It just isn’t Christmas without a Muslim bombing

That’s the title of a good piece posted today at Right Side News by author Daniel Greenfield.  If you’ve been sleeping off your turkey dinner and not hearing any news, Mr. Greenfield is writing about the Oregon Somali bomber wannabe we first reported here.

Mistletoe. Egg nog. And now Muslim terrorism. Last year’s Christmas bomber was an African Muslim who stuffed his underwear full of plastic explosive and tried to detonate it on Flight 253. This year it’s another African Muslim who tried to get an early start on Christmas terror by trying to car bomb a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

Last year’s Christmas terrorist hailed from Nigeria. This year’s mad Muslim bomber comes from Somalia. And they bring with them tidings of a new season. A season in which holiday shopping now comes with massacre plots mixed in with the radio jingles and cheer.

If gift wrapping and church going are Christmas traditions, carrying out massacres during other people’s holiday celebrations is a Muslim tradition….

All joking aside…..

While we may go on denying it, for Muslims this is a religious war. And what better target for terror, than an infidel’s religious event?

The clergy at interfaith conferences may yammer on about how we’re all the children of god, but Muslims know better. They are the slaves of Allah and we are heretics and idol worshipers. It’s their duty to fight us, until we submit and accept Muslim rule. The more we resist, the more they’re obligated to kill us until we give in and there’s a mosque on every corner and the Koran replaces the Constitution. It’s a religious duty for a Muslim to make the Way of Allah triumphant all across the globe. To Muslims, this is a sacred duty and a way of life, that is not a detail, but the heart of the Koran.

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In the wake of Somali arrest in Portland, City Council re-thinking its earlier decision

This is just one of those ‘told-you-so’ stories that makes one chuckle.  Byron York, writing at the Washington Examiner today tells us all about how the mayor and council of Portland, OR told the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force to scram in 2005.  Now they may want them back in light of Christmas tree bomb plot.

York begins:

“I was recently told by a media person that if something happens in this city, I’m toast.”

So said Tom Potter, mayor of Portland, Oregon, on April 28, 2005 as he and the city council voted to bar Portland police from participating in one of the federal government’s key anti-terrorism initiatives, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. In Portland’s deep-blue precincts, there was intense opposition to the Bush administration’s conduct of the war on terror; residents worried the task force might violate state anti-discrimination laws by targeting Muslims for their religious and political views. So city leaders forbade police from taking part in it.

They made brave statements. “Here in Portland, we are not willing to give up individual liberties in order to have a perception of safety,” city commissioner Randy Leonard told reporters a few days before the vote. Yet there was still a little note of concern in Mayor Potter’s words: What if there were a terrorist attack after we refused to work with the FBI to prevent it?

Last Friday, that nearly happened. FBI undercover agents arrested would-be jihadi Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a 19-year old Somali-born naturalized U.S. citizen, in connection with a plot to set off an enormous car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square. Mohamud told the agents he wanted to stage a “spectacular show” in which hundreds, perhaps thousands of Portlanders would die. He also said he wasn’t worried about getting caught because the authorities in Portland “don’t see it as a place where anything will happen.”

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More tension in Lewiston, ME

This is a story I had seen before Thanksgiving but never did get time until today to post.  From the Sun Journal, “Mosque Parking Raises Heat at Meeting:”

LEWISTON — Councilors asked Bartlett Street neighbors to talk to each other, hoping to head off bigger problems smoldering between members of a mosque and nearby property owners.

Former City Councilor Denis Theriault, owner of two buildings on the west side of Bartlett Street, just north of Adams Avenue, told councilors he shouldn’t have to work so hard defending his property.

“This happens all the time. These are a confrontational people,” Theriault said. “I’m tired. I don’t think I should have to spend my nights playing policeman protecting my property, and neither should my son.”

He outlined problems he and neighbor Elmer Berry have with the mosque, located across from him at 256 Bartlett St. and used by Lewiston’s Somali Bantu residents, over two hours Tuesday night at a City Council workshop.

Theriault alleged members of the mosque have regularly parked on his property, taking spaces from his tenants, since the mosque opened last year. When he complained, they escalated. They’ve used their cars to block his driveways, left trash behind, thrown rocks onto his property and destroyed his first “No Trespassing” sign.

He responded by putting up a sturdier sign and taking pictures to document what he saw.

They responded, he said, by verbally threatening him. But Theriault, who carries a concealed handgun, said he will not be threatened.

