Syrian Muslim Brotherhood rebel group killing Christian refugees

….and in a surprise move, the Iraqi government has opened its borders to Syrian refugees.

Here is the story from Catholic News Agency about the persecution of Christians by the rebel forces attempting to bring down the Assad regime:

Damascus, Syria, Jul 23, 2012 / 04:50 pm (CNA).- The Syrian rebels’ attack on Damascus has allowed radical Islamist groups to attack Iraqi refugees, Christians allegedly loyal to the Syrian government and other civilians.

Local Christians have expressed dismay and outrage at the attacks on defenseless civilians, a local source told Fides news agency.

The rebel group Liwa al-Islam, a Wahhabi group whose name means “The Brigade of Islam,” has claimed responsibility for killing top generals in President Bashar Assad’s government. On the morning of July 23, its members also killed an entire Christian family in the Damascus neighborhood of Bab Tuma.

Militants blocked the car of Nabil Zoreb, a Christian civil officer. They ordered him, his wife Violet, and his two sons George and Jimmy to get out of the car. The militants then killed them all.

In southeastern Damascus, Islamist fighters with the Muslim Brotherhood ally Jehad al Nosra attacked the homes of Iraqi refugees. They ransacked the homes, burned them and forced the occupants to leave.

The refugees said “gangs of Muslim terrorists attacked and chased us.”

Syrians to Iraq!

For years refugees fled Iraq for safe harbor in Syria, but now that the Muslim rebels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood are on the move in Syria, the refugee flow will reverse direction as Iraq opens its borders to Syrians.

From Reuters:

(Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has ordered his country’s borders to be opened up to allow Syrian refugees fleeing violence at home to enter Iraq, his office said on Monday.

There is more, read it all.

Speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, if you haven’t followed the controversy in the US where Reps. Michele Bachmann and four other members of Congress are under fire (from Republicans!) for asking for Inspector General investigations of several federal agencies to ascertain the depth of penetration by the Brotherhood into those agencies, see my other blog, here.