Canada: Gang member deported from Canada—to Somalia!

And, apparently dropped right in the heart of Mogadishu!

Guess that will teach ’em!

From the Ottawa Citizen:

A 25-year-old street gang member, who came to Ottawa from Somalia at the age of nine, has been deported to that country in an operation praised by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.

But the father of Omar Ahmed, a former Ridgemont High School student, is furious at the treatment of his son.

Abdi Farah told the Citizen that his son was dropped last week in the lawless Somali capital, Mogadishu, despite assurances he says he was given from Canadian officials that he would be flown to Bosaso, a city in the more stable state of Puntland.

A spokesman for the Canada Border Services Agency would neither confirm nor deny the story.

Omar Ahmed, the ghost

Ahmed has admitted being a member of a notorious Ottawa street gang, the Ledbury Banff Crips. He was known on the street as “Ghost.”

Ahmed has been convicted of a series of crimes, including possession of crack cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, assault, mischief and uttering threats.

According to an Ottawa police report, the LBC gang uses guns and other weapons to aggressively defend its turf for cocaine trafficking.

Readers this is a big deal, normally refugees are not returned to terrorist countries and I saw another story on this case indicating Amnesty International was now involved.  But, I was impressed that Canada must be getting really serious about refugees and other immigrants who commit crimes and the public is probably figuring—good get them off the street and deported.   Why should we pay for their incarceration in Canada, they must be asking.

The “ghost” is scared

“He was in a very critical condition,” Farah said. “They just left him in the airport.”

Farah said he has spoken with his son five times since he returned to Somalia. He’s now living with relatives in Galkayo, an area recently scarred by inter-clan violence.

“He’s OK, he’s a little bit scared,” said Farah.

Canada has more Somali criminals in the pipeline and ready to return to Africa.

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