No new election for Kansas City candidate alleging possible voter fraud…

….in a case involving a number of Somali voters.

Here is a story a few weeks old now (Hat tip: Joyce) that raises questions about immigrant voting irregularities and shows me that election judges must be too inimidated to question unusual behavior by immigrants.

A Jackson County judge ruled late Tuesday that a Missouri House candidate who officially lost by three votes is not entitled to a new election.

But a re-count in the hotly contested 40th District primary to represent the Northeast area of Kansas City will commence at 9 a.m. today. The official count in the August election had John Joseph Rizzo winning 667 to 664 over Will Royster.


Some said a Somali man had helped others vote, sometimes going into the voting area and pointing to ballots, even though the voters had not filled out special cards designated for voters needing assistance.

Royster’s petition had stated that a man who identified himself as an interpreter for a group of Somalis stood over them as they looked at ballots and told them how to cast their votes. Royster’s attorney, Phil Willoughby, had said the only solution to the situation was a new election.

New election was denied.

Update September 26th:  More on this story at Emerging Corruption, here.

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