Waking up in Wausau? New Biden Refugee Resettlement Site Planned

Actually Wausau is not a new site altogether.  Way before my time of writing this blog, which I started in 2007, Wausau saw a huge influx of Hmong refugees in the wake of our disastrous war in Southeast Asia.

Some Hmong went on to do okay as ‘new Americans,’ others not so much, as I pointed out here in 2019 at my other blog ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

Wisconsin ‘New Americans’ Charged in Large Drug Bust

I suspect Wausau has seen refugees continue to arrive in recent years placed there by the nearest resettlement office, but we can no longer get the data as the US State Department has closed to the public most of the information they store at the Refugee Processing Center.

Apparently Wausau has run out of needy Americans for the Christians to love and care for!

However, now it appears Wausau is on the target list for a new resettlement agency there, this time with the Ethiopian Community Development Council as the lead government contractor. (There are nine major contractors!***)

Look people!  ARE YOU LISTENING?  (Yes, I am shouting.)

How many times in the last 13 to 14 years have I written about this—enough to make me feel insanity setting in!


We are losing our country!

Do you know, the other day someone asked me about Wyoming and I wrote this post:

Note to Newbies! Read, Read, Read and Ask Questions!

In the post is a link to the present refugee resettlement sites.

Those are the sites where the contractors have subcontractor offices. I wrote the post on Tuesday and since then ONLY 16 readers have even bothered to open the link to see if their location is already an established resettlement site. 

Those are the sites where very large numbers of additional refugees will be placed in the coming months as the Biden Administration seeks to find housing and social services for up to 125,000 refugees from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  And, that does not include the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring in.

By the way, in my experience, once a refugee office is open in your town it will also ‘serve’ as a magnet for illegal aliens and asylum seekers who will be looking for guidance on where to get their free stuff.

It is increasingly difficult for me to continue to repeat things I have been writing about for over a decade and wondering if anyone is listening. 

At the end of the Obama Administration, the contractors were looking for approximately 40 new sites because they had worn out their welcome in some long-standing resettlement cities.

They thought Hillary would follow Obama to the White House and the numbers that were high under Obama would expand even further.  Trump created a hiatus for a few years, but we are now back to the big push to change America by changing the people.

As I said here about Winchester, Virginia in May, they are scrambling for new sites.

It Begins: Federal Contractors Out Scouring America for New Target Towns for Biden Refugees

I said it again on Friday when I wrote about Asheville, North Carolina, see here.

In September, Biden will be setting the cap for FY22 and it is expected to be 125,000 beginning on October 1, 2021.

They are bidding for bodies! 

That is what one longtime refugee watcher calls it because the contractors are paid by the federal government (by you, the taxpayer) on a per head basis!

To accomplish Biden’s goal, the nine contractors are competing with each other and madly scrambling to find new fresh territory and get sub-offices open.

In fact, they must get their plans in to the US State Department ideally in August or early September—the rush is on and that is why stories like the one from Wausau I’m about to mention are popping up.

The reader who alerted me about Wausau sounded desperate to know what they could do to stop the planned site.

Let me be clear!  There is no lawsuit you can file, no national leader to help you (no Senators, no Congressmen), and no national immigration control group that will come and save you.

There is only one thing you can do and that is hard.

You must organize locally and make an enormous political noise  against the plan (while being called a racist and xenophobe).

Back in February I began a series of posts about organizing locally.

I never did finish the series because so few people were bothering to read it (and when people don’t read, I get lazy!).  I know that the mention of work sends people into hiding and I know it’s not being read even as it is linked on my homepage because I get data daily about what posts people are reading.


What do we do now? Fight Back Locally!


LOL!  I hope you are still reading, or did you quit when I said you had to get to work!

Here is the news from Wausau that inspired my rant today!

From WSAU:

Local Religious Leaders Looking to Bring Refugees to Wausau

WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) — A group of Religious leaders in Wausau is hoping to help settle dozens of vetted and screened refugees in the region in the next few years.

Pastor Rebecca Voss must believe it is so much cooler to welcome poverty from across the world than to help poor neighbors right here at home.

