Food Stamp use by refugees jumped dramatically in first year of Obama Presidency

Your tax dollars!

Sheesh, I just a few minutes ago told you I wouldn’t have time to look at the newly released 2009 Annual Report to Congress on the status of refugees in the US in Obama’s first year, but I couldn’t resist a look at the food stamp usage data.

Ahhhhhh!  70% of refugees in the US were on food stamps in 2009!  That is up from 50% the year before and a jump of 30% from 2004 when only! 40% were on food stamps (p. 109).

95% of Iraqi refugees were using food stamps in 2009 (p. 124), but that is understandable because the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE for Iraqis was 46%!  46%!  (p.115).  And, we are told we need MORE immigrant labor!

Visit the tables in Appendix A to see the numbers of arrivals from various countries to your states.

We resettled 17,180 Iraqis in FY 2009 bringing the grand total of resettled Iraqis to 76,205.   We resettled 88,915 Somalis through 2009.

These annual reports are a treasure-trove of information. You all need to go to this one (unfortunately a snap-shot now nearly 4 years out of date) to check out info. on your state.  If I read it correctly (as I scanned quickly) top states for refugee welfare were California (80% on some form of welfare!) and even states like Pennsylvania and Georgia were awash in needy refugees.

Pakistan wants the Afghan refugees to go home

And, they are paying them to go back to a safer Afghanistan (provided to them by US blood and treasure).

So much for Muslim charity toward the stranger that we so often hear about.  Pakistan blames the Afghan refugees (some have been there for decades) for crime and terror attacks, according to the LA Times.

Pakistani officials have long expressed their frustration with the lack of progress in repatriating the world’s largest refugee community — Afghans who fled the Soviet invasion and later, Taliban rule. Many refugees have lived in Pakistan for more than three decades. Their presence is resented by many Pakistanis, who see the refugees as a source of escalating crime and accuse them of involvement in terror strikes across the country.

The news this morning is that Pakistan has extended the time they have to repatriate to their homeland and is paying them (and upping the anti!) to get the heck out of Pakistan.

They don’t want to go ‘home’ according to an earlier story in the Business Recorder.

From the Business Recorder:

ISLAMABAD: Minister for States and Frontier and Frontier Regions Abbas Khan Afridi on Monday informed the National Assembly that currently sophisticated computerized system was in placed for the registration of Afghan refugees and period for voluntary repatriation of the refugees was extended till June 30.

Replying to a various supplementary questions during Question Hour, he said the repatriation package for the refugees was also enhanced from$ 100 to $150 per returnee in order to encourage and motivate the Afghan refugees.

Earlier, the amount was paid to them in Pakistan, now it was being paid to them in Afghanistan to discourage their re-entrance practice, he added.

The minister said that over 55,000 Afghan refugee families comprising 296,192 individuals (registered refugees) were repatriated during the last four years, bringing the total repatriation to over 3.8 million since 2002.

He said that presently around 1.6 million registered Afghan refugees were in Pakistan and the Prime Minister has recently constituted a Cabinet Committee under the Chairmanship of the SAFRON minister to deal with repatriation of the remaining refugees.

We are bringing Afghan refugees to the US (we’ve resettled over 30,000 already) and I expect that as Obama withdraws our troops you will hear the lament that we ‘broke’ Afghanistan so we have to bring their people here.

Photo from the Business Recorder, here.

2009 Annual Report to Congress is now available

I was just looking for statistics on Afghan refugees coming to the US in large numbers (for years) because of a post I’m writing about Pakistan wanting them OUT of their country when I came across the existence of the missing 2009 ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS on the refugee program.

Here it is!

Now we can see what the program looked like in the first year of the Obama presidency.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement needs to now get cracking on reports for 2010, 2011, and 2012 which they are still LEGALLY required to produce and are breaking federal law every day by not producing them!

I won’t have time to scan the 181 pages chock full of information about how much this program is costing the taxpayer today, but look forward to reading it soon!