Court of Appeals Rules: YOU Have No Say in Whether YOUR Town Will Accept Refugees

And, if you want to have some say, it means you are “unkind” and “un-American” according to Mark Hetfield CEO of the supposed non-profit group HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society).

HIAS is one of the groups which financially benefit from the resettlement of refugees as your tax dollars fund their work of changing America by changing the people.  This is what Hetfield said last year at the time of the lower court ruling against the President.

 “An overwhelming majority of governors and municipalities have already expressed their desire to continue welcoming refugees. To those few who have not, we say not only is it unkind and un-American to ban refugees from your states and towns, but it is unlawful.”  

Hetfield, his organization and eight other federal contracting groups like HIAS***, have been deciding for decades where the impoverished third worlders we fly into the country will be placed and they want to keep making those decisions.  After all, you are all a bunch of boobs and racists in their minds.

This is not a surprise.  As much as I have been a Trump fan, and as much as I admire his effort to allow local governments and state governments to have a say, his initiative was not well-thought-out. And, he was blind-sided by feckless Republican governors.  In fact, almost all Republican governors thumbed their nose at the President’s offer to give them a say.

Included among those governors who did not back the President were Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey and South Dakota’s Kristi NoemOnly Gov. Abbott of Texas supported the President.  I believe Kemp (GA) and Desantis (FL) were silent.   (Someone correct me if I am wrong about those last two).

The recent Appeals Court decision ends any hope of consideration for your views about the placement of refugees and you will be back to only using your voice (ha! ha!) as they work to add more impoverished and potentially ill people to your towns and cities.

You really must involve yourselves in local politics!

As the incoming Biden Administration has said, they want to ‘welcome’ 125,000 refugees to America in year one to make up for what they will call the lost Trump years.

Here is CBS from Dallas-Fort Worth:

4th Circuit Upholds Ban On Trump’s Order Allowing States To Refuse Refugees

SAN DIEGO (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — An executive order by President Donald Trump had aimed to give state and local governments the ability to shut out refugees, but the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a ban on the order.

The three-judge panel said the executive order that required both state and local entities to give their consent before allowing refugees to be placed in their areas “would cause inequitable treatment of refugees and undermine the very national consistency that the Refugee Act is designed to protect.”

Read it all here.

Tomorrow Biden/Harris will be coronated and the entire federal government structure will turn to the job of pouring more migrants of all stripes into the American heartland, indeed into every small and medium-sized city from sea to shining sea.

Those migrants, including supposedly “vetted” refugees will need jobs or welfare that will further increase joblessness among already strained citizens in the wake of a worldwide pandemic.  They will also need healthcare as they are not tested in advance for COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.

Americans Last!

*** For new readers these are the Progressive groups, some claim they are ‘religious’ charities, that put the wellbeing of refugees and illegal migrants ahead of struggling Americans.

Some of these federal contractors have been busy for four decades changing the demographic make-up of the United States and they are back in power!

Endnote:  I have been busy writing at my other blog Frauds and Crooks about the Great Election steal of 2020 and other issues.  I will be picking up the pace here at RRW as new readers will be arriving as Biden and Harris go into high gear, supported by the entire structure of the federal government, to change America.

I have been writing here since July 2007 (except for the brief period in 2019 when the speech police took me down) and have archived 9,577 posts (so far) on the refugee industry here and abroad.

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8 thoughts on “Court of Appeals Rules: YOU Have No Say in Whether YOUR Town Will Accept Refugees

  1. It is difficult to NOT become angry when the very laws meant to promote and protect a “civil society” are egregiously dismissed; thrown aside or simply ignored, especially when evidence to the facts are denied review by the court system from the top down.
    Blaming Trump for the Capitol event is preposterous at best. And malicious in denying just how far the gov’t of the USA was/is complicit in the reaction from people who demand “government by the people; for the people; and of the people.”
    I cannot shop; go to a job interview( or even get a decent job) unless; 1. i am wearing a mask; 2. can produce proof of being vaccinated. AND YET!!!!!!!! I am forced to accept the NEW “underground railroad” which exists directly across the street from me wherein illegals move through until they are “placed” somewhere where they a taken care of. And that I intentionally called and spoke with a local official who stated,,”we are aware of what you are saying, but OUR HANDS ARE TIED.
    The message should be made explicitly clear to DC. YOU HAD MORE TO DO WITH JAN. 6 than Trump. AND, IF you intend to tread on us and our Rights under the Constitution as IF you “know what’s better for us” then you had better expect it to happen again.