After meeting with the group led by First United Methodist Church Pastor Rebecca Voss, the Ethiopian Community Development Council has selected Wausau to receive around 75 approved refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Voss says it started as an idea in a Bible Study group that grew over time. [Just think about that, some non-profit group largely funded by the feds and located in Virginia has “selected Wausau!”—ed]

“We really were studying Christian hospitality, what it means to welcome the stranger and how we can be a place of refuge, safety, and healing for those who have been through some pretty traumatic experiences,” said Voss. “They have no place to call home, but we can create a community of love and respect for one another.”

Tsehaye Teferra is the CEO of the Ethiopian Community Development Council and in 2012 was chosen as an Obama Champion of Change!  Naturally he didn’t like Trump!  https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2020/07/04/virginia-ethiopian-community-development-council-prez-speaks-out-against-trump-admin/

The group is working with the ECDC, one of nine nationally recognized resettlement agencies. Voss says the group met them at “the right time and the right place,” to get the idea moving forward through a series of meetings with Voss’ group and some local businesses.

“They met with community leaders in both the non-profit sector and business sector, and really it led to a diversity of people being in solid agreement that we need refugees probably more than they need us,” she said. “They are resilient, many of them have been through a lot of trauma, so they will need a lot of compassion as they get resettled. But, we do know that they will strengthen our community.”

How Christian of them to find cheap foreign laborers for local businesses.

Do they have meatpackers in Wausau, I wonder!

She adds that’s especially true since many refugees are hard workers who can help fill some of the jobs that have been sitting vacant as the region comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This next bit makes me laugh!  Yeh, yeh, volunteers will help, but guess what?  Volunteers quickly burn out and the burden of the refugees falls on the community at large, or they simply fall through the cracks while they build ethnic enclaves where crime grows.  I have seen it time and time again.

She went on to say that the group is not looking for any public money or support from the city. Each refugee would be paired up with a sponsorship group such as a Church, Bible Study group, book club, or anyone else with a desire to help out. They would provide some money upfront- around $2,000 or so- to get the refugees into a rental property with some light furnishings and furniture.

Then they would be expected to show them basics such as how to navigate the public transit system, use the library, get them set up with healthcare, get their children registered for school, and any other life skills they may need help with as they look to build a life in the region.

ECDC doesn’t pick Wausau’s refugees and neither does the city!  They are chosen mostly by the United Nations!  Those listed below are mostly Muslims.  The Burmese coming in large numbers to the US right now are Rohingya Muslims.

Voss adds that despite the name “Ethiopia” being in the name of the group they are working with, there would be people from other African countries brought to the area along with some from Burma, Afghanistan, and Iraq. That could also include interpreters who worked with the US military during the recent wars in both nations.

Does Wausau have a satellite office for CAIR yet?  If not, look for one getting established soon!

The first refugees could be settled by October of this year. Others will be placed throughout 2022.

Yup, that is what I said above—the drive is on to find ‘welcoming’ and naïve communities as fast as possible because they want to be ready by October first.

And, one more thing!

Once a site is chosen and the refugees begin to arrive it will be too late because the flow will never end as the contractors work to bring more members of the extended families of the first refugees they place in Wausau.

I hope you made it this far so that I won’t feel like I have wasted hours on a beautiful Sunday saying the same thing I have been saying for years!

*** Here for new readers are the nine government contractors that monopolize all refugee placement in the US.  Some of the fake non-profits are almost completely funded by the federal government/you!  ECDC is one of those as I pointed out here.

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13 thoughts on “Waking up in Wausau? New Biden Refugee Resettlement Site Planned

  1. Given the created shortage of people willing to work by the Democratic Party, is it any wonder why communities across the Country are struggling to fill jobs? Between enhanced unemployment and the plethora of other liberal “social programs/entitlements”, why would these “dependents” work? Pretty simple to understand, IF one has even the absolute minimum of intelligence. Of course this is apparently no longer a requirement if one votes Democrat and adores the MSM for their “learnings”!

