Detroit area workshop set up to teach Syrians to apply for temporary protected status

You know the story, the Obama Administration granted TPS to Syrians* inside the US (they could even have gotten in illegally or be here as a visa-overstay), but now they get to stay.  This “temporary” bit is a joke because as far as I know no one is ever sent back once their country is o.k.—just ask the hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans here on TPS for over ten years.

From AP:

Troy — A group will hold a town hall meeting and legal clinic in the Detroit area on Saturday designed to provide assistance to Syrians looking to temporarily stay in the United States beyond the expiration of their visas.

The Obama administration has said it will allow Syrians to temporarily stay beyond the expiration of their visas and not deport those in the country illegally due to deteriorating conditions in their native country.

The United for a Free Syria-hosted event will be held at the Troy Public Library and feature immigration lawyers available to take questions from attendees.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in March says Syrians will get temporary protected status because they’d face “serious threats to their personal safety” if they were to return to Syria.

*Here is one previous story I’ve written at RRW on TPS for Syrians.