Personal Story From a Reader Reminds Me! It is now up to YOU!

When a reader sent me a link the other day to a story I had just written about, and another said the following in a comment:

States need to take it upon themselves to regulate immigration and refugee resettlement ..D.C. can not tell states what to do unless weak politicians allow it.

I knew that it was time to take a break from writing this blog.

It became clear that people aren’t reading and aren’t doing what they need to be doing if they really want to slow immigration and save their communities from becoming a depository for needy people from the third world.

We all want someone else to save us.

We expected President Trump to save us, but he could only do so much.

I’ve been here before.  I don’t want this post to get too long, but decades ago I became a conservative when the National Park Service working with preservation groups and local politicians wanted my farm and others nearby to be added to a national park.

Long story, it took years, but we prevailed. It required hard work gathering facts, publicizing them, and we had to weather a lot of public acrimony.

For a number of years, in the late 1980s into the early 1990s, I wrote a newsletter, LOL! the old fashioned kind that needed printing and mailing before we had such an easy way to get information out.  It was called Land Rights Letter and I wrote about the federal (communist!) land grab that was happening everywhere at the time.

Eventually I had to stop because people all over the country would call and ask me to help them save their land from the federal government.  I was here to give advice, but it would be up to them to do the work. And, I discovered that they really didn’t want to do what they needed to do, they wanted me to do it for them.

I don’t mean to pick on the reader who sent the comment above, but what the heck have I been writing about for these nearly 14 years at RRW?  And, who is electing weak politicians at all levels of government?

The Socialist Democrats have been working diligently at the local and state level to put their people in place and now here they are at the top of the heap almost everywhere.

So, I better get to my point!

It is now up to you! 

Update!  See my tutorial on how to compete with the Left!  I am going to add to it weekly and it will be available in my sidebar here at RRW and at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

RRW is a resource for your education and hopefully the nearly 10,000 posts I’ve written since 2007 will be a resource as you do your local organizing.  If you are new, start researching my category ‘Knowledge is Power’ because having facts is the first requirement of local community organizing.

Local organizing is the only way you are going to slow the demographic change the Left has in store for you.  We lost Trump, Congress is a total waste, most governors are chickens, but maybe there is hope for your state legislature and your city government.

The most important place for you to get politically active is in your own home town where exposing what the local politicians have in store for you is the first action step you must take.

That brings me to Stephen’s story.  Stephen is a reader who sent me this report on what happened in his Texas home town.

He posted his comment to this post:

Court of Appeals Rules: YOU Have No Say in Whether YOUR Town Will Accept Refugees


I’m going to see if I can make this a quick story as alternatives to fighting this stuff seem slim.

I was aware of your site during the Obama years and there were other articles out there about the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule when this took place.

I received a letter from the zoning committee informing me that gas station/carwash/food mart was going up kitty corner to my property and if I wanted to object I had, I believe 10 days, to show up at the next meeting and make the objection. I was the only homeowner that had to be legally notified because of the proximity to the proposed building site.

We live in a small city of approximately 3,000 people and for the most part zoning laws are strict. You have to build on 3/4 of an acre lot minimum to get in or buy an existing home which is set up the same way. Anyway we have a gas station nearby where they wanted to build and another not far from it and both sell convenience items so this didn’t seem to make sense to add a third in between the two.

I went to the city’s web page and looked up the minutes from the city council meetings and, lo and behold,  I find a 55-page power point presentation for the building of what equates to small college-sized campus looking thing. Nice, snazzy looking plan and made up by a local college from the big city.

Essentially it’s about 10 large-sized apartment buildings with a proposed train station. (They’ve been trying to get light rail in this area for years but it keeps getting voted down, if this went through it might of been enough to revive that project).

The zoning change for the gas station/carwash/food mart thing is on the very edge of the foot print for this large development, not part of it, but they had to know about it, especially since they are from the west coast and this is Texas.

Also the only people who know about this here are a small handful that were at that city council meeting and no one else. Additional information on this: it is right across the train track is an industrial park so it’s kind of obvious that who ever was going to fill those apartment buildings would likely be working at that industrial park.

The major concern was that city was about to allow lower income people into the city. This new population would add about an easy one third to our population and could easily change the demographics of our city and instead of being a red district this could of been enough to change it to blue.

Word went out pretty quickly. No talk of race, refugees or anything like that because it was never mentioned by them so not by us either, but we fought this and beat it back based on a variety of issues, the foremost being how the city hadn’t really good answers for what they were trying to rush through.

The train station wasn’t a firm thing, sewer would be required, traffic congestion would become a problem and more. Basically people were just saying hell no, we live here to get away from the city and don’t want a city moved to us, which is what this was.

Bottom line is pay attention to what’s happening in your zoning and city council meetings. Raise the flag early or these things become unstoppable.

I’m not sure how a Biden EO would of effected this if it was announced up front, what the construction was for.

Currently the land is still undeveloped but the city has put together a master plan to avoid most of our concerns though there are still small cottage sized units of housing planned for (about half of the original plan) with out developers yet, so we could find ourselves back in the same or similar situation. [Stephen will be watching, I am sure!—ed]


Stephen told you the most important thing you can do now is to find out what is being planned in secrecy in your community.  It might not be a plan for refugees yet, but the housing he describes will, you know!, be back as long as the Dems control all levers of government. See Biden housing initiative described at The Federalist.

If you live anywhere near any of the towns and cities on the maps in this post below, or even within a hundred mile radius of one of them, they will place more refugees in your community.

Getting the information early, spreading the word to your fellow citizens, and creating a public outcry, as Stephen did, is all you have going for you at the moment. The resettlement agencies tend to stay away from potential resettlement sites if there is sufficient public opposition (I know that from personal experience), but the trick is to find out as early as possible what the plan is for your community. 