    1. >Given the created shortage of people willing to work by the Democratic Party, …


      It was Trump who early in 2020 (due to COVID) began expanded federal unemployment benefits ($600/week) — in Dec 2020 Trump signed an extension (now $300/week) until March 2021 — in March 2021 Biden extended the $300/week again until Sep 2021, but recently said he would not seek/support extending them again.

      Trump also lobbied hard for bigger ‘stimulus’ checks.

  2. Ann, you and I both know they don’t come here to assimilate….they come here to dominate and supplant us. They produce more babies in a year than we do in five years.

    As for the Muslims and others from very violent countries….they are here to take whatever they want. Muslims have a clear agenda from their “god”. They are to either take over non-believers…enslave them….or kill them. It’s in their Quran.

    I’m a Christian…..and I don’t think God want’s us killed. But Biden and Pelosi do…. they stupidly think they can control what is coming in here to take over. They will get us killed.

  3. Ann, I read your posts and news frequently. It is late at nite here in Michigan and I know that there are aircraft (United airlines) flying illegal refugees to all parts of our country and probably bringing many here to Michigan where I live. I read how frustrated you are about not getting many replies from your readers. I think most, like myself, are overwhelmed when we know we need to confront those responsible for flooding our communities with illegal emigrants. We have never needed to confront agencies like those bringing in these unwelcome foreigners. And, should we decide to become active, most probably we will not have many who will join us. Everyone has so many other fires to put out trying to fight for our lost freedoms that there isn’t a lot of time to do the research needed to fight this. Then too, those agencies bringing in the illegals are expert at this and expert at knowing how to stay under the radar and how to do this all in the dark of nite. To successfully stop the flood, those who are coming into the US should never have been able to step on our shores. Trump ended their game and he effectively had those agencies you name going out of business and closing their doors. Now, these agencies are back in full swing and it has again become pretty much an impossible task for the common citizens to stop it. I guess too many excuses and not enough action from me. You have given me the examples and information to do this so it is upon me now to act. At least you’ll get a reply from one of your readers. I’ll do what I can.

    1. >there are aircraft (United airlines) flying illegal refugees to all parts of our country

      There is no such thing as an ‘illegal refugee’** — also assuming these people showing up at the southern border are applying for asylum (i.e. seeking refugee status; this NGO-inspired tactic began with the ‘caravans’), you cannot call their presence here ‘illegal’ — in fact, it would have been illegal for the US to turn them away at the border — as a signatory to the 1951 treaty on refugees, the US is obligated to duly consider all applications for asylum — failure to do so *will* result in lawsuits, and these lawsuits *will* succeed — I guarantee: NGOs are ready to file such lawsuits.

      In one sense you are right: *nearly every one of these asylum claims is bogus*, a gross abuse of the intent behind the original 1951 asylum treaty — and what’s going on is disgusting in any case.

      @Ms Corcoran — I explained the legal situation re the southern border and asylum in earlier comments, especially in regard to Trump’s failure to force Mexico to sign (what’s known as) a ‘safe third country’ agreement, which is the only way the US could *legally* turn away someone entering from Mexico and applying for asylum — as a service to your readers, you ought to write a post explaining this — because I see many comments calling these people ‘illegal’, which is incorrect.

      **You could conceivably call someone 1) whose application for asylum/refugee status has been officially denied, and 2) has not obeyed an order to leave an ‘illegal refugee’ — but that’s the only case I can think of at the moment — ?

      1. Here is my suggestion, since I am weary of writing about this for the last 14 or so years, maybe you could start a blog and pick up where I left off! It takes a few hours every day and there is no pay involved, your reward is knowing that you have done your bit. I assume you also keep up with FAIR and with the Center for Immigration Studies, both with extensive staffs (in FAIR’s case lawyers) that do analyze issues especially legal ones that you are talking about.

        Let me know when you start your blog so I can direct readers to you~

        1. No, I do not pay attention to FAIR or CIS — or Vdare — I did 20 years ago; I also donated to all of them (Vdare published several of my letters) — but not anymore — I’ll spell out why: I’m a White Nationalist, not an ‘as long as they come legally’, or ‘we need a moratorium or a slowdown so they can assimilate’ sort of person — both of those positions will inevitably lead to the same result, just later rather than sooner: Whites will become a minority in America — I DO NOT WANT THAT — I was done for good with Vdare when Brimelow sued the NYT for calling him a White Nationalist.

