Minneapolis Somalis venting after student riot; and what did St.Valentine’s Day have to do with it?

No surprise that the Somali refugee “community” would blame everyone else but themselves for the riot that broke out in a high school cafeteria, here, last week when tensions boiled over between Blacks and the Somalis (also black).

Here is the Minneapolis Star Tribune with the standard whiny blame game report—it’s all about police brutality and cultural misunderstanding don’t you know.

Frustration with South High School and Minneapolis police handling of an altercation there last week continues to run high among some students and parents of Somali descent.

Several parents spoke in indignant terms Tuesday about how they believed police had used excessive force while subduing the Thursday melee that involved several hundred students.

Instead of taking their grievances to the Police Department, they held a press conference FIRST!   More cultural competence needed at South High, according to community organizer now school board member Hussein Samatar.

Their comments followed a news conference where school board member Hussein Samatar, called for more efforts to keep students safe in school, improvements in the cultural competence of South staff members and more support for students enrolled in rigorous classes.

On Tuesday afternoon, a police spokesman said the department hadn’t received any complaints about the incident, but later Chief Janeé Harteau said she would investigate the concerns.

“I have requested and opened an internal review of the incident,” Harteau said. “We value the strong relationships we have built with the Somali community, and I take any allegation that threatens that in anyway very seriously.”

[How high did you want us to jump Mr. Samatar? Sir!—ed]

Valentine’s Day?

St. Valentine a symbol of evil for Muslims

Then this comment from South’s Principal is curious!

South Principal Cecilia Sadler also spoke publicly Tuesday for the first time about the incident. She said “some fights that escalated in our lunchroom were not able to be dispersed quickly” and grew. She said Valentine Day heightened student emotions.

What!  There was too much love in the air?  Do any of you remember riots on Valentine’s Day when you were in school because so many students had the ‘love jones’ and were emotional that day?

Nah!  Too much evil according to Islamic teaching.

Yes, Muslims are forbidden from celebrating or taking part in any way in St. Valentine’s Day festivities.    I don’t know if there was any connection with the riot to the Islamic prohibition against Valentine’s Day, but I bet you a buck there was and everyone is too chicken to say it (except for Principal Sadler’s oblique reference).

Here is Islam Q & A on Fatwa No 73007:

What is the ruling on Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day is a jaahili Roman festival, which continued to be celebrated until after the Romans became Christian. This festival became connected with the saint known as Valentine who was sentenced to death on 14 February 270 CE. The kuffaar still celebrate this festival, during which immorality and evil are practised widely.   [You are a kuffaar, if you are not a Muslim—ed]


It is not permissible for a Muslim to celebrate any of the festivals of the kuffaar, because festivals come under the heading of shar’i issues which are to be based on the sound texts.


Partially joining in, at the very least, is disobedience and sin.


As for the festival and its rituals, this is part of the religion which is cursed along with its followers [Christians are cursed!  Get it!—ed], so joining in with it is joining in with something that is a cause of incurring the wrath and punishment of Allaah.

Watch for it!  Readers (especially those in Minneapolis!) let me know if thanks to this St. Valentine’s spontaneous “riot” Mr. Samatar and the school board ban Valentine’s Day activities next year.  That is the stealth Jihad, that is how Shariah creeps into America!  And, heck, maybe it isn’t even spontaneous or creeping!