Unemployment rate for legal refugees through the roof; contractors should oppose amnesty for illegals

But, they won’t of course.  Most of the federal refugee contractors are out stumping for so-called “comprehensive immigration reform”* which will only mean more destitute immigrants competing with refugees and Americans for jobs.

A NumbersUSA ad circulating this morning (watch it!) in opposition to Lindsey Graham and the ‘gang of eight amnesty plan’ prompted me to look at the shocking unemployment rates for LEGAL immigrant labor—refugees—in the newest stats we have from the FY 2009 Annual Report to Congress on Refugees which I mentioned here and here (food stamp use skyrocketing) yesterday.

The unemployment rate for all refugees (who wish to work and are able to work, some are too old or too sick) for FY 2009 was 50% for those arriving that year If you argue that things have improved since 2009, then where are the statistics?   By not producing the legally required reports for 2010, 2011, and 2012, the ORR forces us to rely on the latest statistics available.  By the way, our total number of ‘refugees’ (of all sorts) admitted in FY 2009 was 89,500.  And, we are now proposing to legalize 11 million competitors for jobs?

Shocking graphs

Look at the graph on page 95 for example.  In 2004, 60% of refugees worked an average of 44 weeks.  By 2009, only 32% of refugees were working for (get this!) an average of 14 weeks.    What this says to me is that the resettlement contractors were finding refugees any work they could get, even if it lasted only 14 weeks or less, in order to get their employment stats up.

So, tell me why do we need more immigrant labor when these poor LEGAL immigrants aren’t working?

Next time you see your Catholic priest ask him why the Catholic Church is pushing legalization of illegal immigrants while getting paid to resettle tens of thousands of refugees who will find no work and go on welfare.

* Not “comprehensive” reform anyway because it doesn’t consider the Refugee Resettlement Program.

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