Minnesota dessert-maker to be sued by CAIR over Somali dress code dispute

I sure hope this company has deep pockets (remember the Minnesota Gold & Plump chicken plant settlement?)  And to tell you the truth what would prompt any Minnesota company to hire Somalis—aren’t they following the Somali lawsuit history right there in their own state!

Here is the tale of woe to be visited on Dianne’s Desserts (I previously mentioned the controversy here):

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is preparing to file discrimination charges against Dianne’s Fine Desserts for allegedly mistreating Somali workers.

About 45 Somali workers walked off their work site because they refused to follow a new dress code mandating that workers roll up their skirts so they are “15 inches from the ground,” which some are calling a “burqa ban.” CAIR’s president says that new policy was merely a pretext for something more sinister.

“We have more going on here than just a new dress code,” Lori Saroya told the Faribault Daily News. “We’re hearing about an extremely hostile work environment that they’ve been dealing with. We’re hearing the dress code was created to target the Somali employees because the company knew they couldn’t comply with it so they could get rid of them. Many of these people are reporting being subjected to other forms of harassment, and it’s shocking.”

Then here is the kind of thinking that gets these people (owners and managers of companies) in trouble—we are keeping our demographics about the same!  Say what!  Is this what we have come to?  We have to have one of this race, and one of that race, and one of that religious group and one from this country and one from that country!

Knowles [Mike Knowles, owner of Dianne’s] said Dianne’s has hired people to replace at least a portion of the workers already while keeping the demographics about the same. Many have already been replaced, according to Knowles’s comments in the Daily News.

“We have hired a number of diverse workers who are willing to abide by the new safety rules. We’re continuing to run the plant and keep things going. We are getting new applicants every day,” Knowles said. He pledged full cooperation with the EEOC and said he looks forward “to the opportunity for the truth to come out.”

Meanwhile, we learned today that Norway is sending Somalis back to Somalia!

Vlad Tepes blog: Norway getting ready to return Somali migrants to Somalia (wow!)

Well heck, why not!  It was only a few weeks ago we learned that Mogadishu is safe—read all about it here!

We have heard of Canada sending Somali criminals back, but this is amazing for Norway!

Vlad Tepes:

In deepest secrecy, the government has prepared a return accord with Somalia.

It means that asylum seekers from Mogadishu and other southern somali regions can be sent back by force.

Somalis are the biggest group of asylum seekers to Norway. All in all, 1422 asylum seekers from Somalia came to Norway in 2011.

Last week, hidden meetings were held among state secretary Pål Lønseth (Ap) [socialdemocrates] and Somalia’s home minister, Abdisamad Mo’allin Mohamud.

VG Nett [this paper] knew before about the meeting but chose, for reasons of security, to wait with publishing the information until the minister had left the country.

Be sure to read the comments.

Canadian government trying to NOT give free health care to asylum seekers

Supposedly new regulations would also have cut off health care to refugees, and the refugee industry went nuts.  So the government backtracked and wants to make it clear that asylum seekers (really aliens who got into Canada illegally or came on a visa of some sort and now claim they will be persecuted if returned to their home country) will not have the benefits of Canada’s SOCIALIZED medicine, but proper refugees will.   Why?  Canada can’t afford to do it!

In the meantime, the US is extending Obamacare to refugees and presumably asylees as well as we reported, here, a couple of days ago.

Here is the story from The Star:

Ottawa has backed down on its health-care cuts for resettled refugees on income support, but other asylum seekers are still not immune from the axe.

The federal government quietly amended information about the changes on its website late Friday, just before the cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) kicked in on the weekend.

As a result, impoverished refugees resettled to Canada through government and private sponsorships can still access hospital services, diagnostic and ambulance services, as well as supplementary health support such as wheelchairs, dental and vision care — equivalent to what is available to low-income Canadians.

Critics who fought staunchly against the cuts said Ottawa’s flip-flop indicates the government’s recognition of vulnerable refugees’ health-care needs.

Alexis Pavlich, a spokesperson for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, said the minister has “repeatedly” stated that government-sponsored refugees would continue to receive health care.

“The original criteria did not make this intention clear, which is why the language of the policy has been modified,” she said in an email to the Star.

“Our intention was to ensure that those who come to Canada as asylum seekers from abroad do not receive better health-care coverage than Canadians. Our intention was never to have this policy impact government-sponsored refugees.”

However, critics said the last-minute reprieve is not good enough and many are still denied basic health care, including those who come from Ottawa’s yet-to-defined “safe countries” — likely including Mexico, Hungary and Czech Republic — and failed refugee claimants awaiting appeals and deportation.

Imagine that—a “refugee” from Mexico gets all the way to Canada and is denied dental care!  What is this mean old world coming to?