Refugee Resettlement Watch is tweeting!

I don’t know how I’ll find time to tweet when I have only a little time each day to post stories here, but it’s high time we pushed RRW to another level in order to reach people—in order to get around the mainstream media block on examining the wisdom, or even discussing the value and costs of importing certain segments of the third world to the first world.

So, I’ll be tweeting @RefugeeWatcher.    If you have a twitter account please follow me.    I won’t be overloading you with tweets all day, but there are so many excellent articles on this aspect of legal immigration (some on illegal too) that cross my desk each day which I don’t have time to post and I’ll be sending those out to you.

Besides my desire to get with the modern times (how do you like the photos?), you may be seeing some changes in the format here at RRW, but that won’t happen overnight.

I was reminded in this must-read article by Angelo Codevilla at Forbes magazine last week, that our best hope of overcoming the Ruling Class (Republicans and Democrats) who disrespect  the wishes of the average American citizens on this and myriad issues is to go around the politically correct mainstream media.

Here is Codevilla on the Ruling Class vs. The Country Class (which has been largely abandoned by the Republican Party and was decades ago considered too uncool to be Democrats).   It’s not so different than the ‘jocks and cool kids’ vs. the ‘nerds’, except of course the stakes are higher!

Very relevant are sectors of America’s population increasingly represented by groups that sprang up to represent them when the Republican leadership did not.


This representation is happening by default. It is aided by the internet, which makes it possible to spread ideas to which the educational Establishment gives short shrift and which the ruling class media shun. In short, the internet helps undermine the ruling class’ near-homogenization of American intellectual life, its closing of the American mind. Not by reason but by bureaucratic force majeure had America’s educational Establishment isolated persons who deviate from it, cutting access to a sustaining flow of ideas that legitimize their way of life. But the internet allows marginalized dissenters to reason with audiences of millions. Ideas have consequences….


The internet also spread the power to organize.


Thus informed with facts and opinion, sectors of the country class have felt represented and empowered vis a vis the ruling class.


The countless Tea Parties that have sprung up all over have added their countless attendees to networks of information and organization despite the ruling class’ effort to demonize them. The same goes for evangelicals, gun owners, etc. Though such groups represent the country class fragmentarily, country class people identify with them rather than with the Republican Party because the groups actually stand for something, and represent their adherents against the ruling class’ charges, insults, etc.

Only last week Ruling Class exemplar Grover Norquist attempted to insult immigration restriction groups here, demonstrating Codevilla’s principle—the Republicans aren’t standing up for the millions of Americans who think there needs to be some limit on the number (and origin!) of immigrants entering the US.

Anyway, I need to stop talking, but every one of you who are concerned with this or many other issues the media and the Ruling Class elite are attempting to censure must find your way to spread the word—write a blog, set up a facebook page, get a twitter account, nag a news outlet with your comments and even write letters to the editor (but those are of decreasing value as mainstream publications increasingly edit or don’t even publish what they deem to be politically-incorrect views).