Food Stamp use by refugees jumped dramatically in first year of Obama Presidency

Your tax dollars!

Sheesh, I just a few minutes ago told you I wouldn’t have time to look at the newly released 2009 Annual Report to Congress on the status of refugees in the US in Obama’s first year, but I couldn’t resist a look at the food stamp usage data.

Ahhhhhh!  70% of refugees in the US were on food stamps in 2009!  That is up from 50% the year before and a jump of 30% from 2004 when only! 40% were on food stamps (p. 109).

95% of Iraqi refugees were using food stamps in 2009 (p. 124), but that is understandable because the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE for Iraqis was 46%!  46%!  (p.115).  And, we are told we need MORE immigrant labor!

Visit the tables in Appendix A to see the numbers of arrivals from various countries to your states.

We resettled 17,180 Iraqis in FY 2009 bringing the grand total of resettled Iraqis to 76,205.   We resettled 88,915 Somalis through 2009.

These annual reports are a treasure-trove of information. You all need to go to this one (unfortunately a snap-shot now nearly 4 years out of date) to check out info. on your state.  If I read it correctly (as I scanned quickly) top states for refugee welfare were California (80% on some form of welfare!) and even states like Pennsylvania and Georgia were awash in needy refugees.

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