Norway fears that Somali terror recruitment happening there

No surprise is it?   We just posted on the Dutch Somalis arrested over an alleged Christmas holiday plot in the Netherlands.  Now this!

From The Foreigner:

An anonymous informant in Gothenburg that broke away from Al-Shabaab tells NRK that members of the group recruit young Somalis living in Scandinavia.

“It happens in mosques, but Imams are not involved. Other, less visible people come to mosques to recruit youngsters who are vulnerable and easily-led.”

Last Saturday’s suicide bomb attack in the heart of Stockholm put the possibility of terror firmly on the Norwegian menu, according to the Police Security Service (PST). It suspects fundraising for the organization is taking place in Norwegian territory.

Janne Kristiansen, head of the PST, has previously warned that terror organizations in Somalia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are recruiting Norwegian youths.

Leader of the Somali Network in Norway, Bashe Musse, says he knows of specific cases where parents have travelled with their children to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab. He is concerned what might happen if they return here and meet the Norwegian values.

“It might be tough for them to accept our society, dress, freedom of speech, and such things. I do not know what they can do, but I’m afraid they might blow themselves [and others-ed] up,” he says.

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Cutting out the State, Catholic Charity and feds decide refugee policy in Tennessee

In my previous post I mentioned that Catholic Charities and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops are resettling refugees of all religions pretty much wherever they set up an office.   Now, we learn that Catholic Charities of Tennessee doesn’t need any involvement from the State to run the federal refugee program there.  I guess there isn’t much of a States Rights movement in Tennessee these days?

In my opinion this is one more erosion of the rights granted to states by the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution.   Let’s get some lawyers on this!

From The Chattanoogan:

The Tennessee Office for Refugees (TOR) at Catholic Charities of Tennessee has been designated by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to administer $9+ million in annual federal funding for refugee services statewide for the next four years.

TOR previously was ORR’s interim replacement designee in Tennessee to administer funds and services after a decision in late 2007 by the State of Tennessee’s Department of Human Services to cease participation in the refugee programs. TOR now has “permanent” status under the Wilson-Fish (WF) program, an alternative to traditional state-administered refugee resettlement programs. The Tennessee Office for Refugees at Catholic Charities is one of 13 Wilson-Fish programs in the United States.

Doesn’t the state legislature in Tennessee have some say about what rights the TN Department of Human Services can just give away?

If you live in one of these 10 states or one county, you too have given your state’s rights away (or partially away) to an open borders non-profit (a federal contractor) and the federal government:







North Dakota

South Dakota



San Diego County

Iraqi Christians still running for their lives from “extremists”

More on the politically correct dance around who the extremists are.  From The National:

Iraqi Christians have suffered at the hands of extremist [Muslim–ed] groups that have forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes since 2003.

Meanwhile, various Christian and Jewish groups have joined to urge more protection for Christians in Iraq and to speed up their resettlement to the US (hat tip: Judy).   From National Review OnLine:

Dr. Carl Moeller, CEO and president of the evangelical Open Doors USA, urged Congress to pass House Resolution 1725, a measure introduced by Rep. Chris Smith (R., N.J.) last month that calls on the U.S. government to work with the Iraqi government to strengthen its security plan for religious minorities and accelerate the resettlement applications of Iraqi refugees. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on International Justice and Peace also supports the measure.

I wonder do Catholics across America know that the USCCB and Catholic Charities are bringing Iraqi Muslims to your towns and cities while Christians suffer in the Middle East?   Wouldn’t you think they might stand on principle and say they will protect the Christians first and tell the money changers in Congress and the State Department to take their money and (you know what).

Do Catholic leaders truly believe that just by being in America these ancient animosities won’t continue in American cities where Muslims and Christians are resettled together?

Dutch arrest 12 Somalis in alleged Christmas terror plot

Update December 27th: Five of the 12 are released, here.

Update: This Somali publication claims the Dutch authorities caught a big fish, here.

Several readers sent me this story yesterday. When these events occur, I wonder whether the citizens of Holland say to themselves, maybe Geert Wilders (stop Muslim immigration to the Netherlands) has a point.

From AP:

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Dutch police have arrested 12 Somali men in the key port city of Rotterdam on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack, the public prosecutor said Saturday.

The men, aged 19 to 48, were detained Friday on a tip from the intelligence services that they were planning an attack shortly in the Netherlands. There was no immediate information on the alleged target, but Rotterdam is Europe’s biggest port and a hub of maritime commerce, with huge oil and gas storage facilities and dozens of massive docks.

European officials stepped up security around the holidays this year after a Nigerian man in 2009 left Amsterdam airport on Christmas Day and allegedly tried to blow up a plane over Detroit with explosives taped to his underwear.