Readers this is only the latest story about the clash of cultures going on in Lewiston, Maine ever since thousands of Somalis picked the rural small city for their secondary migration destination having been originally settled near Atlanta, GA.  We have written dozens of posts on Lewiston over the years, but here is one to get you started.  You will note in the comments, the “pingbacks” will direct you to more posts on the subject.  Also, use our search function for Lewiston.  I regret not having created a whole category just on Lewiston, but who knew!

Canadian Somali group to hold conference on youth radicalization

And, they say the CSIS (Canadian Security and Intelligenc Service ) is too agressive toward Somali youths.


An advocacy organization says efforts by the security intelligence apparatus to prevent radicalization of Somali youth have been counterproductive, and that the Somali community itself needs to confront the problem.

Canadian Friends of Somalia will host a conference next month to offer better support for Somali immigrants who are at risk of being recruited to fight in their home country.

“This is something we are very concerned about. [Young] people are missing from our communities and we believe they are being recruited,” says Farah Aw-Osman, executive director of the organization.

Aw-Osman says he thinks the missing young Somalis returned to their country of birth to fight alongside al-Shabab, a militia in Somalia linked to al-Qaida.


Canadian Friends of Somalia says CSIS agents should use less intimidating tactics to gather information about Somali youth.


The conference, called Promoting Peace and Preventing Youth Radicalization, will run from Dec. 6 to Dec. 7 at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

If you happen to be in Ottawa, this could be a conference you might want to attend.  Good timing for this because maybe Canada has a few Christmas-tree-bombing projects in the works too!

Wilderness designation makes it easier for OTMs to get into the US

Here we go again with the perplexing issue of environmental groups aiding and abetting the Open Borders movement.  The major environmental groups mentioned in this Washington Examiner piece by Ron Arnold are the Wilderness Society and the Sierra Club along with smaller local cohorts.  Hat tip: Erich.

Cops and Border Patrol are kept out of wilderness areas!

Sen. Jeff Bingaman is being called our worst border security threat. Angry Dona Ana County residents have branded the New Mexico Democrat’s Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Wilderness Act as “Bingaman’s Bandit Boulevard” for proposing a 50-mile-long safe haven for Mexican drug runners — and worse.

John Hummer, former chairman of the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, reminded his community of the no-motorized-vehicle clause in wilderness laws. The Border Patrol can’t patrol.

Wilderness laws allow our own park and forest rangers to keep the cops out. That’s supposed to protect nature, but ends up protecting drug cartels, illegal immigrants — and terrorists.

We have reported many times on these pages that Other than Mexicans (OTMs) are entering the US.   The list reported in this article (and below) is a list of the ones we caught!  For example, we know that 270 Somalis recently entered illegally and have not been found.  Estimates run into the tens of thousands of dollars per Somali coming to the US by a circuitous world route; surely having paid this much they aren’t planning on doing those $9 per hour meatpacking jobs!

Wilderness designation anywhere on our borders will make it easier still for illegal aliens coming to the US looking for something other than jobs!

A U.S. Border Patrol document obtained by The Examiner shows the nationality and number of OTMs arrested last year. A few samples: Afghanistan (12); Indonesia (95); Iran (42); Iraq (42); Jordan (52); Saudi Arabia (6); Somalia (70); Yemen (22).

Members of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers say they weren’t smuggling drugs. Retired Border Patrol Officer Zack Taylor said Bingaman’s wilderness boundary is just a stroll from violent Juarez and El Paso.

Terrorists want terror, said Taylor — unexpected targets with severed body parts and dead babies. A dozen relays of three sunburned hikers carrying big backpacks could trek unmolested up Bingaman’s Boulevard, stockpiling materials to obliterate the balloon festival, the state Capitol, the Acoma Pueblo — anything we treasure.

Frank DuBois, a Reagan-era deputy assistant secretary of the interior, told me that interdicting criminals in wilderness is losing priority. Bingaman’s bill makes his wilderness a “component of the National Landscape Conservation System.” That’s ominous.

Why has the Sierra Club led a campaign to keep our borders open?   I believe it is because Carl Pope, their longtime head honcho, is first and foremost a Socialist (maybe a Marxist) one-worlder.  Longtime advocates of closing our borders have horror stories to tell about how Pope has over the years fought any effort by Sierra Club members to get into the immigration issue.  In fact, immigration control groups like NumbersUSA,* FAIR, and the Center for Immigration Studies were initially created to counter the pro-immigration (through silence) bias of the major environmental groups.   Now, of course, they have a much broader mission.

I did a lot of research on Pope, here is just one story (with links to previous posts on Pope), he sits on the notorious Apollo Alliance board and is good buddies with Marxist Van Jones.

* See the latest NumbersUSA video on population growth in the US and ponder the consequences for the environment.   Strange isn’t it that the environmental leadership in the US is silent.