Kansas City vote fraud case growing by the day

Unbelievable!  The Speaker of the House in Missouri may not seat the legislator who won his primary by one vote amid allegations of blatant vote fraud.  One of the charges involves Somali voters who may not have been eligible to vote and were apparently instructed on how to vote.

I first told you about this story here, and here is the latest shoe to drop at the Post-Dispatch:

Speaker of the House Steve Tilley says he may refuse to seat a new representative from Kansas City because of allegations of voter fraud in the Democratic primary.

Such a move would be exceedingly rare but allowed under Missouri law, and it would cast a bright light on a topic Republicans in Missouri have been pushing unsuccessfully for several years: the concept of requiring every voter to present a photo ID when voting.

Supporters of voter ID legislation say it is needed to prevent fraud, but they’ve had scant evidence of actual fraud in Missouri. Tilley said Republicans expect to push a similar bill this year, and while he said he hesitates to politicize the allegations in the Kansas City race, he is sure the evidence will give pause to those who don’t believe voter fraud exists.

Tilley was presented this month with a nearly 100-page document alleging widespread voter fraud from failed Democratic candidate Will Royster, who lost the primary in the 40th legislative district to John J. Rizzo by a single vote.


Throughout primary election day, an unidentified Rizzo supporter brought groups of voters to various precincts who appeared to be Somalis who did not speak or read English. According to affidavits from several election judges, the Rizzo supporter handed out the ballots and told the Somalis to vote for Rizzo.

It sure beats me why anyone would object to producing a photo ID in order to vote.

Canada: Ugandan refugee got rich by stealing coins every day

This is a really old story and I don’t know why it was published just today in Canada, but it’s definitely worth a read.

From the Edmonton Journal:

This city has spawned many cunning and crafty con artists, but few were as colourful as Salim Kara.

It was 14 years ago that the Ugandan refugee made headlines, but his crime shocked an entire city.
Kara stole nearly $2.4 million from Edmontonians — and he did it one coin at a time.

Hired in 1981 to repair light rail transit fare boxes, he began pilfering coins almost immediately. When loonies were introduced in 1987, he must have thought he hit the jackpot, boosting his take to $900 a day.

For 13 years, he stole, and despite a couple of audits and an incriminating videotape, he got away with it.

Neighbours wondered why a man who lived in a million dollar home in posh Whitemud Creek drove to work in a dilapidated 1977 Chev Malibu, a vehicle that was almost 17 years old when he was finally arrested in Sept. 27, 1994.

Read it all to see the African’s detailed scam and how he got away with it for so long.  I wonder what he is doing now, the article doesn’t say.