More confirmation that NGOs work with big meat packers

Hauling Somalis from city to city

I really didn’t need more confirmation, but Allahsoldier commenting at my earlier post, said that he couldn’t wait for another story on Somalis.  I said I could find and post another pronto.  It took me all of about 5 minutes from answering Allah… to get this post started!   And, what a coincidence it’s about Somalis in Kansas as was my post this morning.

A report from Kansas State University about the work of, Laszlo Kulcsar, a sociolgy professor working on immigrant integration:*

“I started out looking at how predominantly white communities, even with some historical diversity, embraced new immigrant workers,” Kulcsar said. “This is a big deal in Kansas because there really isn’t a universal practice for that. What was found was that there is no good model, just more questions.”

Along with Albert Iaroi, K-State doctoral student in sociology from Romania, Kulcsar also looked at Emporia, a city away from the meatpacking triangle in southwest Kansas but also with a large concentration of minority workers.

“Emporia has a well-established Hispanic community already because they came to work on the railroad 100 years ago,” Kulcsar said. “In 2006, though, Tyson brought about 700 Somalis to Emporia to work at its meatpacking plant.”

With the Somalis came a new culture and religion, vastly different from that of the Hispanics, the dominant minority at the time.

Despite the fact that all the Somali workers carried legal work permits, researchers found many in the community rejected these new workers because of their outsider culture. At the same time they began to view the Mexicans as regular, hardworking people.

“It started to become ‘good immigrants’ versus ‘bad immigrants’ based on visible things like skin color, dress and religious practices,” Kulcsar said. “Somalis are black; they are Muslim. The Mexicans, even though they have a different culture and language, are still Christians.”

There was also the difference in customs, Kulcsar said. The Somalis traveled in large groups, a customary practice in their country due to safety. Although women hold positions of authority in Emporia, the Somali workers often did not obey them since only men in Somalia are authority figures.

“Nobody told the Somalis you don’t do these things in America, and nobody told the local government about their customs and religion in advance, so nobody told the community members. The question became, ‘whose job is it to educate the refugees and community,'” Kulcsar said. “This was a troubling finding because these larger actors — corporations and nongovernmental charity organizations playing an important part in the settlement of the Somalis — failed to communicate with the city government.”

As community members in Emporia questioned the city’s role in this process, they found they were given no advance information about it, Kulcsar said.

Here it is, big meat packers helped by outside organizations!  

This below can only refer to federal contractors like the Leftwing do-gooders at Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, and Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society among others.

“Immigrants are not showing up for work in a random fashion; in many cases national organizations are working with large corporations to bring these people here for jobs,” Kulcsar said.

For new readers we followed the whole controversy almost from start to finish a couple of years ago in Emporia, KS and have a whole category on it here.

* Reader Khadra, commenting on another Somali “village” in Kansas tells us Somalis have no intention of integrating, assimilating, or whatever we want to call it, here.

Obama’s Auntie Zeituni Onyango tells her story

Via Gateway Pundit, here is the latest news about Obama’s illegal-immigrant aunt from an exclusive interview at WBZ in Boston.

“If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.” Those are the words from 58-year-old Zeituni Onyango of Kenya in a recent exclusive interview with WBZ-TV.

Onyango is the aunt of President Barack Obama. She lived in the United States illegally for years, receiving public assistance in Boston.

Aunt Zeituni, as she has come to be known, first surfaced in the public light in 2008, in the final days of the Presidential election. Then-candidate Obama said that he was not against the possible deportation of his aunt. “If she has violated laws, then those laws have to be obeyed,” he told CBS’s Katie Couric. “We are a nation of laws.”

Onyango had violated the law, and she knew it.

“I knew I had overstayed” she told WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias when the two sat down one-on-one.

Here’s where your tax money is going:

For two years Onyango said she lived in a homeless shelter, before she was assigned public housing despite thousands of legal residents also awaiting assistance. “I didn’t take any advantage of the system. The system took advantage of me.”

“I didn’t ask for it; they gave it to me. Ask your system. I didn’t create it or vote for it. Go and ask your system,” she said unapologetically.

And she’s right. The system provided her assistance despite her status as an illegal immigrant.

Here’s something notable. Obama’s father’s family seems to be both Muslim and non-Muslim as far as I can find out. The WBZ article continues:

Onyango hired a top immigration lawyer from Cleveland to help fight her case. We asked how she afforded that lawyer, when she claimed poverty.

“When you believe in Jesus Christ and almighty God, my help comes from heaven,” she responded.

As with Obama, one can’t help asking what she really believes. She seems like a sharp woman, but not necessarily an honest or straightforward one. But I never can help laughing at the idea that Obama has an ounce of compassion when he lets not only his Auntie but his brother George and various other relatives live in poverty without even a word of regret or encouragement.

There’s more at the above link including a video of the interview.

Our previous posts about Auntie Zeituni are here.

Update, 9/24: Here is part 2 of the interview.

No new election for Kansas City candidate alleging possible voter fraud…

….in a case involving a number of Somali voters.

Here is a story a few weeks old now (Hat tip: Joyce) that raises questions about immigrant voting irregularities and shows me that election judges must be too inimidated to question unusual behavior by immigrants.

A Jackson County judge ruled late Tuesday that a Missouri House candidate who officially lost by three votes is not entitled to a new election.

But a re-count in the hotly contested 40th District primary to represent the Northeast area of Kansas City will commence at 9 a.m. today. The official count in the August election had John Joseph Rizzo winning 667 to 664 over Will Royster.


Some said a Somali man had helped others vote, sometimes going into the voting area and pointing to ballots, even though the voters had not filled out special cards designated for voters needing assistance.

Royster’s petition had stated that a man who identified himself as an interpreter for a group of Somalis stood over them as they looked at ballots and told them how to cast their votes. Royster’s attorney, Phil Willoughby, had said the only solution to the situation was a new election.

New election was denied.

Update September 26th:  More on this story at Emerging Corruption, here.

Book about refugees is Maryland “one book”

Your tax dollars

Yesterday I learned from Cindy that “Outcasts United” had been chosen earlier this year as the “One Maryland, One book” being promoted by the Maryland Humanities Council.

The book by author Warren St. John is billed as an “inspirational” story about how refugee boys in Clarkston, Georgia overcome the odds (which includes a town unhappy with the arrival of large numbers of refugees) to play soccer under a strict coach.  If you don’t want to read the book, you can get the gist of it from reviews at Amazon, but I warn you that virtually all the reviewers are thrilled with what sounds like just another sports underdog story with a multiculturalism is beautiful message.

More importantly though, at least for me, is the question of what is up with this “one book” thing where everyone in the state is supposed to be reading a book of the year chosen by those with a leftwing view of the world….and then we pay for what is clearly indoctrination with our tax dollars.  It kind of gives me the creeps!

Note to all those claiming we need to cut the budget at both the state and federal level—I got about a million and a half dollars right here to start with!

Check out the most recent Form 990 for the Maryland Humanities Council, here.  Note that $1.3 million of the funds for this program come from government grants.  Tracing that back further, the source of most of that government money (your tax dollars) comes from the National Endowment for the Humanities, here.  Maryland taxpayers add to the kitty through the Department of Education.

By the way, the Maryland Humanities Council spent $9000 to influence legislators into awarding them more funding.   Imagine what the Founding Fathers would say about a federal role in all of this.

The One Maryland, One Book  indoctrination project only cost taxpayers $198,143 last year.   Since you paid for this, maybe some of you should attend the upcoming schedule of community discussions about Maryland’s “one book.”

Update:  Here is more about the Maryland book tour.