Greenfield at Frontpage: Saving Afghan Interpreters is a Scam

In case you missed it, Daniel Greenfield writing at Frontpage magazine did some serious research on Biden’s airlift of the tens of thousands of so-called “interpreters” from Afghanistan headed to a town near you (but not to Delaware!).

My recent post is here:

“First” Wave of Biden’s Afghan Airlift! “Interpreters” Headed to Virginia

See Greenfield here:

‘Saving Afghan Interpreters’ is a Scam That Would Bring 100,000 Afghans to U.S.

Politicians put Afghans first and Americans last.

Getting the United States out of Afghanistan is relatively easy compared to getting Afghanistan out of America. The latest stage of the withdrawal is accompanied by frantic calls to “save Afghan interpreters” coming from the same media that also wants us out of Afghanistan.

But what’s the use of leaving Afghanistan if we’re going to bring it with us to America?

The “interpreter” scam is one of the longest running immigration hoaxes on record.

Continue reading here for all the gory details.

And, to help move Afghanistan to America, Biden has approved $100 million in spending to get the job done.

LOL!  Just now as I looked through old posts here at RRW I came across this one from 2008 about Biden pushing for more Special Immigrant Visas for “interpreters” from Iraq and Afghanistan knowing that none would go to Delaware.

Senator Joe Biden is such a hypocrite

And going further back in Memory Lane, all of this started when Ted Kennedy snuck a special refugee plan for Iraqis into a must-pass Defense Authorization bill as I reported here in 2007:

How many Iraqi refugees will be resettled in Hyannisport?

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4 thoughts on “Greenfield at Frontpage: Saving Afghan Interpreters is a Scam

  1. German language story in the Epoch Times:

    German troops (there were some) also left Afghanistan — 491 ‘interpreters’ received permission to settle in DE — also 1991 of their (alleged) family members — so far 905 have arrived — visas for 2400 were approved (no one will be surprised if this number rises).

    You see a few stories in European media re an expected wave of Afghan migrants heading toward Europe now that the West has largely left Afghanistan to the Taliban.

    Of course if there was political will to stop them this would not be a problem — but there is little.

    I wonder how the families of personnel who died there feel now — or those who were maimed, no doubt an even larger number — back in 2012 there were already over 1500 amputees:

    1. >You see a few stories in European media re an expected wave of Afghan migrants …

      A new wave of refugees from Afghanistan is heading toward Europe:

      “Aus Afghanistan kommt eine neue Flüchtlingswelle auf Europa zu”
      [ Türkische Sicherheitskräfte haben in der vergangenen Woche an der Grenze zum Iran 1456 afghanische Flüchtlinge aufgegriffen. Auch elf Schleuser wurden festgenommen.]

      Last week Turkish security forces encountered 1456 Afghan ‘refugees’ on Turkey’s border with Iran — they arrested 11 people smugglers.

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