Hint! One thing you can do is to religiously follow your local government meetings and have someone join your local Interfaith group to get information because they will be the first to lobby for refugees for your town or city.

And, you better get to work booting the Dems from office, especially at the local level, or move to another part of America where you will be free of them (at least for now).

See the maps in this post:

During Trump’s Presidency Many Refugee Agency Affiliates Closed


I am not going away completely.  I’ll post here if something strikes me as vital, or of interest to me, to post. And, I’m still at Frauds and Crooks where I have more readers and more leeway to write on a variety of subjects because frauds and crooks are everywhere!

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13 thoughts on “Personal Story From a Reader Reminds Me! It is now up to YOU!

  1. IMO, This isn’t even EXACTLY about refugee resettlement, socio-economic resettlement or even so-called “antiracism” or “redistribution of wealth”.
    That is a huge difference.
    This RULE /dictatorial tyranny reflects those topics plus “defunding/ reimagining” the police, removing SROs (police) from schools, blocking charter schools that EVERY COMMUNITY seems to WANT the option to CHOOSE, etc.

    1. For sure, the question is what is every one of you going to do about it? What activism are each of you undertaking where you live? Agreeing among ourselves about what is happening to us doesn’t really change anything. I don’t mean to sound so accusatory, I guess it just dawned on me (yes, late I suppose) that yakking among ourselves about the injustice is easy. It is hard to get out in public and try to reach fellow residents through local blogging, letters to the editor etc., run for elected office, work on the campaigns of people who would fight tyranny. It is hard boring work.

  2. I agree – it is hard, boring and sometimes stressful work. I’ve been doing what I can for years.
    A few suggestions I can share that might help facilitate others’ —

    #1. Go to Leadership Institute’s website. (look it up) They have a TON of recorded webinars and other material FOR FREE on their website that helps make you a more effective activist, organizer, media spokesperson, lobbyist, letter-to-the-editor writer,etc.

    #2. Research your county’s website. Sign up if possible to receive notices of meetings and proposed legislation or even your local legislator’s “town hall” meetings so you can GIVE THEM FEEDBACK. If you give feedback PUBLICLY (in zoom or in person public meetings) it will INFORM others in the audience that you’re of like-mind. They will JOIN you if they can FIND you.

    #3 Contact your county Republican Central Committee. Tell them you want to volunteer to CONTACT and ORGANIZE fellow conservatives on your street, in your neighborhood, and in your precinct. THEY can give YOU a LIST of registered Republican voters. They should vet you to make sure you’re ‘legit’.

    1. Thanks for those tips! You have reminded me that I too must follow my own advice and work to fight back locally!

  3. Dear Ann, back when I was not involved in posting on the internet – maybe in the late 90’s …a friend sent me a post of you talking to people about refugees and what was coming.
    I kept that post a long time….and as you became more well known, I was a regular watcher.

    You convinced me to take the “RED PILL”….along with a steady diet of RUSH.

    I am grateful you have stuck with this all these years.

  4. Thank you, Ann for lending your immense eloquence in the effort to resist the avalanche of third-worlders, who will dependably and forevermore vote for the Democratic Party, which appears to be firmly in the grasp of the progressive, socialist, communists.

    I don’t remember when I discovered you, but I recognized your talent immediately.

    I know you will be back. Thoroughbreds love to race & I consider you a thoroughbred.

  5. “States need to take it upon themselves to regulate immigration and refugee resettlement ..D.C. can not tell states what to do unless weak politicians allow it.”

    Re :Quote from above. Immigration and Refugee Resettlement is delegated to the Federal government per the constitution and for that reason most politicians do not want to break the law. The only thing that works is getting enough opposition and publicly expose their intentions. If you live in a small town, that works better than if you live in a big city. Most refugee contractors do not want to go against the wishes of the locals. It depends on how many loud liberals you have vs loud conservatives. When confronted by large numbers in protest, the refugee agency in my town plainly stated they are under no obligation to abide by local wishes. But in the end they did listen because they want the good will of the towns people. So they stopped importing refugees from terrorist countries. They still bring in refugees. But with the Biden crime family administration they feel emboldened, so they may start that up again. The left is relentless. We have to be more so.

    1. That didn’t work for the folks in Jonesboro, Ark…..they woke up one morning and found 2,000 foreign refuges brought in overnight. They were furious! They lit up talk radio like lightning.

        1. Unfortunately…they are still there. And, some of the Americans left and moved to Texas and TN.
          Today….that has changed also…TN has experienced a lot “refugees”…Muslims near Nashville are fighting to building masques…there was a huge fight here in Memphis about Muslims trying to build a huge masque here…..right next door to our Jews in Memphis.
          I am a former Memphian ….Memphis always had a large number of Jews. During the Yellow Fever period….the Jews stayed while others abandoned Memphis. They became very prosperous.

          My Grandmother’s father was a Jew. Her Mother was a Native America, Cherokee. What a great mix.

          Now we have Ethiopians, and radical Blacks who have taken over the down town….pushed out moderate income Whites from the areas or made them put up iron protectors on their doors and windows. When I drive by it resembles prison with all the iron.

          Memphis was a great town when I was a kid. Many churches, great play grounds, safe and friendly. No more.

          All these illegals Biden is letting and bringing in….will make it unlivable and dangerous….more than it is now.
          I’m leaving here after I get the people (relatives) who killed our Dad with abuse and neglect to the point of Homicide…It’s been a long battle and will continue maybe this whole year. Then I’m going back out west.

          Every one stay safe and well.

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