US Ambassador to Nepal: No cap on the number of Bhutanese to be resettled in the US

Just a reminder readers, the Bhutanese are really of Nepali origin.  When they were banished from Bhutan, the Nepal government did not let them simply come home and reenter the country of their original heritage.  They have been living in refugee camps for nearly two decades.  The Bush Administration agreed to take 60,000 over a five year period, but it looks like there is no end in sight, making this one of the largest refugee relocations in the world.

From Nepal News:

US ambassador to Nepal, Scott H DeLisi, has revealed that there is no fixed quota for the American government for the resettlement of Bhutanese refugees from Nepal.

“Initially, we proposed for 60,000 refugees for resettlement in our country,” DeLisi informed while addressing a programme at the transit camp run by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Monday. “However, there is no cap for the number of refugees to be resettled.”

According to DeLisi, who is himself a grand-son of a immigrant, the US government will keep on accepting refugees as long as they express their desire for relocation

As the UN refugee agency prepares to mark its 60th anniversary this Tuesday globally, it announced that the resettlement of refugees from Bhutan in Nepal has reached a major milestone today with the departure of 40,000 refugees to various eight resettlement countries.

Of the 40,000 the US has taken over 34,000 so far.

To date, some 72,733 refugees from Bhutan still remain in various UN-monitored seven camps in Jhapa and Mornag districts. Of this, 55,000 are expected to depart from Nepal for relocation in the next four years.

Another 55,000 to go!  Just helping out our friends in Nepal, at the UN and in the meatpacking industry.

Note: When you visit the Nepal News link (above), you will see there is a little news clip most of which you won’t understand, but check out the US ambassador with his apparently captive refugee audience—the poor people, looking thoroughly unhappy, appear to have been bused in to be props at a press conference.

Buffalo, NY: Domestic violence a huge problem in refugee community

This is a story I might have missed if it weren’t for Creeping Sharia, here.

From, where reporter Sandra Tan has done a very thorough job:

A refugee from Somalia was accused of trying to sell her 16-year-old daughter into marriage against her will.

Social Services took another Somali couple’s six children because the father belt-whipped his 8-year-old son and tied him up for misbehaving in school.

A Yemeni husband beat his wife and threw her down the stairs for talking back to him in front of the family.

“How else can I teach her how to behave?” the bewildered man asked in court.

These and other cases like them are raising the concerns of judges, lawyers and human services providers in Buffalo.

Erie County Family Court judges say they have seen a startling rise in the number of domestic abuse and juvenile delinquency cases involving immigrant, refugee and Muslim families who want help but fear police intervention.

In the immigrants’ native countries, these incidents would be considered common social and cultural practices. But in their new home, they are classified as abuse and felony assault.

Child neglect, abuse, family violence and juvenile delinquency are rampant.

More refugees on the way.

With more than 800 new refugees resettling in the Buffalo area each year, and nearly 1,500 expected next year, the question of how to work with non-native residents struggling with family violence has become a growing challenge for those in the court system.

The problem is serious enough that a special community and courts collaborative was formed 10 months ago to improve services to this newer population. The group recently hosted a daylong workshop in Buffalo for Family Court judges, lawyers and social service workers.

“In America, we emphasize independence and individual freedoms,” said Family Court Judge Lisa Bloch Rodwin in her opening remarks. “This is in direct conflict with certain cultures that emphasize obedience to parents and authority. How do we bridge the gap between behaviors which are accepted between spouses in other cultures, but which are not acceptable or legal here?”

In the 2 1/2 years she’s been judge, Rodwin said, she’s seen at least a doubling of cases involving newcomers to the country and culturally isolated Muslims, noting that child neglect, abuse, family violence and juvenile delinquency are rampant.

Almost two years ago I wrote a post about “Preferred Communities” for refugee resettlement.  Here is the post and information on the grant program that sends special taxpayer funding to federal refugee contractors (not the city) to handle all the extra problems in the “preferred” city.  Buffalo was listed as a “preferred” place to resettle refugees.   I wonder why the feds don’t give money directly to the court systems of the “preferred communities?”  Sounds like they could use the money more than the resettlement agencies. 

Isn’t multiculturalism a beautiful thing!

Liberal Sweden joins the club!

That is, the club of Nations that have opened their borders to Muslim immigrants only to be attacked from within.

Sweden’s first Islamic terror attack

Sorry I didn’t get around to posting this sooner, I’ve been away.  But, I did read some early reports and noted that the Swedish press was dancing around the issue of whether this was a case of a Muslim immigrant attacking the country that had “welcomed the stranger.”

Here is an article from the Christian Science Monitor that actually makes the connection between an Islamic extremist and the issue of open borders by western countries to immigrants of all persuasions.   The CSM dares to mention the changing political landscape in heretofore Far Left Sweden.

Two explosions rocked central Stockholm Saturday evening in what Swedish police have called a terrorist attack.

One man, who appears to have been a suicide bomber, was killed, and two people were injured. The explosions occurred about ten minutes after a Swedish news agency and police received a threatening e-mail that referred to Sweden’s troops in Afghanistan and a Swedish cartoonist’s controversial 2007 depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

The attacks bring the struggle with terrorism to Sweden, which until now has avoided the violent attacks that have taken place in other European nations.


Resentment toward Islam and Muslim immigrants is rising in Sweden, as in other European nations.

In September, the far-right Sweden Democrats won a surprising 20 seats in Parliament. The group is staunchly anti-immigration, and particularly against Muslim immigrants.

Here is our coverage from back in October about the Swedish elections.   I can always tell when something is happening in Sweden even before I see the news, because this old post, one of our most widely read posts, must be high on search engines.

Endnote! For the most thorough news on European radical Islamic activity visit Gates of Vienna (it is in our blogroll) regularly.  They were on top of the Swedish bomber story from the beginning (because they have contacts in Sweden).  I see they have posted this story from The Mail which has determined that the bomber, an Iraqi immigrant to Sweden, was educated in England.

And, be sure to read “Why Sweden?” by Robert Spencer at Frontpage Magazine, here.