New GAO report critical of Refugee Resettlement Program

Obviously in response to a request from Senator Richard Lugar back in July 2010, the General Accounting Office has just released a new report that criticizes the State Department and the Dept. of Health and Human Services for not coordinating with communities when refugees are resettled resulting in overloaded, and stressed-out cities.

I haven’t read it and don’t even have a minute to summarize the summary, but check it out yourself hereHere is the release from GAO.

And, I’m not going to get too excited about it because no one in the refugee industry is going to take it seriously.  The only thing that they will take seriously is when the money stops flowing to the contractors.  And, the only way that will happen is if Congress takes action, and of course what Congress could do is just throw more money at the overloaded communities!

Oops forgot!  Meant to give you the title:   Greater Consultation with Community Stakeholders Could Strengthen Program.   Every time I see that word “stakeholder” I want to barf!

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