Feds raid three Indiana stores operated by men with ties to Yemen

This is a little variation on the usual food stamp fraud schemes we write about.  This one involves racketeering and tax fraud.  (Hey, Allahsoldier, no Somalis in this story!)

From the Indychannel News:

INDIANAPOLIS — Authorities raided three stores and three homes in central Indiana Thursday afternoon in an investigation that began more than six months ago, police said.

The raid involved allegations of corrupt business influence, racketeering and tax fraud, Indianapolis police Lt. Jeff Duhamell said.


Deputy Marion County Prosecutor Larry Brodeur said the stores are operated by men with ties to the Middle East, and that money generated through sales of phones and counterfeit designer goods was wired back to Yemen.

“Whenever money is being transferred to a country like Yemen, which does appear to sponsor terrorist activity, certainly that thought (of possibly funding terrorist activity) is there,” he said.

Yup, sure is.

Is anyone checking on that E-2 Treaty Investor visa as the channel through which these scammers are getting into the country?

‘Somali woman’ returns: “…a huge storm is coming to small town America”

We haven’t heard from her in a few months (see previous posts here, here and here).  Regular readers know that she is a young Somali woman who has shed some light on the mindset of Somali refugees she says are here to conquer us.  I welcome her return if not her warning.

This is a comment worth noting in response to my post of last Friday where I said that Somali family reunification is about to be re-opened by the US State Department after a nearly two year moratorium that resulted from the discovery of widespread immigration fraud in the so-called P-3 program.

Somali woman (emphasis mine):

Of course this is a famous and classic lie of Somalis. This [lying about family relationships] has existed and was invented in the first refugee camps in Kenya to go to the U.S, Canada, Europe and elsewhere. Though the discovery was almost 20 yrs later it`s way too late. Somalis might even go as far as claiming that their uncle or brother or cousin that they are married and have family in America and have kids together which is totally a lie. I remember two Somali women claimed that they were Lesbians in Canada and married even though none were just to get a gigantic mansion. The two women were either cousins or best friends and one of them had a husband.

They are using you guys and you need to wake. This is very dangerous and its getting dangerous by the minute. Somalis invented a proverb a 130 yrs ago when the Europeans invaded Somalia in the 1800`s and in their fierce 22 yr long resistance to Britain, Italy, and Ethiopia, and this proverb is so chilling and it is still taught today: ” Only the weak man, seeks help from the European”. This means that they are lying and deceiving the European. A book was also written in the 1800`s called “The Betrayal of the Somalis by Luis Fitz Gibbon which shows that the Somalis merely were using and deceiving the Europeans all along, and didn`t even care if they were trying to bring civility to Somalia. Another proverb is “You can use and learn from the European, but he will never satisfy a Somali”. This means that a huge storm is coming to Small Town America.

Mayfield, Kentucky perhaps?   Lewiston, Maine?  Shelbyville, Tennessee? Ft. Morgan, Colorado?  Jamestown, North Dakota? Lexington, Nebraska?  St. Cloud, Minnesota?  Garden City, Kansas?  Tuulas all!

For new readers: We have admitted well over 100,000 Somali refugees to the US.   To check out the numbers visit this post, probably our most widely read post over the last few years.   In FY2010 the US State Department resettled 3,507 Somalis (as of July 31st) to towns near you.