World Relief to the Burmese: get your family members signed up quickly

The other day we had a story from Ft. Wayne, Indiana about Burmese family members signing up to get to your town (now that family reunification is open again after years due to fraud discovered in 2008).   There was a suggestion in that recent news from Ft. Wayne that the program for Burmese is changing and they better hurry up and get signed up to come to the US.

Now, there is a story from Durham, NC along those same lines.   This  (below) is from World Relief’s website.  Coincidentally I told you about World Relief here just yesterday in a post about the Christian RIGHT jumping on the amnesty bandwagon ($53 million a year organization, taxpayers give them $31 million of that).   By the way, here is there “advocacy” page.  You help pay for this!

World Relief (open the link and see the photo accompanying this news, these are not Burmese Karen or Chin Christian women and children, they look like angry African Muslims):

The current status of Burmese refugees in Thailand is changing quickly. The past 7 years have been spent resettling more than 65,000 Burmese refugees from camps in Thailand into the U.S. As a result of the large-scale resettlement project, Burmese refugees eligible for resettlement has decreased significantly.

Refugees in this resettlement project were registered by the UNHCR and Government of Thailand in 2005.

As a result of the decreasing number of refugees eligible for the resettlement program, the U.S. Bureau of Populations, Refugees, and Migration is setting deadlines for eligible refugees to apply for resettlement. Deadlines were announced in the first camp in 2009, and the remaining 8 camps will receive an announcement throughout 2013 at varying dates based upon the initial commencement of resettlement operations.

Not all Burmese refugees eligible for resettlement consideration in the camps will be interested in resettlement. Keeping this in mind, UNHCR and IRC have created an intensely proactive informational campaign to take to camps in Thailand. Through the campaign, refugees will be encouraged to apply for resettlement by the deadline.

Though the process is ongoing and extensive, the goal of creating and setting deadlines is to complete the large-scale resettlement program and provide resettlement for eligible refugees efficiently and effectively.

What do these deadlines have to do with refugees in the Triangle? Many Burmese refugees in the area are relatives to refugees still in the camps in Thailand. As World Relief Durham continues to meet with the resettled refugees, we are encouraging them to ask questions about the new policy and to urge their family members to apply by the deadlines posted.

This information was provided by Barbara Day, Chief, Domestic Resettlement, Refugee Admissions; Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration; U.S. Department.

World Relief is paid (by you) to process-in the family.

By the way, let’s hope that the “change” in the program coming for Thailand is not that we are going to switch over and take their illegal alien Burmese Rohingya’s off their hands, after all, the precedent for taking illegal alien Muslims was set by a Bush Ambassador a few years ago in Malta.