Nine Refugee Contractors Will Push Legislation to Set a Floor on Refugee Numbers

To make sure a future President will never be able to do what Trump did to them!

[R]eopening the doors to refugees is “how we will restore the soul of our nation.”

(Chairman Joe)


We frequently talk about the refugee ceiling that a President places on the US Refugee Admissions Program, but the Open Borders agitators in the resettlement industry aren’t satisfied with that.

They want to make sure that no future President can do what President Trump did to them and that is set an extremely low ceiling for admission of third worlders into American towns and cities.

They want a floor of 95,000 so they can be assured of a steady stream of US taxpayer dollars to their coffers!

In other words, they want no interruption to their money supply-chain from your wallets to their wallets.

From the Associated Press:

Broken by Trump, US refugee program aims to return stronger

Despite potential problems reopening the pipeline, advocates say it’s important that Biden set this year’s ceiling at 125,000 people to start building the program back up.

Even as the refugees we have now are suffering!

He’s also vowed to seek legislation setting an annual baseline of 95,000 refugee admissions, which would help stabilize funding for resettlement agencies. *** Biden’s campaign said the number could go beyond that “commensurate with our responsibility, our values and the unprecedented global need.”

Yup!  Joe, Ted and Jimmy Carter are responsible for the Refugee Act of 1980. Tells you all you need to know!

Biden, who co-sponsored legislation creating the refugee program in 1980, says reopening the doors to refugees is “how we will restore the soul of our nation.”

“Resettling refugees helps reunite families, enriches the fabric of America, and enhances our standing, influence and security in the world,” Biden said in June for World Refugee Day.

More here.

But, this is where it gets hilarious. 

Yes, ol’ Joe did help create the Refugee Admissions Program and yet he managed to keep the number of third worlders that were placed in Delaware at near the bottom of the list for the entire nation.

Below is some of what I said in 2017 about Biden’s record on refugees for Delaware:

So from FY03 through today (in FY17) we admitted 886,324 refugees to America (not including asylum seekers) and Delaware got a whopping 139 of them!

In the years Joe Biden was Vice President, Delaware got only 50 refugees.

Enduring mystery: How did Delaware dodge the refugee bullet for decades?


Unfortunately that post was the victim of when it bowed to pressure from the speech police to remove my site and some of the illustrations were lost..  And, of course we can no longer access all of the data at the Refugee Processing Center (due to fraud by foreigners) to give you up-to-date numbers on Delaware’s abysmal resettlement history.


America Lasters!

***For New Readers these are the nine federal refugee contractors who worked to put Biden and Harris in the White House and are lobbying for millions of illegal aliens to be transformed into legal voting citizens as well as raising the refugee admissions ceiling from 15,000 this year to 125,000.

They are largely paid by you, the taxpayer, for their work of changing America by changing the people, and in so doing, are putting Americans last!