          Note: The media smears people like me as ‘white supremacists’ — but we don’t want to be ‘supreme’ anywhere except where we always have been: in our own countries.

          >Let me know when you start your blog so I can direct readers to you~

          I already wrote the text for you — 2x.

          OK, here’s something you can easily do that will help and cost zero effort: in your own writing, do not say or imply that what is going on at the southern border is ‘illegal’ — because per long-established asylum law and precedent, it simply is not — the Biden admin has considerable leeway in how it handles asylum applicants while their applications are being processed, including flying them around the country, if that’s what they decide to do.

          What will cost only slight effort: briefly correct comments that wrongly say what’s going on is illegal, or that the people are ‘illegal immigrants’ or (dumber) ‘illegal refugees’.

          This is important for the following reason: by making it clear that what is going on is totally legal, people may begin to understand what a dire threat to all white nations the 1951 refugee treaty is, and that it must be abrogated, or all of them will be destroyed — this is 100% inevitable — the ‘developing world’ will never develop, migration pressure will only increase, and refugee/asylum law will continue to be massively abused to escape poverty.

          There is so much ignorance around this topic.

          “Trump’s New Restrictions on Asylum Seekers Violate U.S. and International Law, Experts Say”

          1. Looks like you have burned all your bridges and you are down to me (trolling me?) a low level blogger you are hoping to use to get your ideas in print. Even if I agreed with some of your comments and attempts to educate me, my question for you is, again—why aren’t you out front writing under your own name, writing your own blog and putting your ideas out (did I say) under your own name? I honestly haven’t the time or energy to carry your water.

  4. > … the cap for FY22 and it is expected to be 125,000 beginning on October 1, 2021.

    To put the 125k in perspective: that’s equivalent to a city the size of Fargo ND — also, you recently wrote about Asheville NC; the pop there is 93k, so 125k is a city the size of Asheville, plus 1/3 more people.

    I assume the Afghan ‘interpreters’ (and their families) won’t count against this cap — ? — how are they being handled? — is any special legislation needed to accommodate them?

    >From WSAU: …

    [A group of Religious leaders in Wausau is hoping to help settle dozens of vetted and screened refugees in the region in the next few years.]

    Seems to be a template nowadays (‘vetted and screened’), designed to allay ‘terrorism’ fears of midwits who don’t consider the larger demographic consequences, perhaps in part because they’ve been so well conditioned psychologically to never risk being seen as racist.

    Why doesn’t the Ethiopian Community Development Council (?) work to develop Ethiopia? — seems a more logical thing for such an organization to do, doesn’t it?

    >Pastor Rebecca Voss must believe …

    Yes, she does — because racially sensitive political correctness (all the refugees will be non-white) is how she and others like her get the virtue signaling points.

    [Voss says it started as an idea in a Bible Study group that grew over time.

    “We really were studying Christian hospitality, what it means to welcome the stranger and how we can be a place of refuge, safety, and healing for those who have been through some pretty traumatic experiences,” said Voss.]

    Apparently ‘separation of church and state’ does not apply here, i.e. in the one most important area where it really should: preventing ‘charitable’ Christians (they’re charitable with taxpayer’s money, not their own) from influencing policy in harmful ways, e.g. contributing to the demographic destruction of the nation.

    >… enough to make me feel insanity setting in!

    It’s justifiable anger, not ‘insanity’.

  5. Ann, please continue on with your work. I think you are indispensable to the “refuge” issue. But, maybe take a week off now and then. I don’t want you to burnout.

    1. Thank you as always! But, Donald, here is the question I ask myself all the time—what good does it do us, if I (and others) educate, educate and educate, but then so few take any action. I don’t want to sound like I am bragging, but where I live we did stop a resettlement site that had already brought in refugees for a year (before we caught on). That was back in 2007 and I know they will likely be back at some point, but we have had a bunch of years since then free of it. Our county was deemed “unwelcoming” and that reputation continues (for now!). It can be done and it doesn’t require more than a handful of people!

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