Lexington, KY: New twist on food stamp fraud

Here is yet another way for immigrant food stamp fraudsters to rip-off the American taxpayer, thanks to reader Robin for sending this in after reading my post yesterday on food stamp fraud in West Virginia, here.

And, can you believe it, it’s another Mohamad involved!  New readers might want to search RRW for food stamp fraud and I think you will be struck by how many cases involve someone named Mohamad (or one of the many variations on the name).  Ripping-off infidels is permitted in the Islamic faith.

From Lex18:

Police in Lexington said they arrested two people in a scheme in which people were selling EBT cards for bath salts.

Outside Six Brothers Market on West Sixth Street, undercover police arrested Mohamad Kadah. Police say his family runs the store and another around the corner where customers line up before business hours to buy synthetic meth, marketed as bath salts. Investigators say the salts, which are illegal and dangerous, are selling like crazy in businesses like these because of the cocaine methamphetamine like “high” they give people.

And as it turns out, taxpayers are paying for the alleged scheme. During a raid of Six Brothers, police found 32 EBT cards, food stamp cards with pin numbers belonging to 32 different people. Police suspect some of the cards were traded for bath salts or sold to the merchant for fast cash.

Another man, Bahjat Amira, a clerk, was arrested and charged with welfare fraud and selling the illegal bath salts.

Police say it is a growing problem, merchants paying cash for a fraction of the card’s value then using the welfare recipient’s pin number to buy hundreds of dollars of supplies for their store.

By the way, I see that a Mohamad Kadah (age 21) was on Lexington’s most wanted list, here, in October 2011 (photo 5).  Same guy? Could the store owner be 21? Or is this a son?