“First” Wave of Biden’s Afghan Airlift! “Interpreters” Headed to Virginia

I am sorry I seem to be fixated on this subject, but it really gets my blood boiling.

After all the blood and treasure we have spent in Afghanistan, the Islamic country is still ungovernable and somehow it is our responsibility to move upwards of 100,000 Afghans to American towns with all the lavish benefits ‘refugees’ receive.

Pentagon spox retired Admiral John Kirby (you will remember him from the Obama Administration). Does no reporter ever ask him how many have we already resettled in America? Or are they all purposefully keeping that information away from the taxpaying public?

And to top it off!  All of the news reports I see, including this one from Defense One, NEVER tell readers that we have already admitted approximately 70,000 so-called interpreters and their families to America for years now (and yes, tens of thousands came during the Trump years).

How many interpreters could there possibly be?

The reality of course is that anyone who drove our garbage to the dump, worked for any non-profit group or even for an allied government, is eligible for a ticket to America for the whole family!

And, to make it even worse in my mind, this Special Immigrant Visa Program, first launched for Iraqis, never went through Congress in the normal process but in fact was simply tagged onto a must-pass Defense Authorization bill by then Senator Ted Kennedy in the dark of night.

See my post a couple of days ago at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ where this subject is not off topic—it is a fraud!

Charter Flights Getting Ready to Fly Thousands of Afghans to American Cities

Now this, thanks to reader Karen.

It is NOT the FIRST wave!  That is fake news!

First Wave of Afghan Interpreters Head to Fort Lee

Afghan interpreters and their families who have been cleared to come to the United States will be initially housed at Fort Lee, Va., the White House announced Monday. 

The Army base—and potentially other military installations in the U.S.—will serve as a short-term home for arriving Afghans whose work for the United States during military operations in Afghanistan has imperiled them and their families.

“These are brave Afghans and their families whose service to the United States has been certified by the embassy in Kabul and have completed thorough SIV security vetting processes,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price.

The first chartered flights of evacuating Afghans are expected to arrive before the end of the month, Price said.

So far, about 700 interpreters and 1,800 of their dependents have been cleared for evacuation to the United States, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said.

Fort Lee is located about 130 miles south of the Pentagon, close to Richmond.

“We’re going to give these people a safe place to stay for a few days while they finish the processing that they have to finish before they can then be resettled elsewhere in the United States,” Kirby said.


…. the Afghans are not expected to stay long-term, and are not expected to arrive all at once, Kirby said. During their stay, they will receive additional medical screening as the final step in completing the SIV process, Kirby said.  Their stay, medical care and food and housing costs will be covered by the State Department, Kirby said.  [State Department? You are paying for this!—-ed]

“The State Department will work with OMB for appropriate funding for this,” Kirby said.

18,000 MORE on top of the already resettled 70,000!

The State Department has said that about 18,000 interpreters are seeking a special immigrant visa for themselves and their family members. As of June, most of those applicants were only in the early stages of their paperwork and security vetting. 

The number will surely surpass 100,000 before Biden leaves the White House.

Continue reading here.

2,931 Afghans have already arrived this fiscal year with Virginia being the third most ‘welcoming’ state after California and Texas.


If you missed my post from a few days ago, see what Afghan men are doing to Austria!

Austria’s Afghan Refugee Problem: Will it be Our Problem Soon?

And this…..

Afghan Refugees Expected to Overrun Europe

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6 thoughts on ““First” Wave of Biden’s Afghan Airlift! “Interpreters” Headed to Virginia

    1. Refugees receive housing, food stamps, medical care, mental health counseling, cash assistance, job counseling, help getting signed up for social services and help getting kids into school. In the case of regular refugees someone picks them up at the airport (of course it is different as these Afghans I am reporting on here are coming in on charter flights and going to military housing) and takes them to an apartment or house with a refrig stocked with “culturally appropriate” foods. People involved with the resettlement agency drive refugees to whatever appointments they need. All as if there were no poor Americans who could use the help.

  1. >What are all the lavish benefits??

    How about a free or heavily subsidized life in a (for now) nice white country? — as compared to the shitholes refugees come from (and people like them create) — is that not ‘lavish’ enough? — or do you believe most ‘refugees’ by some miracle make a net positive contribution?

    [Ich fühle mich, als würde ich in einem Hochgeschwindigkeitszug sitzen, von dem ich weiß, dass er in einem Kilometer gegen eine Mauer aus Beton kracht. Das Ganze spielt sich in Zeitlupe ab und es gibt nichts, was ich dagegen tun kann.]

    ‘I feel like I’m in a high speed train about to crash into a wall and there’s nothing I can do about it. This scenario plays over and over again in my head.’

    This German Twitter user links to an article by a reporter shown standing amidst dozens of Afghans at a German consulate in Kabul — all the Afghans say they want to go to Germany.

  2. What the mayors of the towns and the Governors of the states should be doing after busloads of these unwanted welfare cases have been dumped on them is load them right back on buses and take them to the nearest town of a political representative that voted for this to happen. Unload them in the front yard of that Rep

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