Feds raid three Indiana stores operated by men with ties to Yemen

This is a little variation on the usual food stamp fraud schemes we write about.  This one involves racketeering and tax fraud.  (Hey, Allahsoldier, no Somalis in this story!)

From the Indychannel News:

INDIANAPOLIS — Authorities raided three stores and three homes in central Indiana Thursday afternoon in an investigation that began more than six months ago, police said.

The raid involved allegations of corrupt business influence, racketeering and tax fraud, Indianapolis police Lt. Jeff Duhamell said.


Deputy Marion County Prosecutor Larry Brodeur said the stores are operated by men with ties to the Middle East, and that money generated through sales of phones and counterfeit designer goods was wired back to Yemen.

“Whenever money is being transferred to a country like Yemen, which does appear to sponsor terrorist activity, certainly that thought (of possibly funding terrorist activity) is there,” he said.

Yup, sure is.

Is anyone checking on that E-2 Treaty Investor visa as the channel through which these scammers are getting into the country?

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