Another mosque controversy, this one in Kentucky

ACLU steps in to defend Somali mosque plans, from the Courier-Journal:

The American Civil Liberties Union has agreed to represent a man whose application for a mosque on behalf of his fellow Somalis was denied by Mayfield’s Board of Zoning Adjustment.

The Kentucky and national branches of the organization took the case after the board last month reversed its original approval for the mosque, citing a lack of adequate parking. The decision was applauded by an overflow crowd that attended the meeting.

Will Mayfield be another Shelbyville?   How many chicken plants are near Mayfield, does anyone know?

Update September 23rd:  I was only joking about the proximity of a chicken plant but this update story at AP confirms it—chicken plant nearby.

The ACLU said the applicant, Khadar Ahmed, prefers to resolve the issue outside of court but reserves the right to a court appeal. Ahmed is among about 150 Somalis who have moved to the Mayfield area recently to work in a chicken plant.

Be sure also to see this story about NGOs working with meat packers.  And, this one about Khadra’s warning about a huge storm coming to small town America.

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