Rohingya human rights abuse drumbeat is maddening

Update July 21:  Here is a piece that makes my point—check out this Saudi academic talking about how Rohingya children are being grilled naked and alive in Burma by Buddhists.   Meanwhile, we still have no explanation for reports of Rohingya immigrants imprisoned in Saudi Arabia  a country which takes no refugees!  What a bunch of lying sacks….

Readers, I know you might be getting sick of my Rohingya rants, but believe me what is going on in Burma (Myanmar) affects you where ever you are in the US, Europe, Canada, or Australia because the human rights grievance industry is building a case (beating the drum) for the West to take Rohingya refugees.

We weren’t paying attention when the same cabal pushed for the widespread dissemination of Somalis to unsuspecting and unprepared towns and cities, but they are doing it now (again!) with the Rohingya, so we must pay attention.

Of course first they are pressuring the Burmese government to recognize the Rohingya Muslims as a legitimate part of that country’s ethnic makeup. (That is their business not ours!)  If the human rights cadres and their media toadies fail, then get ready for the wholesale movement of Rohingya to the West.

When I first started our category Rohingya Reports almost 5 years ago, I would once in awhile get an alert about the Rohingya and what was happening as they (mostly boatloads of men) tried to gain illegal entry into places like Australia.  Now, the alerts are filled with one story after another of the abuse they are supposedly suffering at the hands of Buddhists.  (Never mind that Muslim Bangladesh doesn’t want them either).

The Washington Post got in on the drumbeat today with a slanted story.

* Remember as you read this that the latest round of violence began when three Rohingya men raped and murdered a young Buddhist girl back in June.  Then Buddhists killed a group of Muslim “pilgrims” (Islamic agitators???) on a bus and Rohingya rioted and burned and pillaged some villages.

* Remember as you read this that the US State Department has removed from its website any reference to Rohingya connections to Islamic extremists.

* Remember that we stalled for years (fearing the extremist element) in admitting Rohingya “refugees” to the US, but at the recent (May 1) State Department meeting, several NGOs said we need to be bringing more to the US.

So here is the WaPo today:

Every story in my alerts is now like this one—the majority Buddhists are bad, Rohingya minority are abused.

BANGKOK — Communal violence is grinding on in western Myanmar six weeks after the government declared a state of emergency there, and Muslim Rohingyas are increasingly being hit with targeted attacks that have included killings, rape and physical abuse, Amnesty International said Friday.

A government spokesman for coastal Rakhine state, which was engulfed by a wave of bloody unrest in June, called the allegations groundless and biased. Amnesty’s claims are “totally opposite of what is happening on the ground,” spokesman Win Myaing said, adding that the region was calm.


Amnesty accused both security forces and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists of carrying out new attacks against Rohingyas, who are seen as foreigners by the ethnic majority and denied citizenship by the government because it considers them illegal settlers from neighboring Bangladesh.

No mention of what started the latest round of violence.  Both sides have equal damage, but who cares about the facts!  The Rohingya are being abused according to Amnesty.

After a series of isolated killings starting in late May that left victims on both sides, bloody skirmishes quickly spread across much of Myanmar’s coastal Rakhine state. The government declared a state of emergency June 10, deploying troops to quell the unrest and protect both mosques and monasteries. Authorities said at least 78 people were killed and thousands of homes were burned down or destroyed — with damages roughly split evenly between Buddhists and Muslims.

The worst of the violence subsided late last month, but communal violence has ground on. Now, Amnesty said, it is mostly being directed at the Rohingya population.

Here then is one bit of this article that should make us all pause and wonder what is the truth.

Win Myaing said security forces have arrested at least 100 Muslims in the northern Rakhine state town of Maungdaw, but he said the arrests were not discriminatory. Muslims account for more than 95 percent of the population in the town, he said, and it is natural they would comprise most of the arrests there.

The town is 95% Muslim, could the 5% who are not Muslims be persecuting the 95%?  I doubt it.

No matter!  Let’s send them millions (of your tax dollars) in aid!

Also Friday, the new U.S. Ambassador to Myanmar announced a donation of $3 million in food aid to northern areas of the country affected by fighting between government troops and ethnic militias.