.


If you didn’t know, I have a category entitled, where to find information.  You might find it useful to follow some of my recent posts on the President’s Executive Order.


HIAS Sues Trump Again, Contractor Does Not Want Local Citizens to have a Say in Placement Decisions

It is as simple as this:  HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) wants to continue to call the shots from Washington, DC about where refugees will be placed in America.

HIAS has been protesting Trump from the moment he was elected. Here CEO Mark Hetfield led a February 2017 anti-Trump rally that featured then Rep. Keith Ellison.

You, who live in cities large and small are expected to shut up and let the professionals and experts determine which third world refugees will be resettled in which communities.

Never mind that as we pointed out here, the President’s Executive Order really doesn’t do much and never mind that there are yet no published guidelines from the federal government about how the Executive Order would be carried out, HIAS is nevertheless getting a jump on it by beating their anti-Trump drums and filing a lawsuit.

Clearly they have no interest in listening to what citizens have to say about their community being forever changed by federal contractors working for the US State Department. 

I suspect this new lawsuit is all about raising more money from an outraged constituency and I’ll tell you why I think that after you see what HIAS said yesterday.

Here is Mark Hetfield, HIAS CEO in an e-mail announcing the lawsuit:

Dear Friend,

In September, President Trump issued an executive order (EO) purporting to give state and local governments the authority to block refugee resettlement in their jurisdictions. This state-by-state, city-by-city refugee ban not only violates federal law, but also keeps refugees apart from their families, and prevents willing and able American communities like yours from welcoming people in need of safety. [Cry me a river!—ed]

This morning, HIAS, joined by two other refugee agencies, filed suit to stop this latest attempt to shut down refugee resettlement.

Now here is just some of their press announcement:

Today HIAS, together with two other refugee resettlement agencies, took President Trump to court over his recent executive order giving state and local officials authority to block refugee resettlement in their jurisdictions.

HIAS, Church World Service (CWS), and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) are suing the administration because it is attempting to enact a state-by-state, city-by-city refugee ban.


The president’s order, signed on September 26, would require resettlement agencies, including HIAS, CWS, and LIRS, to obtain written consent from all localities and states in which they plan to resettle refugees. If written consent cannot be obtained, it could prevent resettlement agencies from maintaining local affiliate offices that provide essential services to refugees already in the area.

According to the complaint, filed this morning in U.S. District Court in Maryland, the executive order violates federal law, which  requires federal agencies to make decisions about where refugees are to be placed within the United States according to a detailed list of factors, leaving no room for state and local governments to veto such decisions.

What factors? What are the detailed list of factors on which the feds (with their contractors) base their placement decisions? Shouldn’t we be given that information? We are the ones paying for it in more ways than one!

HIAS continues…

HIAS sued the Trump administration in 2017, when the president’s executive order called for halting refugee resettlement and banning people from seven majority Muslim countries with an exception for non-Muslim religious minorities.

HIAS, CWS, and LIRS, are represented by the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP).


Melissa Keaney, Senior Litigation Staff Attorney for IRAP called the order “a back-door attempt to decimate the refugee resettlement program.” and noted that a single local politician should not be able to stop Americans who have been waiting years to reunite with family members.  [Their willingness to flat out lie is disgusting!  A single local politician could not stop resettlement!—ed]

“Trump’s War on Refugees” as they call it, has been very lucrative for HIAS!

I suspected that HIAS, and maybe some of the other contractors, was financially hurting as the Trump Administration has severely cut back on the number of paying clients (aka refugees) that the contractors are paid to ‘care for’ for a brief time, but I was wrong.

HIAS is better off financially today than it was at the pinnacle of the Obama Administration when refugees were pouring in by the tens of thousands.

We are getting into the weeds here, but hang in there.

I went back to the last four years of HIAS’s IRS Form 990s and guess what I confirmed?  HIAS is richer today than when Obama’s refugee spigot was wide open.

Their federal dollars have fallen only slightly while their private fundraising has mushroomed with the addition of over $10 million to their income between 2015 and 2018.

They are making money hand over fist because Donald Trump is in the White House!

In addition they are paying out more in salaries and giving less to other organizations.

Let me be clear.  If HIAS was a truly charitable organization that was not partially funded by taxpayers, I wouldn’t care about where their money came from, where they spent it, or how large their salaries are, but we, the taxpayers of America, are involuntarily paying for their overtly political activities and thus have a right to know how our money is being spent.

Here is a summary of some key data points on their IRS forms (I’m rounding numbers to make it easier to follow the money!):

2015  (Obama year)

$20.4 million from government grants

$15.2 million from other sources of income

Total income: $40.6 million (other smaller sources of income included)(Conservatively 50% federally funded because some of their other smaller amounts of income are from taxpayers too.)

$8.5 million passed through to other organizations

$12.2 million paid in salaries (salaries do not include other payroll expenses)

$375,000 CEO (Hetfield) compensation (includes other related compensation)

2016 (Obama’s top refugee ‘welcoming’ year)

$24.5 million from government grants

$17.4 million from other sources of income

Total income: $45.3 million (54% federally funded)

$12.2 million passed through to other organizations

$13.9 million paid in salaries

$344,000 CEO total compensation

2017 (Trump takes over)

$20.7 million from government grants

$19.9 million from other sources of income

Total income: $48.4 million (43% federally funded)

$8.9 million passed through to other organizations

$15.9 million paid in salaries

$322,000 CEO total compensation (took a little pay cut)

2018 (Trump)

$19.1 million from government grants (just about what they were raking in during Obama’s 2015!)

$27.4 million from other sources of income

Total income: $50 million (38% federally funded)

$6.6 million passed through to other organizations

$14.9 million paid in salaries

$330,000 CEO total compensation

Bottomline:  HIAS is wealthier today ($10 million wealthier) than they were four years ago and I suspect they are fully aware of how the President, and their campaign against him, has enormously helped their fundraising operations.

The lawsuit will likely bring in gobs more money for them!

And, just so you know, I’ll be looking at the Form 990s of the other ‘religious charity’ partners in this lawsuit.