Louisville, KY: Get your healthy refugee-grown veggies….

….after all, you, the taxpayers of America paid $65,000 to grow them!  And, you can use food stamps to buy them too!  Sounds like a perfect model for Obama’s redistribution of wealth doesn’t it!  Your money grows the vegetables and your money buys them.  Michelle Obama says, …”it’s a model for the world.”   But, but , but , what happens when you run out of other peoples’ money?

Here is the story from Catholic Charities of Louisville’s website:

Please purchase your produce from our clients!  You get a chemical-free product that is harvested hours before sale, maximizing the nutritional content for you and your family.  Also, please forward this information to your networks so we can all support refugee growers.  We take Debit Cards and EBT (Food Stamps) at all of our Farmers Markets!!

Here is the federal grant program that funds this competition for American Mom & Pop growers and small farmers.  Check it out, you will see Louisville at the top of the list (wonder how much of this money Catholic Charities gets to keep for itself?)    Is your city there too?