  2. Americans have a very weak sense of ownership of the country. If the state department called up a church and said that’ “We are sending you 100 Somoli refugees you have to provide them with shelter, food, and healthcare at your expense, oh and send them to your school s with your children,” people would not stand for it. They would get it that such an act is an imposition on a religous community that should have freedom and self determination.

    But when such things are done to the secular community, that is considered to be just fine. Cities and towns work to build safe places with good schools, and good public survices. They sacrifice their money paying often high taxes in order to provide for themselves and their children. But what they build is not considered to be the property of the residents in any why. It is considered up for grabs to anyone in the world. Only private property and property owned by religous comminities are respected. We basically don’t have the right to build communities any more. There needs to be a conversation about this because it is not right.

  3. I’m going to see if I can make this a quick story as alternatives to fighting this stuff seem slim.

    I was aware of your site during the Obama years and there were other articles out there are about the Affirming Affirmative Fair Housing Rule when this took place.

    I received a letter from the zoning committee informing me that gas station/carwash/food mart was going up kitty corner to my property and if I wanted to object I had, I believe 10 days to show up at the next meeting and make the objection. I was the only homeowner that had to be legally notified because of the proximity to the proposed building site.

    We live in a small city of appox 3000 people and for the most part zoning laws are strict. You have to build on 3/4 of an acre lot minimum to get in or buy an existing home which is set up the same way. Anyway we have a gas station near by where they wanted to build and another not far from it and both sell convenience items so this didn’t seem to make sense to add a third in between the two.

    I go the cities web page and look up the minutes from the city council meetings and wo and behold I find a 55 page power point presentation for the building of what equates to small collage sized campus looking thing. Nice and snazzy looking plan and made up by a local collage from the big city. Essentially its about 10 large sized apartment buildings with a proposed train station, (They’ve been trying to get light rail in this area for years but it keeps getting voted down, if this went through it might of been enough to revive that project).

    Essentially this gas station/carwash/food mart thing is on the very edge of the foot print for this large development, not part of it but they had to know about it, especially since they are from the west coast and this is Texas. Also the only people who know about this here are a small handful that were at that city council meeting and no one else. Additional information on this, is right across the train track is an industrial park so it’s kind of obvious that who ever was going to fill those apartment buildings would likely be working at that industrial park.

    The major concern was that city was about to allow lower income people into the city. This new population would add about an easy one third on to our population and could easily change the demographics of our city and instead of being a red district this could of been enough to change it to blue. Word went out pretty quick. No talk of race, refugee’s or anything like that because it was never mentioned by them so not by us either but we fought this and beat it back based on a variety of issues, the foremost being how the city hadn’t really good answers for what they were trying to rush through. The train station wasn’t a firm thing, sewer would be required, traffic congestion would become a problem and more. Basically people were just saying hell no, we live here to get away from the city and don’t want a city moved to us, which is what this was.

    Bottom line is pay attention to what’s happening in your zoning and city council meetings. Raise the flag early or these things become unstoppable. I’m not sure how a Biden EO would of effected this if it was announced up front, what the construction was for. Currently the land is still undeveloped but the city has put together a master plan to avoid most of our concerns though there are still small cottage sized units of housing planned for (about half of the original plan) with out developers yet, so we could find ourselves back in the same or similar situation.

    BTW Ann good information on Biden EO and our republican governors. Will pass it on. Thanks.

    1. Fantastic. I know just what you mean. Have seen and fought local battles like yours (and won!). Long story for another time. But, can I use your comment as a post. I would edit it only slightly if I see any spelling errors. I am so frustrated by a lack of what, backbone? And, honestly as of last night I figured there was no sense me educating readers further on how Refugee Resettlement works as a steam roller is coming at us. And, most people are oblivious.

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