Afghan Refugees Expected to Overrun Europe

From time to time, I try to keep my ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive supplied with fresh material.

Here is one for you.  An opinion writer at Modern Diplomacy says Europe must get ready for the next big wave of ‘refugees’ from the Middle East as the US is finally getting out of Afghanistan along with coalition forces that have been there for almost twenty years!

The writer, Hayat Bangash, says the West must rebuild Afghanistan or the terrorists will be back in force.

So what does Bangash think the US has been doing for nearly two decades as American taxpayers are weary of propping up dysfunctional Muslim countries.

By the way, it won’t just be Europe experiencing the next wave of migration, the US will (and already is!) bringing them in by the thousands!  See here. (It is a good thing I captured that data in 2019 because it is not available now.)

Many thousands more have come into the US since….

Special Immigrant Visa Holders Coming in by the Thousands from Afghanistan, but Iraqi Flow has Slowed

A well worn route from Afghanistan to the heart of Europe…..

And, of course northward into Austria, Germany, France and beyond!

From Modern Diplomacy:

Is Europe ready to handle Afghan refugees?

In anticipation of the looming uncertainty, Afghans are lining up at the handful of remaining embassies in Kabul. As American and European troops leave, many Afghans intend to flee their country before things get worse. If they get visas, well and good. If they don’t, most will nonetheless be leaving as refugees.

The refugee trail starts from Afghanistan, passes through Iran, Turkey and Greece to eventually culminate in mainland Europe. The journey takes months to complete and is made possible by a network of smugglers who pay as little regard to international law as they do to human life. By the time the surviving refugees reach Europe, most are sick, malnourished and devoid of worldly belongings.

While the world is still grappling with refugees from Syria, the next challenge will be accommodating those from Afghanistan. European nations will have to come up with ways to either keep Afghan refugees at their homes in Afghanistan or welcome and integrate them into the European society. Although the experience of doing so hasn’t been much successful in the case of Syrian refugees, what is haunting Afghans, too, is uncertainty.

Many of the current refugees from Afghanistan are educated. When starting on their journeys, they think of Europe as a kind of heaven. On reaching, however, they find their educational qualifications invalid and their residential status uncertain. This poses a grave obstacle in their path to integration. Many have to take up menial jobs, saturating the job market in the host countries and fueling a hostile attitude toward them.

The refugee influx was a major reason for Brexit and the rise of populist governments in Europe.

As Europeans saw a potential threat to their society and their way of life, they sought protection in politicians who perennially look inwards. The result is now a range of countries where conservative leaders are gaining a foothold. Anti-immigrant and nationalist sentiments are rising and there have even been organized protests against the refugees.


The solution to the impending crisis for Europe boils down to a single point: don’t forget to rebuild the countries that you bomb. Rebuilding attempts have been going on ever since the Taliban were ousted from Kabul but the successive regimes installed in their place could hardly move their country forward.

Afghan politicians have been trying to cover rampant corruption, ethnic nepotism and appeasement of warlords by placing the blame for the problems of their country on neighbors.


If European and American leaders do not come up with a form of Marshall Plan to raise the economic conditions of Afghanistan, it is only a matter of time that they will be coming back with their bombs to uproot the next wave of extremism.

So what about that definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  After nearly two decades, there is no American will to rebuild Afghanistan!  Let the French and Germans have a go at it!