There also have been growing holiday security concerns in Europe following a suicide bombing in Sweden and attacks on two embassies this week in Rome.

Hey, look we get a mention of our Rochester, Minnesota Somali former refugee who was arrested in Holland last year (see this update from May) as the alleged recruiter of the Somali missing youths who thumbed their noses at the good life in American and returned to Africa for terror training:

Dutch intelligence services reportedly have been closely watching the growing Somali community in the Netherlands. One U.S. citizen of Somali extraction is under arrest and is fighting extradition to the U.S., suspected of supplying money to the al-Shabab insurgent group for weapons and to finance trips for potential recruits. The U.S. State Department considers al-Shabab a terror group with links to al-Qaida.

For new readers: We have admitted well over 100,000 Somali refugees to the US.   To check out the numbers visit this post, one of our most widely read posts over the last few years.   In FY2010 which ended September 30th the US State Department resettled 4,884 Somalis (here) to towns near you.

Also, after being closed for nearly two years, the US State Department is on the verge of resuming the fraud-ridden family reunification program that admitted as many as 36,000 Somalis fraudulently to the US between 2003 and 2008.  See the latest on new regulations, here.  The State Department is on the verge of re-opening the program (maybe it’s open already!).

Far Left Center for American Progress holds schmoozfest on immigrant/native tensions

And the Mayor of Lewiston, Maine was invited for the all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, DC to report presumably on how swimmingly “receiving community” Lewiston is handling their Somali population overload.

In a letter from the Mayor, the Mayor demonstrated his either complete naivete about the Center for American Progress, a George Soros spawn, or he is an out-of-the-closet far left progressive himself.

In early November, I was contacted by representatives of the Center for American Progress and invited to attend (at their expense) a Receiving Community Roundtable in Washington, D.C. on December 14 and 15, 2010. I did attend last week.

Let me first tell you about the Center for American Progress (CAP). According to its website, it “is dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and actions. ‘Building on the achievements of progressive pioneers such as Teddy Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, (their) work addresses 21st century challenges such as energy, national security, economic growth and opportunity, immigration, education, and healthcare.’ They develop new policy ideas, critique the policy that stems from conservative values, and challenge the media to cover the issues that truly matter and shape the national debate.”

The Center was founded in 2003 to provide long-term leadership and support to the progressive movement. CAP is headed by its founder John D. Podesta and based in Washington, D.C. They opened another office in Los Angeles in 2007. Podesta has grown this organization from an eight-person policy operation into an organization consisting of 180 full-time employees. John Podesta served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton from October 1998 until January 2001.

The mayor and his staff obviously had the politically-correct verbiage down well enough that they got an invite and a paid trip to DC.   These Alinskyites, like Podesta, are so good at what they do!

Deputy City Administrator Phil Nadeau and I spent over a half-hour holding a conference call with CAP to tell them of our story of refugee and secondary migration here in Lewiston and Auburn. This is when I received the invitation to attend the Receiving Community Roundtable.

This was followed up by a pre-roundtable “homework” assignment that I completed with the assistance of Phil Nadeau and Sue Charron, director of Lewiston’s Social Services. We wrote up our story and submitted it to CAP, as did all the other 55 participants who came together for the December Roundtable.


The 55 participants included elected officials, service providers, professors, demographers, social scientists, anthropologists, social psychologists, political scientists, religious leaders, think tank representatives and so on. [You can bet there were no critics of more immigration to America, just talk of how to get along in the ol’ melting pot and how to keep the negative stories out of the media.]

The mayor also learned there were “hundreds” of receiving communities just like his having problems.

Let’s address the “tension” so we can move ahead with amnesty and open borders (that’s what CAP is after).

This roundtable program was designed to address the sources of immigrant-native tension and native anxiety in communities, especially where demographic changes are occurring rapidly, and to figure out ways to calm the high emotions so that we can live and work together and push Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

Yippee!  A tool kit, let’s all cheer for a tool kit!  That will quiet the tensions and shut up the critics, you betcha!

As a result of all the input from this large diverse group, a writer has been commissioned to develop a report that will come out in the spring of 2011. From that report, a “Tool Kit” for receiving communities will be developed. When I receive that report, I will share its contents with you.

For more on the Center for American Progress, see this post about how they wanted Obama to airlift 100,000 Iraqis to the US, or this one where CAP is a leader in the gang of one-worlders, and here is CAP’s head honcho Podesta in the middle of the ACORN scandal.

And, for more on Lewiston, just type Lewiston into our search function and you will get dozens of posts about the on-going tension there.

P.S.  I should have mentioned that the mayor did complain to CAP that Lewiston didn’t have enough money to handle all their immigrant-related problems.